Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Gossip Post!

Gooooood morning! A little late today... sorry!

* Anupama Chopra talks to Salman and Katrina.

Anupama: So both of you imbibe the character instinctively?

Salman: Yes and you just put it on screen so it just looks like “arrey alag kiya“ [Oh, he has done something different.] But then itna bhi alag na karo ki jis kaaran ke liye aapko liya hai woh toh picture mein hai hi nahi. Agar aapne Salman Khan ko liya picture ke andhar aur Salman khan nahin lag raha hai, ek ajnabee hi lag raha hai toh fayda kya hai. Phir us ajnabee koh hi le lo, itne paise mat do Salman Khan ko. [What’s the point of signing Salman Khan for a film if he is not recognizable as Salman Khan in the film and looks like a total stranger? Then hire a stranger and don’t waste money signing on Salman Khan.]

* Jism 2 makes NPR.

* I think we're all in agreement that the Sunny Leone media train has been more fun than the film that resulted.

“I think the young generation of people are ready to see someone like me on TV. Otherwise I would not be here. I think one should live life the way they want regardless of what people think about you,” she added.

* Gulab Gang to start filming in October!

"For the leading man, we are not looking at a headline name in this film. There are so many women that my director (Soumik Sen) is going to die. There are 51 characters in the film to be cast and maximum are women," [Producer Anubhav Sinha] added.

* Aamir zooms through Chicago!

* Bollywood flashmob in Belfast, Ireland kicks off the Belfast Mela.

* Vikram Bhatt is just coming out with it - Ameesha Patel is the inspiration for Raaz 3.

* Ranveer Singh for Shaad Ali's Kill Dil.

* Anushka Sharma is playing coy over whether she is doing Bombay Velvet or not.

* Maneesh Sharma is making Shahid Kapoor lose the sculpted gym bunny look for his next film.

* Akshay hikes his fee to 40 crores.

* Ayushmann Khurrana talks to Hungama.

And as we all know that after one hit, an actor loves to work with the same director and vice-versa. What's next with Shoojit? 
I am doing another film with Shoojit Sarkar called Hamara Bajaj. He is busy with Jafna right now but I will get busy once he wraps Jafna. Hamara Bajaj is a story of a tourist guide who wants to be a Bollywood star. He works as a guide outside the Taj Mahal and aspires to enter the film industry. I am really looking forward to this film. It's a crazy film.

* Interview with playback singer (and rock star) Aditi Singh Sharma.

You began singing for Bollywood with Yahi Meri Zindagi Hai in Dev D and that got you awards, appreciation and accolades. Tell us more about it.' 
Yahi Meri Zindagi' was my first song with which I started my Bollywood career. I heard the song - felt it, sang it and fell in love with it. One year later - Slam! I get nominated for the 'upcoming vocalist-female' category, a month later - Boom! my name gets announced by Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone on stage because I won! Crazy feeling!! I took my mom on stage with me because she deserves every award or accolade of mine. It's such a wonderful memory.

Barfi looks so fucking whimsical that it's giving me a stomach ache. I changed my mind. I think I would hate this even without Pee Cee.

Prepare yourself before this... the scariest horror film to come out of Bollywood since... ever. Ishkq. In. Paris. (cue blood font and an ear-piercing shriek)

The corpse of Preity Zinta's career from 2004 has risen from the grave and returned in the form of this mouldering film which might have been fresh in... 2004! (And PZ has nobody to blame but herself. She was in charge of this joint and she could have hired a team who knows what's up but apparently Preity hasn't seen any films since, oh, 2004. Does Preity even like films or does she just want to go back to being a "star.")

THIS is what I'm talking about - 2nd trailer for Maattrraan.


getfilmy said...

"this mouldering film which might have been fresh in... 2004!"

SO true. Totally looks like she's stuck circa Salam Namaste. Ugh, such a train wreck. Did you know the male lead changed his name from Gaurav Chanana to Rhehan Malliek? Yeah, all the crazy spelling in the world ain't gonna save this mess.

I'm so waiting for Youtube to get the Salman interviews with Rajeev and Anupama. Mostly just to see their reaction shots when Salman does his thing. :p

neil jorous said...

I watched this interview on video at

I am looking forward to ETT but What the heck is Salman saying in the interview. He is babbling words without any relevance. He is looking around the studio as if he is not even interested.

Through the interview he is either making fun of Anupama or putting down Katrina. I guess Katrina has to put up with him because Salman is giving hits nowadays.

Why would girl want to marry him?

you can blame aamir for repeating or giving boring interviews or Shah rukh for lewd comments but this is just does not make any sense.

NaF said...
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NaF said...

Lol Neil, Salman is not blabbering without any relevance, he actually makes a lot of sense in the interview and has a vast understanding of commercial cinema. What he's doing is that he's reacting to Anupama's psuedo-intellectual disposition and counter-reacting it. That's why she speaks in English and he answers in Hindi. Seriously, how condescending is that first question she asked Salman? What kind of interviewer asks such silly questions? It's clear that Salman is pulling her leg (and doesn't really like her).

Salman's trying to explain to her that when he says he "doesn't act" he doesn't mean it literally that he doesn't put in effort or that he plays himself. What he means is that he mentally visualizes the character and tries to imbibe and embody the character in the way the character walks (body language) and talks (dialogues). Therefore, he BECOMES the character and so it comes across very natural onscreen. Salman's funda - If you're acting and the "acting" bit shows onscreen, then you're not doing a good job - you have to BE the character, not act out the character. I bet Anupama STILL doesn't get it though. I don't understand why these reviewers try to feed Method Acting 101 from their Hollywood Handbook as if that's the only school of acting. Clearly Salman believes in spontaneity and does a great job at it.

I feel like people won't understand Salman's sense of humor or his films until they understand Hindi. Otherwise you'll miss all his punches and subtext.

And yes Salman is perfectly capable of giving good interviews if the interviewer asks good questions, which happens rarely because interviewers keep asking the same cliched questions to him and he's bored of answering the same thing. You can check out his interview to Anuradha Sen Gupta for Beautiful People on Youtube as an example of a good Salman interview. The guy is a fascinating interview subject - shame for the lack of good interviewers.

ambar said...

why these reviewwers ask such lame questions i don't understand..

nobody can save PZ and her name changing co-star as well as director.LOL!

Ranbir looks like he is channeling his inner Mr. Bean

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