Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

Is anybody else getting excited for the Olympics?! I generally don't follow sports but I love the fuss and hype (and the gymnastics!)

But let's move onto news!

* Shashi Kapoor is home from hospital!

* Rajkumar Hirani's P.K. for December 2013.

* Yash Raj launches a comics line called Yomics. Because Uday needs things to do.

* I'm pro-actresses returning to acting after having children but I still find Lara Dutta's acting unwatchable. I really wish she hadn't been cast in a film I want to see.

* Will we see Power Star Pawan enter Bollywood?

* The most likely very boob-a-licious trailer for Raaz 3 will be out with the boob-a-licious Jism 2. (Seriously, just look at the picture that comes with this article!)

* And I kind of love Pooja Bhatt for saying this

“An average film is made from a male perspective and designed for a male audience, but I am going to show pure, unadulterated sensuality, designed by adults and for adults. Toilet humour is not my style and what I wish to do. I leave the double-meaning and toilet humour to other filmmakers to do,” ,” said Pooja.

I'm assuming Jism 2 is aimed squarely at the "average male" but maybe one day, Pooja...

* Will Katrina Kaif play Noor Khan?

To quote Bollywood Life:

For those who don’t know, Noor Inayat Khan was a princess born to Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great grandson of Tipu Sultan. Born in Moscow and raised in England, she was a British spy working for the Allied Forces during World War II. She was willing to give up on love for her cause, even though she found herself a man who would have been worth living for. And she was caught, tortured and killed by the Nazis…all without divulging any of the information she had saved in her head, it is said.

That actually sounds like a great role for Kat!

* Let's change the headline of this piece from "Has Sonakshi Sinha irked her fans?" to Sonakshi Sinha wouldn't answer the questions I wanted her to when I was interviewing her.

But to have her lay stress on same points – that of knowing her limitations and never crossing them – do make her look like oh-so-repetitive! Ask anyone who has been following her interviews and they are likely to say that the actor does repeat herself, which not only annoys but also makes them feel insulted.

Really? I don't recall feeling insulted by Sonakshi but then I wasn't pestering her about link-ups and wearing bikinis either.

I wonder if the author considered asking her about something OTHER than her unwillingness to wear bikinis.

* Mahie Gill to do a Punjabi film called Carry on Jatta.

* I'm getting a headache just thinking of the plot of No Entry Mein Entry.

"With double roles and nine heroines there will be more misunderstanding, confusion...all this will lead to a humorous situation," he said.

* Will we see Abhishek playing Nani's role in the Hindi version of Eega? It seems like they are just dubbing Sudeep and Samantha but will reshoot the "hero" scenes.

* Saif Ali Khan needs to stop living in a dream world where he is still 30.

* Actors are having to pay their own way after the introduction of the service tax.

VP of the Film and TV Producers Guild, Mukesh Bhatt, confirmed the development and said, "Service tax is already killing the producers and the staff of some of the actors were asking for an exhorbitant amount. Some drivers and spot boys were demanding Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 a day. Make up artistes and hair dressers were asking for Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 a day.”

He added, "The actors have now been told that the amount they pay to the staff will be included in their remuneration and no overheads will be paid to their staff.”

* I love dishy "insider account" books and this one about the fashion industry from Shefalee Vasudev looks right up my alley!

If it was a fictional novel, it’d be bought and turned into a Bollywood movie, a readymade masala cast of Ludhiana ladies and their dizzying obsession with designer brands; small-town models and their shady minders who ache to break into stardom; and cynical and unscrupulous journalists, who take turns in being the villains and champions of India’s fashion story. There are bridezillas who huff and demand their Sabyasachis; designers both young and old who fall prey to the industry’s unforgiving cycle; Fashion Week scrimmages; and old-school artisans loath to take their craft into the new consumer century. These are stereotypes to be sure, but palpably real, crafted with facets that show them to be far more complex than what the outside world imagines of this frivolous fairy-dusted land.

"Powder Room" is available from flipkart but not in the US yet.

And a fairly reasonable response to piracy from SS Rajamouli.

APVC along with police raided CMS Commerce junior college in nizampet where a pirated copy of eega was being screened for 300 odd girl

Students.the operator, manager and the warden Were arrested and equipment seized.FIR filed. We r not at all happy about this. We want to fi8

Pirates, not students or colleges. We request the hostels/colleges not to indulge in these activities.


Yunus Perveez said...

That dress Bips is wearing looks like its held up by cabbage leaves. Awesome!

Thelondongirl said...

that sounds like a great role. but Katrina will make it look like a music video she has the acting ability of chair. Item songs are her thing, there are better actresses. shoot put Rani in the role, Kajol, but not this flavor of the month. Ashwaryra would be excellent for it. plastic kat.. Meh!

Moimeme said...

Your link for the Yomics video says the video is private. I don't know if this is what you were linking to, or if this is a new one, but here is what seems to be the first "issue" of Yomics:


Somehow I can't see how they'll make a comic out of their next movie. :)

Archee ologist said...

Actually, Katrina could play the role with a staid stoicism where the character has internlized the conflict so much that it is only apparent through her eyes.

I do want to see Katrina in an epic movie, but with the current status of her face...?

Although this is FG's blog, I still wish Priyanka was in a couple of epic dramas. I am sure she will be wonderful :)

Thelondongirl said...

#on the floor laughing# Archee.. staid stoicism? Botox aids character developement. then if its only through her eyes, that could be the shortest film in Hindi film industry. maybe she will be nominated for a filmfare award for her eyebrow raises.

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