Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July News Post!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to any Americans out there! It's your birthday... it's your birthday... we gonna party like it's your birthday!

* Fourth of July special from Mumbai Boss - why Bollywood stars Hollywood outings are overhyped.

Even as we pretend we don’t care about what the West thinks about us, we do. We care about making it in those 100 best movies ever lists from Time magazine. We are vicious about Aishwarya’s weight gain because she’s somehow letting all of us down at Cannes. Irrfan might do Spider-Man for the “experience” or the “big bucks” but we still see him as some kind of Indian ambassador to Hollywood. When he’s left hanging, there’s a billion of us hanging out there with him going “Hey! You can’t just leave us like this. We want some respect, dammit. Don’t you know who we are? We are a BRIC country.”

* And another collaboration: PETA - an organization whose beliefs I somewhat agree with in theory but despise their methods - is releasing a Bolly-Holly Vegan Cookbook.

* Ranbir lays a big adorable smooch on Anurag Basu at a Barfi press meet.

I want to like this film... I really do.

* Gulshan Grover - an out of the closet... humanitarian?

"I feel that gay people are part of our society and they are absolutely the part of the world as people with other sexual choices are," he added.

* Abhishek Bachchan on raising a star kid...

"I am not comfortable with that, I don’t need to show her off. She is not an item that she has to be put up to display. She is a child and Aishwarya and I would like her to grow up as normal as possible."

Good on you, Abhi! I wish more celebrities had this attitude.

* Oh, Ekta Kapoor... you make me love you and then you make a film like Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum.

I also love Shameless and sometimes catch Pretty Little Liars. My favourite show is coming back called True Blood. I like to finish the entire season of the sitcom and then get into the other. So there’s lots to catch up on you see.

Emphasis added by me. EKTA KAPOOR WATCHES PLL! Of course she does... heh. How about a Balaji remake?

* Ramesh and Suresh Sippy in a family feud over property.

* An interview with the director of a new film on how Delhi people treat their servants.

I wanted to explore the often troubling ways in which the ultra-rich co-exist with those who work for them in their homes. In many cases, even young people in their twenties and teens behave obnoxiously with their help. There’s very little space for dignity and I wanted to portray this in hope that it will give people a chance to reflect on all this. It’s worrying to see, in so many cases, such a basic lack of courtesy, values and crude class differences.

* Veena Malik... what are we going to do with you?

"I had to put on five kg for the role because the script demanded so. Size zero does not exist here in South. I was 48 kgs, now I am 53 kg."

Keep on, keeping on, baby! Maybe the producers of the Dirty Picture remake can snag that light bulb bra thingy she wore in that item...

Video of the music launch of Aalaap, a film I'm very much looking forward to.

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