Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Slow news day today... I think everybody is still recovering from the last few days of Rajesh Khanna coverage.

* News outlets seem tired of the usual press release stories today. How many variations of "How cool are the babes of Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum? can a girl read?! So, thank god for director Aamir Bashir and this delightful pile of snark.

"Our audiences are creatures of habit," he says, adding, "Every year you think Bollywood gets a break through in cinema but it doesn't. Small films made within commercial parameters are palmed off as alternative cinema. One needs to define alternative cinema first." .

Aamir feels that there should be room for all kinds of cinema, he says, "People with money in this country have no taste.".

* I don't understand how Shahrukh can be so condescending to film viewers and still have fans!.

He says, “So, this fantasia, so to say, or this leap of faith where the super hero is going to save you against the krypton, flying down and saving thousands of people is still too fantastic for us. Our fantasies are still limited to buying a good house, having a good car and having a regular job.”.

Bull. Shit. Just because people didn't make Ra.One a 200 Crore Club hit like you wanted doesn't mean people don't have fantasies beyond getting a car and a regular job. I have one word for you: MAGADHEERA..

* The Big B reports there was a break-in at the Bachchan compound..

* I think I remember hearing about Danduplaya because it involved my girl Pooja Gandhi playing a gangster but apparently it's a success and the makers are shopping the remake rights in Bombay. Congrats to the team!.


Here's the trailer!! Looks pretty boss if you ask me! Can't wait for the DVD!


thediva_1 said...

SRK is a douchebag. I watched TDKR and how is it possible that Indian people wouldn't understand that Bane is an evil guy, when he's senselessly killing people and looting the stock market. He honestly thinks the Indian audiences have the brain size of a walnut. ANYONE can understand that.

When he says shit like this, I wonder why he's called "the King of Bollywood" because he obviously doesn't respect the title.

Archee ologist said...

Have you seen SRK's interview with Anupama Chopra? He comes across as a man aware of his iconic status, and a man with a vision for his industry, and aware that now is his chance to leave behind a legacy before his time is out.
Showmen like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Pankaj Kapoor, even Guru Dutt, have wanted to create a cinema of their vision (and not been approved; most of their films flopped one after another). I think Shahrukh Khan just wants to join that league like his contemporary Amir Khan has almost successfully done.

I find it slightly unfair to undermine his vision. He does stress that even a superhero movie here will have to have all the masala elements. FG, I get the feeling that you have been worried about the urban movies, and I think he wants to make movies that would work with the 'multiplex audience' as well as the traditional movie audience! You probably do not live in India, but when I interact with my friends or family there, I do find that movies like SOS or Dabangg do not work with them. SRK seems aware of that, and he is taking the trouble to create a cinema with a vision. He might be wrong, and this might not agree with your tastes, and history will definitely judge him, but lets not underestimate his efforts....

Archee ologist said...

And hey! I was just listening to the interview, and SRK just said that he wants his daughter to be a filmstar! That speaks volumes about the respect he has for women (as supposed to a Sanjay Dutt or other actors who dont wnat their daughters to act! :P )

Archee ologist said...

Sorry for the spam! Here is the link:

Watch from about 45 minute mark to see what I mean. He says his generation owes it to the future of the Indian film industry. They should invest in the future, even if they get no recognition as a pioneer. Unbelievably, he comes across as unassuming while saying this!

Thelondongirl said...

lol Archee, FG has ppl she doesnt like,SRK is one of them it seems, as well as Priyanka. it is what it is. I think SRK is trying to break open a new frontier, but those kind of expensive mistakes carry with them a heavy price. and to be frank RA One would have been a great film had they had a more plausible if quasi scientific ( like most sci fi movies) plot line.

Archee ologist said...

Lol, ya londongirl :)
I havent watched RaOne, nor do I think I ever will. I am not a particularly huge fan of SRK nor Priynaka. But because I do follow FG everyday, I have come to think of SRK and PC as the underdogs, and I find myself rooting for them :P

Even for PC, I do appreciate that she has dabbled in probably the largest variety of roles among her contemporaries (has-been fashion model, 65 year old psycho, negative role in Aitraaz, action hero, and something interesting in Barfee, apart from the regular coy village maiden or hip urban girl in a David Dhawan movie). She had no Filmi background, and when she debuted people were fatigued of the beauty-queen-turned-actress. Her contemporary beauty queens have all faded away (Lara, Diya, Neha Dhupia), but she is now an A-list actress. She has constantly reinvented herself (sultry seductress when she started with Andaaz and Aitraaz, to a capable entertainer now). And I love her live performances too because one can see the hard work she must put in them.

FG, love your blog! :)

Filmi Girl said...

LOL! What a cute comment thread to come back to! :D

Archee and London Girl, big ♥ to you both!

It's true, I have my biases... I think PC and Lara Dutta are terrible actresses and I find SRK unbearable in interviews. I'll be more careful about quotes out of context from that Anupama Chopra interview. I have to admit I didn't look too carefully from where it was sourced.

Regarding the kinds of movies that SRK wants to make, there was actually a nice (but VERY long) post up over here: that kind of talks about it. There is definitely a place for the more Hollywood-style movies he wants to make but I wish he didn't make general statements about the whole audience for films based on negative reaction to Ra.One.

Raghunath Gb said...

Hi Filmigirl,
Please avoid dandupalya as it has lot of violence scenes(its not artistic violence and hence i assume its not your taste) and film is running more due to hype because it is a story of notorious gangsters who had scared entire karnataka a decade back.
Please try watching addhuri kannada movie(unfortunatly you have to wait for months before it actually comes on DVD print). its a nice one


Raghunath Gb said...

BTw,Check out Kicha sudeep new movie 'Bacchan'.watch this trailer of sudeep's upcomming movie 'bacchan'

Raghunath Gb said...
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