Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Gossip! GOOD MORNING!

Good morning! I hope everybody is ready to start another week... I know I am because we are one week closer to Ek Tha Tiger!!

* The restored print of Kalapana is stuck in customs after returning from Cannes.

* Huh. The LA Film Council is organizing a film contest for students in LA and India with the goal for them to create films that bypass geographical boundaries...

* Celebrities are called out for praying for sinful things at an Amjer shrine.

"Many film stars come here with (a) CD or DVD of their work and offer it while praying for the success of the film or serial, whatever it is, which is absolutely against the Islamic law," Khan told reporters in Ajmer on Sunday.

* Bollywood "news" reporters are probably the only ones who read the copy for Sherlyn Chopra's Playboy photo shoot.

Apart from being endowed with the rare ‘honour’ of being the only Indian Playmate thus far, Sherlyn Chopra also has after her name the sobriquet of ‘Bollywood legend’. The Playboy website had put up a brief biography of their upcoming covergirl Sherlyn Chopra, and the description stated that Chopra was a ‘Bollywood legend’. As if that wasn’t enough, the magazine website went on to call Bollywood a ‘city’.

Yeah... I have a feeling most readers of the mag, probably don't care about the words that come attached to the pictures of naked ladies.

* Speaking of, get ready for a "bold" Anushka on the cover of FHM.

* Hema Malini is still a gorgeous woman. I would trust her to sell me gold.

* Mahesh Manjrekar is playing a eunuch in Rajjo. The film looks interesting, though I could find much else about it beyond what's in this small piece.

* Look, I don't think we should trust Tusshar when he says something is cool and trendy... maybe that's just me, though.

* Rumors have Deepika Padukone in talks for Shankar's I.

* I hate to break it to the Deols but they ain't getting Katrina again. It's not 2007 anymore...

* Oh, Asin... she doesn't want social networking because:

"I want to be calm. I don't want the whole world to know what I am doing each and every minute."

Asin also says that she doesn't want to boast about her by writing something on Facebook and Twitter. "I have personal things which I have to keep personal. Why should I make it public," she asks.

Smart lady! Take a lesson from Katrina and don't tweet your breakfast choices.

Teaser for the "Banjaara" teaser!

Another promo for Alaap... I really want to see this one! I hope it gets an online release, too.

Maybe it's just because I watched Dabangg twice this weekend but... I LOVE SONAKSHI!

I have less than interest in this movie but, damn, if I don't have a soft spot for Ritesh! I still don't understand why he's not a bigger star - the guy can act and dance and is hilarious!


Moimeme said...

@FG - Did you miss the release of the full song promo for Banjara? Another one of those things that happened while you slept. :)

Here's the link:

eliza bennet said...

"Ritesh! I still don't understand why he's not a bigger star - the guy can act and dance and is hilarious!"

Well Daddy's connections can only took him this far in his career. He just doesn't sell (so far that is). Maybe he'll pull and AB and become a better star later. He doesn't do anything to me though. Still he is better than Vivek and Neil Nitin combined.

Thelondongirl said...

agree with you Eliza, he seems solid sidekick stock, and just doesnt have that dreamy quality that will reel you in regardless of his looks. lets face it not all these big heroes are good looking its that "thing" that sells. simply put there is no there there. i love that tune though FG. gonna play it again and dance around the living room, just to annoy my husband. Ha!

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