Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Gossip Post!

While everybody else fawns over Sania, meet Badminton's Saina Nehwal! Good luck, Saina!

* Hi, Steven!!! Beth interviews the delightful Steven Baker for the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ: I’ve heard many tales over the years about white extras in Bollywood, but I’ve never heard much about other non-Indians in films, or even really ever noticed many other than a handful of probably African men lurking around as henchmen or nefarious business associates in 1970s and 1980s masala. 
Mr. Baker: A Kenyan friend studied in Mumbai and would often get called to perform in films. She was usually typecast as a vamp, prostitute, mugger or social deviant. I think she found the stereotyping perplexing, but she was amused by it too—whenever she would get a call for a job would joke about what type of miscreant she would be adding to her acting résumé.

* Rohan Sippy's set was vandalized - allegedly by some of Raj Thackeray's people.

* I like how Sunny Leone is handling herself in the media. Who knows if she's a good actress but she's a sharp interview subject.

Do you think there’s more focus on you being an adult star than your Hindi film debut? 
That might be the reason why Pooja (Bhatt, director) hired me. With all that was said when I first arrived here and on Bigg Boss, I think that’s part of the lure of Jism 2. Everyone knows me as being a certain type of person. And though the focus is on who I am and what I do in America, I just hope people will watch the movie (Jism 2) and say ‘wow she did a good job acting’ or ‘she worked hard’, which I did. I spent months learning the script and perfecting my Hindi. This was something brand new to me, a huge learning curve. I discovered a lot about myself and how this industry works.

* Apparently, Sunny also demanded medical certificates from her co-stars before shooting intimate scenes. She's a profession, you know.

* Asin has another film join the 100 Crore Club! Is it luck or smart choices?

"I don't attribute any "luck" to Bol Bachchan's success. It was an entertaining, commercial film which was bound to do well and I guess I have the knack of picking up such universally appealing, fun, masala movies which turn to be successful," Asin said

So, if Asin turns down your film, heroes, you might want to re-think the script...

* A lengthy look at Cocktail director Homi Adajania.

There are things he would do differently now — edit the disjointed beginning, find closure faster. But Adajania maintains that the story connects with the young people watching it, even if not with the “nitpicking, stereotype-hunters”.

Oh like Open Magazine?

* Sarah Jane Dias is under the mistaken impression that crass and "adult" are the same thing.

Along with being naughty, some of the scenes have been plain shocking too. 
Well, it is a young adult comedy and if you keep that in mind you would not feel anything out of place. Audience is appreciating the same too that and we should not take away from that. Also, the genre is such that a mix of naughty and shocking jokes is what makes it funny and complete. In the modern day 'avtar' of Devdas, today's Chandramukhi would talk about a battery operated dildo!

Chandramukhi would certainly NOT talk about battery operated dildos in mixed company! Take that back!!!

* Shenaz Treasuryvala? It's been a while since I read that name.

The 31-year-old will now be seen in romantic comedy Main Aur Mr. Right, in which she plays the role of a perfectionist looking for her 'Mr. Right'.

Shenaz feels every girl will be able to relate to the story.

"Most girls, no matter how practical, independent, mature or modern they claim to be, cannot let go of the teenage girl inside them... the girl who's grown up on Shah Rukh Khan or Tom Hanks's films.

"Somewhere inside us, we are all dreaming of a man to sweep us off our feet and ride us away into the sunset on a big black horse. So I think women of all ages can relate to the movies," she added.

Right~ Except we should all let go of that dream, especially those of us who are in our 30s.

* Jackky Bhagnani is working with Priyadarshan.

Is the title Kyaa Super Flop Hai Voh?

Teaser for the TAPORI MASHUP! This is essentially what the inside of my head looks like at all times.

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