Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday News: Farewell to Yash Chopra Edition

Yash Chopra has passed away and Bollywood is in mourning. I have to admit that I never connected with the 1990s romances that so many loved but his 1970s work with Amitabh remains some of the best to come out of Bollywood.

I know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Here is one of my favorite picturizations from a Yash Chopra film:

* Blog tributes from Get Filmy; Roti Kapada aur Rum; and The Bollywood Fan.

* Obituaries on Yash Chopra from Time magazine; the BBC; Business of Cinema; and a nice one from Reuters.

* Letter to Yash Chopra from Kamal Haasan:

* Collection of remembrances of Yash Chopra.

“He entertained many generations with his rare creativity. He had an aesthetic talent to make his films look larger than life. His flourish in essaying romance and social drama was unmatched,” the Prime Minister wrote in a heartfelt statement. “He will be remembered by millions of his fans around the world and his work as a director and producer will be treasured by the nation for many more generations,” he added.

* And a round-up of tweets from Wired.

Neil Nitin Mukesh : My first director :( remember the way he pampered me as a child in VIJAY. Worked for him. I love him truly. An inspiration FOREVER ! :(

Stay classy, Neil. I hope I rank at least three sad faces when I die.

* Yash Chopra's death sparks dengue panic among the rich.

Health officials from western suburbs said it is difficult to carry out fumigation in “high-profile” buildings.

Anil Joseph, chief of Perry Road Residents’ Association in Bandra, said: “A civic staffer told me that they were not allowed to enter a cricketer’s and an actor’s home for fumigation. If this is how the civic officials are going to be treated, how do we control the disease?”

* Interview with a very snappish Prakash Jha:

Question: When you make issue-based films, are you trying to extend your role as a filmmaker? Are you hoping that they become catalysts of change?

Prakash Jha: I just want to open these issues up for understanding and discussion. I don't think cinema is capable of bringing about social change but I am sure it can educate and inform people, and emotionally move them. But a whole lot of other factors and motivations are required to bring in a change in society. Nevertheless, this is the medium I use to express myself so this is how I do it.

* The song "Radha" from Student of Year gets in trouble for using the word "sexy."

* The forgotten Mumbai locations of Talaash.

* Ajab Gazabb Love has been postponed for two days because of Student of the Year. I have a feeling theaters would be better off keeping SOTY for another week and letting Jackky's fifth (or whatever) relaunch crash and burn without collateral damage.

* Jackie Shroff is the brand ambassador for a campaign against female feticide in Bihar.

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Picturetalk321 said...

It's so helpful having all these links in one place. Thanks for the research. I'm quite sad that he died; I did love DDLJ.

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