Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shake it! Thursday News!!!

Bad news and good news... my theater isn't getting Aiyyaa BUT we are getting Surya's conjoined twin masala film Maattrraan. (Note the doubling of all the letters in the title.)

I guess it will be Rani on DVD for me...

* Shahrukh and Gauri at the Big B's birthday party looking ready for the Real Housewives of Mumbai. Check out that ascot on SRK and the double sided tape holding up Gauri's leopard print dress is working overtime!

Question: Why doesn't this show exist already? And a follow up: Can somebody introduce Andy Cohen from Bravo to Gauri and co.?

* Bollywood Life has a massive slide show of pictures from the event. I linked in at my man Javed Jaffrey wearing what appears to be crushed red velvet. You're welcome.

* But WHO WAS MISSING FROM THE PARTY!? Wonder is on it.

* And BBC has up a slide show of the Big B.

* Rani Mukerjee!! Speak truth to power, girl.

Many times in our movies it is the hero who dreams about his heroine when he is in love. In our film we are showing the girl dream about her lover. Why should only men fantasise or dream about women? Don't women dream about men? That's how Meenakshi is and I hope you'll like this portrayal of mine in the film.

I hope this goes well for Rani...

* Speaking of Rani, we're finally going to get a song promo for Talaash! I CAN'T WAIT!

* Kamal Haasan's Viswaroopam had been cleared by the Censor Board! No word on distribution yet.

* The Kishore Kumar biopic seems to be on track. Just reading about this makes me want to re-watch Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi... bam bam bam!

* An update on Shahid Kapoor's weight gain and loss... Vettai remake was canned? DAMN! I really enjoyed that film and was looking forward to the Hindi version.

* Kajal Agarwal gets booted from Mahesh Babu's latest film. Allegedly because of her lack of dancing skills.

* A round-up of what's happening in Cosmo's 16th Anniversary Edition but one part caught my eye:

Supporting the Real Men Don't Hit Women Campaign are Bollywood's main men, including Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, and Ajay Devgn, who tells Cosmo, 'I strongly believe that real men don't hit women. It could be your mother, daughter, sister, wife, or even neighbour... if you see something happening that deserves attention, and if you are a real man, you should get out and protect them.'

I'm not sure if SRK and Ajay are the correct people for this message but it's good to see Cosmo putting it out there.

Trailer for AR Murugadoss's next film Thuppakki, which stars Vijay!

Compilation of teasers for Yograj Bhat's Drama!

And Sonakshi shaking what her mother gave her in a song promo from Son of Sardaar!


Thelondongirl said...

the real housewives of mumbai.....oooh i would so watch that. all that interior designing and bitching would be awesome. i'm gonna tweet it, see if i get a reply.

Dr. Dang said...

Any idea why Amitabh's brother Ajitabh is never around ?

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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