Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Good morning, friends! Everybody still buzzing about Barfi? I have to say, I'm underwhelmed. It's not just PC's overdone act but "Barfi" himself looks like a manic pixie dream boy and the whole things just seems way too... self-consciously Amelie-style twee.

I'm much more excited about the absolutely ROCKING Billa 2 trailer. Both are posted at the end...

* Shotgun Sinha is in hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Stay strong, Shotgun!

* Bollywood Hungama is doing a series on the top films of the last 60 years. Part one is the 1950s and part two is the 1960s.

* Salman Khan's family is not going to pay compensation to the victim's family because they were the reason she was sleeping on the street in the first place. However, they may give her a funeral.

* Aamir Khan talks to the BBC about Satyamev Jayate.

* Rajinikanth is GOING TO TOKYO for the music release of Kochadaiyaan!! Take me with you, Superstar-sir! 本当に東京えへ行きたいです!

* Ashim Ahluwalia talks C-grade movie making.

I drank with Joginder, watched his awkward groping and became buddies with the Meena Kumari of C-grade cinema, Poonam Dasgupta. I met her dad, a Mughal miniature painter, and discussed the death of the classical arts with him. We celebrated Poonam’s birthday in her red flat on Yari Road with MacMohan blowing out the candles. Those images are beautiful, and will stay forever burned into my mind.

I cannot wait to watch Miss Lovely!!

* Obviously, as a casual user of profanity, I support the relaxing of "morality" standards on television and I support Ekta Kapoor in principle - though Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum isn't necessarily the film I would go to bat for...

"Very strong research once said that the real problem with our language is that it is so restrictive. The American language has extended itself to slangs and made itself more colloquial," Ekta observed.

"Hindi has not taken any such extension because of which there has been stagnation in the language. So it is much tougher to write a Hindi comedy with double meaning because we didn't want to go crass," added the filmmaker, who has produced films like Love Sex Aur Dhokha, Ragini MMS and The Dirty Picture.

I'm not sure about the Hindi part but she is correct about American English. If anybody is curious, I highly recommend John McWhorter's What Language Is.

* Hold on a minute - Sonali Bendre to make a comeback opposite AKSHAY KUMAR?

* Ranbir and PC talk Barfi.

"If you see Ileana's character you will see eternal romance, if you see the love story between Priyanka and my character...its heartwarming. You will not feel that the film is about disability film or mentally challenged kind of..its not that," he said.

You don't know how much I dread seeing PC's "autistic" act. I will NEVER forget the reports leaked from on-set about how she had been pulling a "My Name Is Khan" and had to tactfully be told that her act was not going to cut it.

* Does PC have any self awareness? Like at all?

People keep speculating about my personal life because I am evasive about it. When there's an announcement worth making, I will talk. I don't like being under the microscope constantly and having to explain myself, being subjected to that sort of judgment.


* Is Ranbir going to help launch Suniel Shetty's daughter?

* And what about Sanjay Dutt's niece? She says Sanju-uncle isn't going to help her in films and... I believe her. We all know his opinion on women in his family working in the film industry. He wants to protect them from sleazy men... like, um, himself.

* Sharman Joshi is butthurt over his old film 3 Bachelors getting a release after 10 years.

“This smells of sheer opportunism. While I have nothing against the makers of 3 Bachelors, the fact that they have suddenly woken up now, bothers me. Ferrari Ki Sawaari has created an audience goodwill and to capitalise on its success in this manner is not right. The audience should not get an impression that this is my recent film.”

Oh, boo fucking hoo. Get over yourself, Sharman. So people are going to see you dancing around in hideous early 2000s outfits... who cares? It's not like you're some untouchable national treasure. You're an actor who made a silly film - try to accept this with some grace instead of whining like a spoiled brat.

* Naseer is a wise, wise man.

“The Indian audience is not to blame for the quality of rubbish that Bollywood churns out. There has been a conscious dumbing down of audience’s tastes because it suits the filmmakers’ purpose and saves effort."

* Plans to acquire Dilip Kumar's ancestral home are on hold.

* Will Shailendra Singh's Bollywood tell-all really tell all?

Singh has equipped himself with necessary safeguards. "I am going to say at the very beginning of my book that anyone who sues me for defamation will have to go through a lie-detection test. I am very clear about my facts and my observations on showbiz. So anyone challenging my facts and observations will have to prove me wrong," he said.

* And another chapter in the Meera saga - her wedding has been called off. Somebody get this woman a reality television show!

OMG OMG OMG! BILLA 2!!! Why can't I have this movie RIGHT NOW?

Barfi trailer looks... way too twee for my tastes. Plus, the whole PC factor. Her acting just annoys me way too much to let me sink into a film.


Stuart Martin said...

"Naseer is a wise, wise man.

“The Indian audience is not to blame for the quality of rubbish that Bollywood churns out. There has been a conscious dumbing down of audience’s tastes because it suits the filmmakers’ purpose and saves effort.""

Two things struck me about that comment. One is that I would say "not ENTIRELY to blame" - the audiences bear some responsibility, unlike him, I would not absolve them entirely.
The other is that from previous interviews of his it seems that his view of "the quality of rubbish that Bollywood churns out" includes films that you like. There have been interviews in which he's come across as very much the dismissive artist (somewhat pretentiously so, I've felt) when it comes to the sort of films that get glowing reviews from you.

Filmi Girl said...

LOL! Nobody let's me get away with anything!! :D

Yes, I know that I like (some of) those films but it's refreshing to see the producers/directors/etc. get called out for making so-called mindless films instead of blaming the audience for going to see them.

Naseer and I may differ on what we think is worthwhile but we can agree that you can't blame audiences for things like Players.

OG said...

hey FG,

I liked the Barfi trailer! looks interesting............

Btw, have you seen the trailer for Mugamoodi; Jiiva's next tamil film.... almost like a desi batman!


and have you seen the promos of this new Malayalam film:
(looks promising; songs are good)

Filmi Girl said...

@OG Barfi looks... like the kind of movie I don't like. :P Even "quirky" English films like this I don't like but Priyanka certainly isn't going to make me change my mind any time soon. Maybe Anurag Basu will surprise me and pull a decent performance out of her... we'll see, I guess.

And thanks for the promos!!! I'm a Jiiva fan after Ko, so I hope we get that one here in the US. I'm STILL waiting for Billa 2... BILLA 2!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Dang said...

I liked the Barfi trailer looks interesting...

Stuart Martin said...

Hey, don't spoil Players for me - I'm still going to endure it to see NZ on screen! :)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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