Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday News Post!

I can't wait any more for Ek Tha Tiger!!! I should start a countdown clock~

Okay, let's keep ourselves distracted with rumors and press releases...

* Lakme Fashion Week is on. Check their Official youtube page for videos. List of some Indian fashion bloggers that you might find useful!

* Riteish Deshmukh's father is ill and Riteish may donate his liver to help him.

* Hungama digs up a picture of boxer Mary Kom meeting Salman on the sets of Bodyguard! How about a cameo for the woman, hmm?

* Ticket prices to be higher for Ek Tha Tiger.

* And Salman is not doing promotion in small cities because it causes too much chaos.

“If someone gets injured, that’s Ok but God forbid if someone dies in these mishaps, then the responsibility falls on us. Then if our security guard pushes someone to protect us, then that also becomes a big issue. So it’s better to stay away from all this,” he added.

Fair enough.

* The sooner Sanju completes Zilla Ghaziabad the happier I will be. Also, the happier producer Vinod Bachchan will be. But mostly me because I'm dying to see this.

* The rumor mill continues to churn ~ Bebo back for Ram Leela?

* Akshay redubbing for Joker to get rid of references to specific states. Shirish must be really trying to avoid ALL controversy.

* Creepy tweets from Shahrukh who is sounding sounds more and more Tom Cruise-like.

"I am realising this... as they are getting older, they are my greatest friends. I realised this on Friendship Day and I really enjoy myself with them. I think my mental age is between 12 to 14 so it is nice to have two friends that I can ever have," he added.

Um... your children should not be your friends. Who is going to be their father? HAVEN'T YOU SEEN ABFAB?



Moimeme said...

If you can't wait for Ek Tha Tiger, you may want to participate in the live chat with Salman and Katrina on August 10:

The Ek Tha Tiger LIVE VIDEO CHAT with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif on 10th August from 4-6pm

Bookmark the link: http://bit.ly/ETTLiveChat

CoffeeQueen said...

Counting down to .. EK!! FASTER!! The whole family has been waiting for this. Now now now!

""I am realising this... as they are getting older, they are my greatest friends. I realised this on Friendship Day and I really enjoy myself with them. I think my mental age is between 12 to 14 so it is nice to have two friends that I can ever have," he added."

That's not creepy! That's the inner longing of workaholic midlife crisis put into words! Workaholics dont "parent" in the traditional way. They cant just show up and discipline or they become "that bastard" rather than "Dad".

I own one of these... seriously, I do.

CoffeeQueen said...

Please note I said "workaholic" not "alcoholic". When my son was in Kindergarten, he announced to his class his dad was an alcoholic :D "He works allllllllllll the time!"

Filmi Girl said...

But it's not healthy to be "friends" with your 12 year old!! Who is providing discipline and setting boundaries?

It's great to be friends with your adult children but saying your mental age is "12-14" and palling around with your son of that age just seems weird to me. ;P

CoffeeQueen said...

Again I must insist this is normal. The discipline and boundries are set by the parent who is with them on a day to day basis. The one who KNOWS them. In my case, that would be me. A workaholic knows little to nothing of their personal issues on the day to day basis. There is no 'as it happens' parenting to be done by someone who may or may not be in the home any time soon. It would not be unlike having someone who does not live with them have an opinion. Eventually they look at them and say (or think), Who the hell are you to (fill in the blank). And quite frankly as the full time parent who has every little detail of their lives encoded in my heart, find it interference on most issues. Relaying every detail to the workaholic parent is far too time consuming. The workaholic parent provides support and back up, an independant ear and most importantly, friendship. Sort of like a big brother. After 80 plus hours at work, the last thing you want is 'after the fact' parenting from someone who is exhausted and just wants the same thing you do, to enjoy their family time.

I'll let you into a little secret. Married men, make that long term married workahilic men ARE 12 years old my dear. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Filmi Girl said...

I'll let you into a little secret. Married men, make that long term married workahilic men ARE 12 years old my dear. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Then let us bless Gauri for being mother to three children! :D

I just remember my father being a bit like this when I was young and it frustrated my mother~ but then she was working, too. Maybe this situation is better when the mother is willing and able to be home fulltime.

Bombay Talkies said...

"But it's not healthy to be "friends" with your 12 year old!!"

I think you're being too hard on SRK (and taking that quote far more literally than you would if it came from someone you were more fond of). I'd love for my parents to have been my friend when I was that age, instead of being, for the most part, totally detached. I don't know about you but when I see pictures of Suhana she always looks so unhappy and lonely--she looks like she could use a little less discipline, to be honest.

Filmi Girl said...

If she's lonely, she needs friends her own age.

