Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Joker! Maatran! Two new trailers!!

Sometimes I get home from work (where youtube is blocked) and I have an AMAZING SURPRISE WAITING FOR ME!

Okay... I AM READY FOR JOKER RIGHT NOW! And, bonus, it features two actors I love from afar (Sonakshi and Akshay) and two who generously let me interview them (Alexx O'Nell and Pitobash)!

Between Ek Tha Tiger, Joker, Talaash... and DHOOM FUCKING 3 DIRECTED BY VICKY "TASHAN" ACHARYA we could say there are some movies I want to see coming up. *cough*

And... Surya plays conjoined twins in Maatran, directed by KV Anand who also did Ko, which I fucking loved. And it's Surya. Playing conjoined twins.

There are days I want to give Bollywood a tight slap and days when the Indian film industries give me so much joy. Today is the latter.

In conclusion, God bless you, Shirish Kunder. (No, seriously. I saw Tees Maar Khan in the theater twice... ON THE DAY IT CAME OUT. For real. I really did that.)


OG said...

FG, both the films look amazing! and I am a big Suriya fan as well!

Filmi Girl said...

@OG Yay! I'm glad you agree! Maatran looks both funny and cool~ I can't wait to see some of that conjoined-dishoom! Wait... do you think we'll get CONJOINED PUNCH LINES?!

dunkdaft said...

Havent seen Surya's trailer, but Joker just blew me away. The first thing I watched this morning and the day is made. So mindlessly fun it is. And the concept ! Whoa ! SK has some guts indeed. Though it has TMK traces (which i liked ofcource) i'm definitely waiting for this.

dunkdaft said...

And those flying people with beautiful lamps... And Chitrangada...
Sigh..... Tell me its in 3D .....

Filmi Girl said...

@dunkdaft ♥ Right? I loved all the colors and visuals... I also loved the jokes. The English line... hee hee!

The lamps were really pretty and that item looks like it will hot!! I think the film was supposed to be in 3D but they didn't have money for it? Something like that anyways.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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