Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Song Round-Up!

Hey, everybody! Just checking in! Things are still pretty crazy chez moi but I wanted to share the latest round of song promos.

Music is my first love, after all. ♥

But, first, it seems Raaz 3 has done okay and Bipasha has been singled out for praise for her role, which makes me happy. I can't help but love Bipasha, Bipasha.

"Hey Ram" from OMG! - though I have to admit I'm less impressed with birthday boy Akshay Kumar after his handling of Joker. I still want to know what went wrong in the post-production that we ended up with a butchered film that he refused to promote.

I have to admit that this film looks fun and I love Paresh Rawal, so I'm hoping for the best.

And poor Shirish dropped from Kick now... I think his best bet is to lick his wounds for a while and return to make a film on the cheap with actors not stars. Or head to Sandalwood!! Shirish is from Karnataka! I would love to see him make a Kannada film.

"Main Heroine Hoon" from Heroine

I remain of the opinion that the only selling point of Heroine is Bebo. She is working it like nobody else can! But the songs have been dull, the picturizations uninspired - as to be expected from the Bandar-car. He's such a horrible director.

But I'll admit that I get chills every time I see the Heroine trailer on the big screen... BEBO!

"Kyon" from Barfi

I was planning on making a drinking game for the trailer where you take a shot every time Piggy Chops bites her lip but I realized we'd all be drunk before the 2 minutes was up so... *bites lip*

God, this movie makes ME want to barf... There are few tropes I hate more than the "magical" mentally ill/mentally disabled/whatever the appropriate euphemism is but one of them is THE MAGIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL BOY.

It's like Anurag Basu managed to find everything I hate and cram it into one barfy, whimsical movie... starring my least favorite actress in Bollywood.

"Mehngai" from Chakravyuh

I actually have some expectations that this will be a good film but this song is just boring. I feel like they were going for sort of a "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" vibe but it's just not working. Prakash Jha + songs = NG.

Mostly, I'm sitting here waiting for Son of Sardar song promos to come blow me away!

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