Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Gossip: The how many air freezes is too many edition!

Good morning and happy Friday! I'm actually torn on my film viewing this weekend... I should see Chakravyuh but I kind of just want to see Student of the Year again, instead. I may just choose the latter.

Some interesting odds and ends for you today...

* Trouble in Film City... Ajay Devgn is being asked to push back Son of Sardaar out of respect for Yash Chopra and his Jab Tak Hai Jaan but in the new corporate run Bollywood, it's not so easy to move around release dates. There is a lot of money riding on these films.

Our source says, "If SOS were to get pushed, there will be an appeal asking Aamir Khan to push Talaash from November 30; Akshay Kumar to postpone Khiladi 786 from December 7 and Salman Khan to change Dabangg-2 from its Christmas date, to give SOS a clear 15-day window at the box office.''

* Here is a gem of a post - Saadat Hasan Manto's musings on women in film translated from Urdu:

What is it that you mean by ‘good’? That woman, who puts on display her wares honestly, and sells them without intention to cheat, is such a woman not virtuous?

To these men, who want actresses to be those women only who are possessed of virtue, I ask: Is it fine for the man who acts to be not virtuous?

* Another gem of a post, though in a slightly different way, is this hilarious review of Jackky Bhagnani's umpteenth relaunch.

To make a long review short, Ajab Gazab Love is a movie not based around a story, but around its protagonist Jackky Bhagnani, who is also the son of the producer. So it’s Jackky that you see everywhere, wherever the camera turns to. He is dancing (extremely disoriented, almost stumbling!), prancing, doing air freezes once too often and mostly hamming his way through the story.

I want to know how many "air freezes" it takes to get to "once too often"!!! I kind of want to see this now - it sounds so-bad-it-would-make-a-good-drinking-game.

"Air freeze! Take a shot!"

* A more appealing star son, Varun Dhawan, is rumored to be making a cameo in his dad's Chashme Buddoor.

"Varun could get the younger audience curious about an old classic," adds the source.

VARUNNNNN! VARUNIMANIA! Somebody needs to get him AND Ranveer in the same film... although it would be hard to see the screen with all the girls throwing their panties at it Beatlemania style.

* Chetan Bhagat is writing the script for Salman Khan's Kick. Besides not liking Bhagat all that much, I'm not sure about this - a novelist's skills may not translate to the screen.

* And on that point, an interesting quote or two from Farrukh Dhondy:

"The Rajkumar and Nargis movies back then attempted to define who we are and they drew from the Ramayana and Mahabharatha," Dhondy says.

However, even movies aren't truly capturing the essence, he says. "A lot art films are trying to depict reality on behalf of others. For instance, you have a rich person coming to the aid of ailing. This sort of 'behalfist' movies blurs the lines of reality. Indian novels should break away from Bollywood and this is the biggest challenge right now," he explains.

* An interesting interview with screenwriter Anand Gandhi who makes the point that I always bang my head against:

Do you see better days for independent cinema in India?
 Everyone is independent here... unlike Hollywood, where films not affiliated to studios are called indie. It’s a clear economic model and has nothing to do with the content of the film. Here, things are so shady that even a crappy Bollywood film passes off as an indie film.

* Will we see Rekha make the move to television judging?! Also, can you imagine working on the reality show set where REKHA was a judge?

* Himmatwalla girl Tamannah Bhatia lands a role opposite Akshay Kumar in the Ramana remake.

* Sonu Sood gets bumped from the Hindi version of Zanjeer in favor of Sanjay Dutt but our Sonu will still do the Telugu version.

* I think PC has been taking PR lessons from SRK: this line of faux humility sounds familiar.

"I was offered to sing whether it's by Salim-Suleman or Vishal-Shekhar, but I was too shy for it."

The poor, shy girl has touring around India "djing" in support of her album.

* "Strip Queen" Poonam Pandey (another shy girl, I'm sure) just bagged her first Bollywood film. She will debut with Jism director Amit Saxena.

* Oh ho ho!!! Perhaps Prakhash Jha found Esha Gupta as "shrill" as some of the early reviews of Chakravyuh! Seems that her part was edited down to a glorified cameo. I love seeing these big headed actors get handed a reality check about their actual abilities. Esha Gupta has been annoying me for weeks with her bragging about how great she is and how she does "meaningful" cinema or whatever.


Stuart Martin said...

""Varun could get the younger audience curious about an old classic," adds the source." As someone who hates David Dhawan's sleazy, crass and tasteless films with a passion, the idea that anything good could come out of his lecherous hands desecrating Chashme Buddoor had never even occurred to me. Now I will pray that the unnamed source is right, and that at least some people might be moved to watch the REAL Chashme Buddoor after seeing Dhawan's demolition job.

Jess said...

Bhagat isn't the greatest writer, and the original Kick isn't the greatest film, aside from Salman it sounds like a dud.

Also, since when is the new Imran Anushka film an adaptation of Bhagat's Two States? The trailer doesn't remind me at all of the book.

Moimeme said...

The main criticism of Chetan Bhagat's novels is that they read like Bollywood scripts, so that shouldn't be a problem. :) (I don't agree with this assessment, incidentally. I think he's a good writer, but he writes for himself and the people, and not the critics.)

I enjoyed Kick a lot when I saw it during its release. I've felt it was too much of a "been there, done that" film for Salman at this stage in its original conception. So Chetan Bhagat rewriting the script is actually a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

@Jess, the rights for Bhagat's Two States was bought by Sajid Nadiadwala, but I'm not aware of any confirmed film announcement about it. However, there is another film that is in production now, based on his book "The Three Mistakes of My Life". Perhaps that's the one with Imran and Anushka? If so, I can't help thinking Imran is terribly miscast. But then, I'd think that about anything where he has to act, so ... :)

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