Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Gossip... a Frankenstorm about to hit!

We're about to enter Frankenstorm and I'm afraid power will go out, so I will keep this quick!

Who wants to attend the Dharamshala International Film Festival?

* Is anybody whose last name isn't Bhagnani really "shocked" that Jackky's Ajab Gazabb Love took a terrible start?

* Trouble over Rebel for Prabhas...

* Emraan Hashmi talks 100 Crore films.

"A film making Rs.100 crore doesn't mean anything if it has been made for Rs.80 crores. You just make Rs.20 crore profit. But when you have a film like 'Raaz 3', which is made for Rs.10 crore and it clocks in close to Rs.100 crore, then that is much more than another film that makes Rs.100 crore," Emraan said.

* Aftab Shivdasani wishes he had planned his career better.

"I don’t think the industry has been unfair to me. It’s basically: you reap what you sow. It’s all about the relationships and equations you make here (Bollywood). And nobody has been unfair, mean or rude to me. Everything has been circumstantial. I’ve never held anything against anybody in my life. I think there’s a lot more inside me that needs to be tapped. I guess with time and opportunities, God willing, all that will get tapped too."

* Dippy wants us to know that she bought her own house.

"I come from a home in Bangalore where we were taught to value what we have. I never ttaken money from my father once I started working. More than me it’s very embarrassing for my parents to read my home has been bought by someone and that I am selling the home that has supposedly gifted. I’m very proud of my house. It’s been a year since I moved on. I wouldn’t dream of moving out,” says the 26 year old.

Not to be crass but when a lady keeps company with a monied douchebag like Siddharth Mallya, one is going to assume there are some financial benefits. I'm glad Dippy bought her own house and I hope she learned her lesson about keeping company with rich dicks.

* Speaking of dicks, there probably won't be any in the Tamil remake of Delhi Belly


"Our screenplay is slightly different from the Bollywood version and is intended to reach out to a larger audience. 'Settai' has unlimited comedy and moreover there won't be any offensive language used in any of the scenes. The dialogues would be funny and entertaining at best," Govind Dhananjayan, Chief - South Business, Disney-UTV told us.

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