Monday, July 30, 2012

Real Life Interlude: Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring, MD

I don’t usually talk about myself and my offline life here but I had to throw out a plug for my favorite place on Earth – Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring.

[This is what it's like at Piratz Tavern.]

It was during one of the worst times of my life that my brother suggested we check out a new bar that opened in downtown. That bar was called Piratz Tavern and now – four or so years later – approximately half the pictures of me on Facebook were taken there.

Piratz Tavern is more than a bar, it’s a way of life. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it – the feeling is much more like having a beer at your friend’s house than going to bar. You aren’t “greeted” by a “server” but welcomed by a person, a pirate. If that pirate is feeling cheerful, your welcome will be cheerful – if the pirate is crabby… well, then you had better just head on back to the bar.

Piratz Tavern is a rare oasis of humanity in our increasingly corporatized and commodified world.

I’ve spent many, many an evening sitting at the bar chatting with my neighbors and the bartender and servers. There is One-Eyed Mike who never met a lady he didn’t like and Dallas the War of 1812 buff and Teach who has the wife who is a cop and Powder Monkey who pouts as pretty as Heath Ledger’s younger brother.

Sure, I could tell you about the time my one friend got so drunk off of grog that he called 911 on himself but that’s beside the point. The fact is that when my brother got engaged – we had celebratory drinks at the Piratz Tavern.

Sure, it wasn’t perfect but I was devestated when I heard that it was getting remade into Corporate Bar and Grill for Spike TV’s Bar Rescue.

I went the week afterwards and let me tell you something – there is nothing more depressing than a pirate in a black t-shirt and jeans. The whole place felt off… but when Powder Monkey managed to dig me up a piece of rum cake with a small pirate flag stuck in it, I knew I’d keep coming back as long as they were open.

And I wasn’t the only one. The community ralied around and a couple weeks later – PIRATZ TAVERN WAS BACK!

The reason I bring this up now is that Spike TV’s episode on Piratz Tavern aired on Sunday.

You can watch it – I encourage you to watch it - over here.

And then, if you are in the area, I highly recommend you meet there for happy hour – first round is on me.

A couple of points to mention – the “new technologies” Jon Taffer introduces are illegal in Montgomery County and One-Eyed Mike is exactly that awesome in person (and really only has one eye.)

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