Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Well, despite taking the weekend off, it doesn't look like I missed much of anything...

Except a few promos!

Prepare yourself for some meaningless press releases!

* Update from PC's Press Team: Priyanka's music debut appears to be still in the works and her contract with Universal prevented her from singing for Barfi.

I really disapprove of a grown woman getting a tattoo that reads "Daddy's Lil Girl." Really, PC? You're 30 years old. Time to leave behind being a "lil girl" unless you are taking Mariah "Rainbow Unicorn Hello Kitty" Carey as your role model.

Even Lil Romeo left the "Lil" behind when he went to college.

* Jism 2 does okay at the box office. I guess this means Jism 3 (with RGV's imported then abandoned Nathalia Kaur) and more Sunny Leone for all of us...

* Madhur Bhandarkar censors the Dubai dialogue in the Heroine promo.

* Chennai Express sells for 105 crores before filming begins. I think we can safely say say that the unstoppable Rohit Shetty brand is responsible for a good chunk of that.

* Related: Abhishek Bachchan says 100 Crores is the new Silver Jubilee.

"I've just asked my team to find the address of where the Rs.100 crore club is because I would like to have a cup of coffee there sometime. There is no such club," said Abhishek.

"It's just that the 100 crore mark has replaced what the silver jubilee used to be before, it's like a milestone," added the 36-year-old, who says its "a huge honour to be part of a film with that kind of collections".

Okay, somebody needs to open a Bollywood themed restaurant a la Planet Hollywood but called the 100 Crore Club.

* Kajol gives straight talk.

“Today, newcomers aren’t even given a chance to prove themselves. If their first film doesn’t do well, they’re out. And there’s so much emphasis on being a size zero, wearing the right brands. I don’t think I would have been able to handle this pressure.”

* Shirish Kunder wants to make more films.

* Dabangg 2 nearing completion.

* Vinod Khanna and Randhir Kapoor to unite for the Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana remake.

* And a two part interview with Tanuj Garg.

If you say that we are capitalizing on the brand value of Kya Kool Hain Hum, we are. Nothing wrong, is there? Today Hollywood is surviving largely on franchises! A Brand has a ready audience and why should one not capitalize on a brand that one has painstakingly built? Kya Kool Hain Hum, back in 2005, pioneered the wave of naughty adult comedies. We hope that the sequel Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum takes the madness to a new level.

Another song teaser for Ek Tha Tiger and WOW is it great to see Kat smiling!

Another teaser from Joker... Sonakshi Sinha basically rules my world right now.

Barfi just seems way too freaking whimsical for my tastes. Kind of like Wes Anderson in 75% of his films.

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