I'm always hard on SRK because I think he's a douche but lonely 12 year old girls do not need their fathers to be their friends but a positive force in their lives.

I have a friend who spent WAY too much time with her parents growing up (only child) and she ended up with some serious issues.

Bombay Talkies said...

Well...the plural of anecdote isn't data, as they say.

He can still be a positive force in her life and be her friend. This isn't an either/or situation. And I mean...it was Rakhi, he was trying to say something nice involving his children. I'm not going to jump on him for that. Better than half the crap that comes out of celeb accounts, at any rate.

CoffeeQueen said...

It's not one or the other regarding friends and parents as friends.

Families like people are fluid. Most do the best they can. Most don't have a lot of choices. We don't all get good families or even families at all.

I think I am at an advantage in that my father died when I was very young so I grew up without. Fathers are a loaded topic at best. Not having an expample, good or bad, allows for latitude in my undertsanding and expectations connected to fathers.

Filmi Girl said...

Mea culpa!

Okay, fair points to you both - I was being too hard on the SRK.

Relationships are complicated; family or otherwise and boundaries can be hard to draw.

CoffeeQueen said...

.. of course if we compare him to my ideal dream father, Pa of LHoTP, hes a complete psycho ;)

CoffeeQueen said...

wow, I didn't mean to sound so condesending :| sorry about that

CoffeeQueen said...

re the my dear comment

Filmi Girl said...

@CQ No worries! I didn't take it as condescending - just life advice. :)

My dad is pretty great but Pa from Little House on the Prairie is a classic!!

Did you read Anne of Green Gables? I always loved Matthew.

CoffeeQueen said...

Embarrassed to say that as a Canadian who was bombarded with all thing AoGG as a child I avoided LMM for other Canadian writers like Janette Turner Hospital and Margaret Atwood. Once I got old enough to realise what a complete elitist sad sack I was being it was too late. Kind of like reading Catcher in the Rye at 40, the impact is lost and youre left with only a sense of what the experience could have been if read at the right age.

Filmi Girl said...

Oh! That's too bad~

I think it must be like when I tried to watch Reality Bites last year.

Trying to think of more father-daughter books but coming up blank. Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice is a sweetheart.

Maybe there is a niche out there for father-daughter adventure stories!

Sal said...

Matthew was pretty awesome, but Marilla was such a darling, too. I think Atticus Finch was literature's greatest dad, though. :)

CoffeeQueen said...

oh! Good one! Loved that book AND the movie. Fell hopelessly in love with Gregory Peck. Ended up watching ALL of his films. sigh. I think I'll pop Roman Holiday or The Yearling into the DVD player.

I never really delved into specifically father daughter literature but I agree re Pride and Prejudice.

I think once Pa won my top Dad spot, I didn't ever try to replace him LOL!

Moimeme said...

I think SRK's comments on being friends with his children should be looked at in the Indian context, where most parenting is strictly on the authoritarian model, especially for fathers. Just read any of Salman's many quotes on his father and you'll see what I mean (though Salman also claims his father is like a friend to his children, which I don't buy at all). So, in an environment where the father is usually the dispenser of high and low justice in the family (sometimes literally), a father who considers his children to be his friends, rather than as people whose lives he must control at every turn because he knows what's best for them, would be quite refreshing.

Having said that, I also see where FG is coming from. It's one thing for the children to say they consider their dad their best friend (like Salman does), which indicates how close they feel toward him. But for the dad to say his children are *his* best friends makes one wonder if he doesn't have any adult friends. Especially in SRK's case, he used to say (in interviews from the 90's) that Gauri is his best friend. I wonder what happened to that.

Moimeme said...

Oh, and I can't help smiling at the comments that Mr. Bennett of P&P is a good father. There's quite an extensive discussion going on at the Pemberley site right now on Mr. Bennett's many failings as a father. :)

CoffeeQueen said...

Oh I don't know about being a "good" father lol but he is occasionally endearing in his flawed way. The dynamic between Elizabeth and her father made for some fun moment as I remember, but it has been a long time.

Thelondongirl said...

@Moimeme you are spot on. about him and Gauri, being the gossip fiend that i am, plus i'm an SRK fan, i read his tweets all the time he constantly gushes about his kids. never about Gauri. He takes pictures with his kids, never with Gauri. I think the last picture i saw of him with her was some time last year on his page. like a family holiday. I have found whenever SRK feels threatened, attacked he retreats to his kids. saying they are his friends is like his defense mechanism. the more i read his tweets the more lonely he seems. lol @FG thinking he is a douche, when i think Salman Khan is a mega douche, you know that dictionary joke.."if you look up douche in the dictionary theres a picture of _________(insert name here)"

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