Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday News Post!

Dara Singh is not doing well. His son gives an update on his condition. Stay strong, Dara-sir. Your fans are praying for you and your family.

* How kind of Bikas Bhagat to rewrite my piece on the 100 crore club and post it as his own.

With time, the definition of a Bollywood blockbuster has witnessed a sea change. While earlier, a great story with exalting musical scores was the touchstone of Bollywood triumph, and for years, 'silver jubilee' was the measure of a stunning hit, in the present world of impatient corporate movie makers, the benchmark of Bollywood Box Office success boils down to an elite figure of Rs 100 crore.

* Raja Sen has a good natured stick up his butt about Bol Bachchan.

We fight for our blockbusters, for our epics, for our grand, overreaching dramas, for films actors won Awards for. And while our love for a Gol Maal might be more unanimous than for any of the classics whose remakes we rally against, we unfathomably figure its forgivable for some exploder-of-Scorpios to take a crack at a film whose title he's already hijacked for many a million. I stand against this pillaging of pure comedy into pantomime simply because I must. (Why must the other fundamentalist nutjobs have all the indignant fun?)

I have no comment because I haven't seen either film. But... I do know the pain of having a favorite classic remade with all the things you loved about it taken out.

* And on the other big release of the weekend - Hemanth on Eega.

A film like Eega is a rarity in Telugu film industry which is obsessed with the hero’s charisma to pull the crowd to the theatres. God knows how much I was praying and wishing that Eega clicks, so that other filmmakers can take a cue from the film’s success and come to terms that it’s okay to not have a hero in the film. But could a film like Eega have been what it is if it was directed by any other filmmaker? I don’t know.

* Ooo! Bebo comes back to say she wasn't dropped from SLB's Romeo & Juliet in favor of PC but walked out of the film. AND Priyanka has yet to be finalized... so, yeah. PC's over-active publicity team at work again.

* Saif Ali Khan still doesn't get it.

In an interview to PTI, Saif Ali Khan said, "I hope I can do romantic films at the age of 50. There is no age for romance. If the story is nice and the character suits you then why not do it. It is not like you can do only action films at a certain age. As long as you look good doing the part, there should not be any problem."

Of course there is no problem with 50-year olds doing a romance film, Saif!! Witness the trailers for the new Boman Irani-Farah Khan film. The key part here, though, is "character suits you" and, Saifu, playing 30 when you look your actual age of 40+ doesn't "suit you" one bit.

* Interview with Saifu over at Hungama, where the subject comes up again.

It’s important to play age appropriate roles. The idea is to look good. If you look tired and sleepy, it really doesn’t help. I think forty is still young enough to play such roles. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next five years (laughs).

* Was Osama bin Laden watching Sunny Leone before he was shot?

* Rediff lists Ajay Devgn's 10 worst films. And what a selection they have to chose from!

Itihaas: Over the top takes a new meaning in Raj Kanwar's dreadful action romance made purely to cash on the runaway success of Devgn-Twinkle Khanna starrer, Jaan.

Understandably though, no one was interested in watching a lecherous Raj Babbar hounding the duo all through the appalling Iti-haha-s.

* More trouble for Bollywood's Bad Boy... Adnan Sami.

* OMG OMG! Namitha in talks for the Tamil Language The Dirty Picture remake.

* Look, Tigermanshu Dhulia, I liked Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, I really did. However, if you are gong to cast Imran Khan then you don't get to go around talking about being a "serious" filmmaker. I'll go see the film for Sonakshi, don't get me wrong, but it ain't art.

* American blog Jezebel finds a transgender romance film in Bangladesh.


eliza bennet said...

Checking the Ajay films article I have seen a picture of Priety Zinta before plastic surgery and how pretty she looked then. Why Preity why??

Nerdypanda said...

LOL at the Osama watching Sunny's Porn films. I read that literally spat out my breakfast.

Bombay Talkies said...

"American blog Jezebel finds a transgender romance film in Bangladesh."

Which they label Bollywood, because Jezebel is written by a bunch of incompetents.

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