Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday News Post!

Ticket booked for Ek Tha Tiger this afternoon! I am excite!

I am not excite at the negative reaction to "Halkat Jawani" in the comments on the last post. You guys! Yes, obviously, Madhur Bandar-car is a crap director and, yes, the choreography was dull but what grabbed me in that song was the sheer force of Kareena Kapoor.

"Halkat Jawani" isn't a great item song but it's like the perfect framing to see the essence of Kareena. What do you have left if you strip away the sets, costume, choreography, cinematography, etc. from an item? The actress in the center of it.

But I'm 100% positive Bandar-car didn't intend it like this and I'm 100% convinced Heroine is going to be another one of his hack jobs, only made viewable by Miss Bebo herself.


Ek Tha Tiger!! And nobody dare give me any spoilers or I will dishoom you myself.

* Apparently Amrita Singh - aka Saifu's ex wife - is in talks with Yash Raj to launch daughter Sara.

* Gulshan Grover to play MF Husain? Ah, MF Husain, the Sherlyn Chopra of the art world... according to the BBC. And no, I will never let them live that down.

* Some sleazy producer is trying to get his hands on Tamannah's money. This sounds like one of those exploitive Mukta Arts contracts. Oh, yes, Subhash Ghai has been fabulous to actresses...

* Ram Leela to start in September but with no confirmation of the heroine? Is he still waiting for Kareena? Or is she confirmed?

There are too many stories floating around...

* Has Abhinav Kashyap lost his next film?

* Ajay Devgn gets in trouble with the Sikh community for Son of Sardar.

* Everybody's favorite douchebag, Ameesha Patel's brother Ashmit, crawls out from under a rock to host a show called Superdude:

Ask him about what qualities should a guy have to become a Superdude, and he says, “A guy has to be confident and respect women if he wants to be a superdude. Also, he should treat women as equals.”

Respecting women by making them equal partners when you circulate videos of yourself having sex with them?


Why would anybody listen to what Ashmit Patel has to say about anything?

* Much like Mitt Romeny, Tusshy Kapoor attributes his success only to himself. Having a famous and influential father and a successful filmmaking sister had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all...

Also, can we stop embarrassing the poor guy by asking him about his "girlfriend"? His glass closet is only a few shades darker than Karan Johar's.


Another video of a crowd waiting to get in...

Housefull crowd for Ek Tha Tiger in Nepal...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any good SALLU CRAZE videos... assuming Yash Raj isn't being anal about taking them down.


Melanie said...

You're right there's only Kareena left in the song, and that's why I don't like it lol.. Sorry :)

ambar said...

noooo Amrita Singh isn't launching her daughter u should read Monday's Bombay Times.. she has refused it..

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