Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Happy Wednesday! Let's see what's in the news!

* Biggest story today is - Shahrukh's designer stubble for the Untitled Blast From the Past Movie. Somebody has been watching old Wham videos!

* One of the Chak De girls says signing the film was a mistake... because she wanted to be a typical starlet?

None of the articles elaborates.

* In a shocking development, the Times of India investigates whether the title of a vulgar Vivek Oberoi movie is itself vulgar.

"The earlier generation who went to college in the Eighties and Nineties will remember this abbreviated slang, KLPD, which was a vulgar expletive. Even today, some of the youngsters can understand what KLPD actually stands for. I wonder how Censor Board passed this title,'' said a Mumbai based RTI activist, Anil Galgali.

* Mahesh Bhatt takes his self-righteous road show to the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Bhatt: Good people fall in love and only bad people have sex. That’s the culture so-called custodians of our culture have driven down. People who claim that these [erotic] films contaminate our sacred Indian space are the same ones who actually love watching them. Its Indian hypocrisy at its best: Give it to us but don’t tell us that we want it.

* Bollywood Life asks the questions the rest of us only think about: IS KARAN JOHAR TRYING TO HIDE HIS DOUBLE CHIN?!

* Abhishek Bachchan signed on for Kunal Kohli's next? Oh, brother. Basically that is like my nightmare film.

* UDAY CHOPRA! Can he go away already? Uday talks Yomics and marketing...

I know figurines / toys from Hollywood movies work great out there. I think the Dhoom series can really lend itself to the figurines in India, if we decide to launch. I am looking at Yomics as a separate venture all together. It's not a part of any merchandising. I don't know the final plan of Dhoom 3 marketing and merchandising but I will definitely look into the figurines and figure it out if we are going ahead and making them.

You know Uday just wants a figurine of himself.

I meant to post this other day but since news is short today... Bips in Raaz 3! Sure, it's trashy but you gotta respect Bipasha for sticking in the game as long as she has without a "daddy" or working with the Khans.

I'm definitely willing to give Raaz 3 a chance. I liked Raaz 2 a lot and Bips is looking great here!

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Thelondongirl said...

wow i had to look up what KLPD meant. lol fraud on an erect penis.....different!

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