Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Friday!!!!!

I've been waiting for this weekend! Finally I get a chance to join in the Ek Tha Tiger party!

But let's see what the daily news has brought us...

* Hollywood pushed back the release date of The Expendables so as not to clash with Ek Tha Tiger. Smart thinking, Hollywood.

* Ek Tha Tiger banned in Pakistan.

* Somebody tracked down the Gulab Gang to get a quote on the upcoming film.

Spokeswoman Jaiprakash Shivhare said: "We run a group that helps women in distress. But we are sceptical as to how all of this will be shown in a film. We also think it would be appropriate it if they can give us some compensation. We can help women with that money."

* Oh to be a fly on the wall for a Kangana vs Pee Cee showdown on the Krrish 3 sets.

* And how about a look at Piggy and Govinda for Deewana Main Deewana for which she is shooting an item song.

* John Abraham is buying a London property for his production house.

* Shahrukh poses with Joker aliens - the media flips its shit.

Farah Khan said, "Shahrukh is family and it was very sweet of him to take some time out for Joker."

* Vidyut Jammwal has something to do besides exercise 9 hours a day!!!! He is starting a new film in 15 days! EEEEE!

"It's a full on action movie with real action and no cables attached. I will start working on it in 15 days. There will be official announcement in few days. This film will mark my foray into heroes role," he said.

* And another role for Nawazuddin Siddiqui - Mountain Man.

Set in 1960, the film tells the inspiring real story of a man who single-handedly, armed just with a hammer and chisel, worked day and night for 22 years and broke a mountain. He managed the feat of constructing a 360 feet long, 30 feet high and 25 feet wide passage through Gehlour hills in Bihar reducing the distance between Atri and Wazirganj in the Gaya district from 75 km to just one km.

Okay then.

* Rana Daggubati to marry Trisha? I don't know how true this is but why not post it, right? Heh.

* I really want this book on Raajneeti. I think this "making-of" books are an untapped market for Bollywood. Wouldn't you love one on Dabangg?

* I'm also curious about this full length look at Aamir Khan's career... but not enough to want to buy it.

REBEL!!!!! It has been far too long since I've seen a Prabhas film. THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!

"Halkat Jawani"!!!! From Heroine. If anybody doubted that Kareena could hold the screen on her own~ this is the proof. (*fans self*)

No crazy camera angles or gimmicks - just Bebo holding court.

Trailer for Chakravyuh - I actually really like Arjun Rampal's voice. His acting is hit or miss but... this could be okay? Maybe? Abhay Deol doesn't usually waste his time.

And did I see Ayesha Dharker in there or was I imagining things?


Bombay Talkies said...

I was actually incredibly underwhelmed by Halkat Jawani. Could really have been great but the choreography was lackluster. It looked like every other item number these days. Bebo's just not a great dancer. She's competent, but not great.

Re: the Chakravyuh trailer--by the end of it I felt like I'd seen the entire movie. Four minutes of people shooting each other is exhausting (but Arjun looks and sounds delicious).

Thelondongirl said...

could Bebo be anymore boring as an item girl, here she is no better and no worse than Piggy. underwhelming is an understatement. also i read the chemistry is non existent on film between Katrina and Sallu bhai, could it be the plastic face syndrome or the fact that Katrina is not much of an actress and Sallu doesnt really act anymore?? want to hear your take though when you see it @filmigirl

Sal said...

@ Thelondongirl: I don't think Bebo is boring as an item girl, really. I love that she is diva-ing it up, and she's certainly expressive. The choreography isn't amazing, though. It's a lot of standing in place and waist-wiggling. Kareena isn't a good dancer, per se, but Ganesh could have pushed her harder. Chaliya from Tashan was a saucy delight - maybe Vaibhavi would have been a better pick for this? The other problem is that Madhur Bhandarkar is a crappy filmmaker; this thing isn't shot with much panache at all. They could have given her three different "award-function" sets to go with the multiple costume changes, to sort of show how an actress does a ton of these to make her money, shaking her moneymaker to the same song at various ceremonies. Oh, and I heard the same about ETT. Katrina is SO young. Why on earth she had to freeze her face is beyond me. I was never a fan of her acting, but at least she looked sweet onscreen. Now that Playboy-bunny face, with the immobile forehead and the juiced-up lips, is just distracting, to say the least.

Thelondongirl said...

you are right, she isnt expressionless, bonus. i dont see why they couldnt coach/train her to extend her dancing range too. she pretty much does the same thing in every film. I vote Sal for director. howsaboutit?

Thelondongirl said...

oh @ Sal, dont you think that Katrina looks like Kim Zolziak?? lol ijs

Sal said...

@ Thelondongirl: OMG I see the resemblance . . . and it makes me sad. No twenty-eight-year-old should look like a over-processed Real Housewife. And I'd love to direct Kareena! But if I were making a film like Heroine, it would be with someone who can actually dance *cough*Madhuri/Ash*cough* Haha!

Amruta Kadam said...

nothing is halkat about the song halkat jawwwani nwither the dance nor kareena..
and Katrina has the same expressions in every film...

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