Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Gossip: Pointless questions edition!

Student of the Year today if all goes well!! I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy this one... (says the woman who saw High School Musical 3, Prom, AND Step Up 3D in the theater with zero regrets.

* Aamir Khan is a good son; he's taking his mother on the Haj.

Related: Aamir Khan to drop all brand endorsements.

Our source says, "Aamir is now going for a complete image makeover and wants to go the social way. He wants to get involved with social causes only."

* Ah, the (not) important question of our times: DO STAR KIDS HAVE AN EASIER TIME IN BOLLYWOOD?!

Duh. Yes. Why are we even talking about this?

Case in point - would Prateik Babbar even have stuck around this long if he wasn't a star child? Prateik has just been replaced by non star child Anushman Jha in an upcoming film. It's about time.

* The Big B gives his opinion on various things:

"I think no actor should be ever satisfied because there is always something new to do, something fresh to get challenged by... I do hope there are filmmakers who will challenge me, who will create stories and characters that would excite me enough and provoke me to perhaps take up a job; so, as I said, I hope I never get satisfied," added the megastar who is called a "living legend" thanks to many milestones in his career.

* 17 Years of DDLJ!

* Team Katrina wants us all to know that SHE and not old plastic face was the first choice for Gunday. (And totally loling at the pictures chosen to illustrate this post - PC is unrecognizable.)

This article has Plastic Chops stealing the role from Parineeti by saying that YRF owes it to her for working with Uday Chopra in Pyaar Impossible EVEN THOUGH she charged "a bomb" to do it.

* The script for Sher Khan is still being finalized. If I remember correctly, this is the one Salman wanted to be more romance and less action?

* Vidya Balan has donated 10 lakhs to a welfare trust for Bengali technicians.

* Whoa! Since when is Anupam Kher acting with Bradley Cooper?

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