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Friday Gossip: Blame Raja Mukherjee edition...

Puri Jagannath's Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu seems to be a entertainer! And I only skimmed this article that runs down the reactions to Student of the Year and it seems most critics are trotting out the "predictable" tag... um, it's not a thriller. Rom-coms are generally predictable but that doesn't make them un-fun.


* A look at the troubled Pakistani film industry and the destruction of cinemas by armed mobs.
In 2009, the newly elected civilian government lifted the blanket ban on Indian films, wildly popular in Pakistan, and cinemas began to hope that their fortunes might improve despite a Taliban insurgency that has killed thousands. 
Now they are not so sure.

"I saw death in front of me," says Abdul Aziz, who works for the Capri cinema, remembering how he watched armed men he calls criminals cut through the iron gates.


* A thank you for Saifeens for keeping their own religions.

That conversion is still a big question in 2012 for even an uber-westernised Bollywood couple is revealing. While the educated middle class increasingly traverses caste and regional lines to find a mate, religion remains a significant barrier for most couples. Familial opposition is greater, as is the possibility of retaliation. For example: Rizwanur Rahman who was allegedly killed by the family of his wife, Priyanka Todi, daughter of the owner of Lux undergarments.

* A write up of the Delhi reception.

* The newlyweds will be honeymooning in Switzerland!

* AND!! The real reason Rani won't marry... is because she's supporting her entire family and her brother is no-good.

Says the friend, “It’s quite like that film Jeevan Dhara where Rekha cannot marry the man she loves because of her family responsibilities. Rani has been building a life for her family while building her career. Three years back when Rani moved into her own bungalow with her parents, brother and Bhabhi, just to see that look of joy in her ailing father’s eyes was a blessing for Rani.”

* Jackie Shroff talks about getting noticed in Bollywood again.

You stayed busy with regional films along the way... 
Yes and that’s the time I started getting roles here again. The first Tamil film I did, Aaranya Kaandam, it got a National Award. It had people looking at me in a different light again. Then came Dhoom 3, Aurangzeb... Tigmanshu Dhulia’s assistant offered me a great cameo in his film and then I’m in Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiyaan.

* Oh, Sanju-baba... while I'm sure it was annoying to track him down to dub, I kind of love the explanation of why it took him so long.

A source said, "It was a classic case of misunderstanding and Sanjay Dutt delayed the dubbing of the film. After watching some portions of the film, those close to him felt that his character Pritam Singh did not have enough screen space. Sanjay wanted to shoot some more scenes, which was not possible and hence the film was stuck."

It doesn't get more old school Bollywood than that... though this article says that the reason he wanted reshoots was because he hated his pot belly in the film.

* Tata joins the fight against the song from Chakravyuh.

"The movie raised the burning social issues like disparity in wealth," judges hearing the case said, adding that they did not find it defamatory "in the contextual setting", the Press Trust of India reported.

And, for this old lefty at least, it just seems like old fashioned bullying by big monied interests. What effect will a single song have in a film that - face it - not that many people will see in the end? They are actually just giving it more publicity by trying to remove it!!

* Only posting this first link so Ness can have a picture of have Chi Chi with stubble but here is a look back at Govinda's career.

* Some sad financial troubles are reaching crisis point for BR Chopra's son Ravi Chopra.

* The People's Choice Awards go to Bollywood! Some photos from the launch with old plastic face and Ayushmann "Vicky Donor" Khurana. Those bangs aren't doing PC any favors - it's like the Nicole Kidman Hide the Botox Look.

EWWWWW! Warning: Do NOT watch while eating or consuming any liquids.

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