Thursday, July 19, 2012



Also, can we talk about Sonakshi doing that Ajay Devgn-style motorcycle wheelie AND THEN WINKING?

The film is credited as being written and directed by Ashwani Dhir who seems to be part of Brand Devgn. He worked on Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? and U Me aur Hum and (possibly) Halla Bol. I have a feeling Son of Sardaar is going to tilt more towards cheeky meta-masala than straight masala because of that but did I mention SONAKSHI ON A MOTORCYCLE? Oh, I did. Did I mention JUHI FUCKING CHAWLA? And Sanjay Dutt doing his Filmi Girl approved villain thing?


Sorry, Kat. If it comes down to Son of Sardaar and the Untitled Yash Uncle Directed Time Machine To The 1990s Film... I'm going sending up an S.O.S. (for Son. Of. Sardaar.)


Unknown said...

"Son of Sardar" is a remake of S.S.Rajamouli's (Dir of Magdheera & Eega) Telugu movie "Maryada Ramanna".

Archee ologist said...

Although the trailer itself looks interesting, I find myself resenting the Punjabi-fication of everything. I mean, since when did using cuss-words with friends become a Punjabi trait? I have seen men do it across Indian and western cultures alike! And this appropriation of everything is quite typical; it carries over to habits of food, dress, conduct, and most cultural traits.

Interesting then, that neither of the leads is Punjabi.

Jess said...

I'm definitely WAY more interested in this because of the ladies.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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