Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday News Post: Star Child Edition!

ETA: Right after I posted this, rumor was flying on twitter that Yash Chopra has passed away. No news articles on it yet but I'll try to compile some tributes later today if I have time. I know as film fans, all of our thoughts and prayers are with the family right now.

Bright, sunny Sunday morning! And I recommend everybody spend it in a dark theater watching Student of the Year. I'm still gathering my thoughts but should have a review up this morning!

* First up! A delightful slide show of star sons and daughters and brothers and sisters who flopped.

* And speaking of... congratulations to Amrita Arora on the birth of her second child. A son!

* Meanwhile Jackky "will be on that list soon" Bhagnani continues to amuse me by giving pompously clueless interviews.

Incidentally, all three films that Jackky has acted in till date were backed by his father. But he says, "No it is not like that. At the end of the day, he is a businessman... he is not here to do charity. For my first film, he did back me as a father. But who would have been a better candidate for FALTU than me? If you would have taken a star, then it would not have worked out."

Let me see here... how about Saqib Saleem (Mujhsee Fraandship Karoge) or perhaps Taaha Shah from Love Ka The End? You know, guys who worked hard and auditioned and got roles based on talent. Those guys were probably better candidates.

* Varun Dhawan, who - if I have anything to do with it - will NOT be showing up on any lists of has-beens, is working next with his father.

* And Taaha Shah is getting another shot with Karan Johar!

That some focus! So tell us about the new film that you’re doing with Karan Johar?

It’s a very sweet film about a fifteen year old girl called Gippy and how she falls in love with the hunk in her school. I of course play the hunk! (laughs) But the movie is really about how Gippy is at that point in her life where she is getting to know about love, what sort of decisions she makes, and how she tries to understand the changes in her life. It’s more about how at such a sensitive age, a young girl deals with it and is said from her point of view. It’s a very real situation if you go to see!

I have to say that Karan is really knocking it out of the park with these film choices! His decision to focus on stories about teenagers seems to be a good one - this film sounds wonderful!

* Rishi Kapoor to play Dawood Ibrahim?

* Saifeena's official wedding portrait! Apparently they will be back from their honeymoon in time to start rehearsals for the People's Choice Awards.

* Aamir Khan and his mother arrive in Saudi Arabia - I wonder how difficult it is to do the Hajj as a massive celebrity...

* Muzaffar Ali, who made the 1981 Umrao Jaan (you know, the good one), said this:

"I feel women tell a story better and are more sensitive to what happens in the society. They are very different to men when it comes to the way of thinking. So, to mirror the culture of a particular era, strong women characters are an absolute must."

* The only reason I'm linking to this is for the amazing comments section - 12 separate odes to Priyanka Chopra.

Teaser for "Ishq Shava" - yet again I find myself oddly attracted to the Kat/SRK jodi. Is it the magic of Kat or is something totally wrong with me?


Khoya-Khoya-Chand said...

I've seen a few articles that Yashji has passed away... Another Bollywood great is no more.

So sad to see the state of "Old Bollywood" especially the likes of Pran and Shashi Kapoor who are a far cry from the get ups they would wear in their younger days to portray older characters.

Dr. Dang said...

really sad to see Yash chopra suddenly pass away, never expected this

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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