Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Gossip Post!

Happy Friday!!! Not much happening in news that isn't the insensitive media orgy over a dead starlet so...

* BOL BACHCHAN today! And you know this was coming - the tweet round-up story. It seems all of B-town was excited to have a film of Abhi's they could legitimately get excited about.

Prakash Jha: It`s sheer madness, lovely, brilliant film. He (Rohit Shetty) has surpassed his `Golmaal`.

And if Prakash Jha says it's funny, it must be... right? Because Jha is known for his comedy!

I'm just teasing - I'm sure Prakash Jha has a sense of humor. Maybe.

* Billa 2 next weekend? I'll believe it when I see it listed on the movie theater schedule. I've been burned TOO MANY TIMES, Ajith! I can't trust your release dates anymore...

* Prithviraj's new film Simhasanam releases this weekend but he's got tough competition.

Not bad... not bad!

* Site report from what they are calling Project 45... Shahrukh's NRI romance.

* Ajay replaces Akshay on Khatron Ke Khiladi.

* Omi Vaidya gives an interview.

I do go back [to America], because my whole family is there. My wife is still studying, and getting her Ph.D. in public health. There, I still audition for things as a nobody because it really reaches me, 'Haan, you're not that big, Omi, you're not that good.' I've done a lot of Hollywood 'things', but about my Bollywood fame - Hindi films only take up 1% of the world box office - those guys really don't care. But it's helped me with my confidence. One day or other, Bollywood has already called, Hollywood will also call.

* And an excited review from a Indian film "virgin" going to see Rituparno Ghosh's Chitrangada.

I admit I was a virgin to the Bollywood sphere before the opening night and - as is often the case - the first time proved a little difficult. Ancient religious mythology, extravagant musical scenes and many dramatic twists contradicted my preconceptions about popular filmic conventions. I took this as a sign that I had been confined to Hollywood's dominance for far too long.

* National Award winning film I Am won't be broadcast on television because of the themes it tackles.

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