Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Happy Sunday! Let's see what the trade papers have barfed up for us today!

* DNA looks at star kids who started as Assistant Directors.

Trade analyst Komal Nahta says, “Most of these film kids know that they will eventually join Bollywood, so it makes sense for them to train on the same lines. Being an AD gives them a certain perspective of what would be expected of them when they do face the cameras. For many, it is also a preparatory period, as they make up their minds about how they plan to carry on in Bollywood.”

Makes sense to me.

* The two brothers responsible for making me laugh... Sajid and Farhad Samji.

"We are happy with the reception that we have got from the industry. To see our punch lines getting the getting whistles from masses is a great thing. We are delighted we have reached here. We hope to receive the love and affection that writers Salim-Javed got," the duo told PTI.

* Rani is getting trashed in the press for demanding changes to her hair and make-up in Aiyaa.

And, you know, I used to roll my eyes at these stories as "diva" behavior but now I see how cruel people can be over a heroine's styling in a film. So, if Rani thinks she doesn't look quite right, then more power to her for putting her foot down and demanding a reshoot!

* A little human interest story courtesy the Son of Sardar press team.

Director Ashwin Dheer concedes that the Mujhe Jeene Do look went a long way in giving character and personality to Sanjay Dutt in SOS. “Mr Dutt plays Sonakshi Sinha’s over-possessive brother. Yes, his look and character bear a definite resemblance to Sunil Dutt Saab in Mujhe Jeene Do. In fact we put Mr Sanjay Dutt on a horse after a very long time. It’s uncanny how much he resembles his father in SOS. When I pointed it out to Mr Sanjay Dutt he got very emotional.”

* And Subhash Ghai is exporting his suspiciously funded film institute to Nigeria. I'm sure his business practices will fit right in.

Mads walking the ramp at Delhi Couture Week!

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