Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Gossip - plus bonus review roundup

Friday, friday, friday! This has been one long week, my friends.

Not that much in news today so let's start with review overviews!

1. Trishna. I posted my review (full of venom) last night. I'm disappointed at how none of the reviews WARN YOU ABOUT ALL THE RAPE. I'm no prude - hell, I saw Lust Caution in theaters without blushing - but don't reviewers have an obligation to warn viewers they are about to watch a woman get sexually assaulted for 2 hours?


* What the fuck does Salon reviewer Andrew O'Hehir know about Bollywood? He praises Trishna and calls it a "rebuke" to both Slumdog and Bollywood.(As if those two were related in ANY way...)

In “Trishna” the love story and the horror movie are the same thing, and technique never interferes with Winterbottom’s wide-canvas portrait of contemporary India, which extends from an impoverished village in Rajasthan (an enormous state of remote deserts and mountains in northwestern India) to an unbelievably luxurious tourist hotel with a menagerie of birds and animals to the overcrowded beaches and Champagne-fueled elite parties of Mumbai.

Well, well... somebody enjoyed the travel documentary.

* Sheri Linden over at the Los Angeles Times:

If there's a travelogue feel to some of the sequences, it's nonetheless unforced and alive and a knowing nod to the embrace of tourism by the onetime British colony.

Um... what? Nothing about those endless scenery shots said "knowing nod" to me. I would have enjoyed a knowing nod to Jay treating Trishna and the entire country of India like his own Exotic Marigold Hotel.

* Trust Entertainment Weekly to feel me on this one. They gave it a "C."

Freida Pinto is so placid she's a bit of a bore. The shots of urban traffic jams have more spark than the story, which skips from a pregnancy to the filming of a musical to murder — without convincing us of any of it.

Bingo. Get ready for more white people who have never seen Indian films to fall all over themselves praising Trishna! I look forward to mocking their reviews as I find them.

#2 Cockfailtail

* The Times of India tries to polish a turd by saying that though the plot, characters, etc. have all been done to death...

Yet, despite all its conventionalism and inconsistencies, what still keeps you connected to the movie is its attitude to never take itself too seriously. The film is as much flippant as its protagonists and t

he scene tone remains subtle even in the most dramatic sequences. Oh, lordy. That is not a ringing endorsement...

* NDTV repeats the been there done that but finds enjoys the Archie Comics vibe.

Riverdale High was peopled by 17-year-olds. In Cocktail, the girls are in their 20s, the guy is thirty-something. While it is aimed essentially at the youth segment, it is filled with enough wry wit to be worth a watch for those that might have left their flighty days behind.

* And the same thing from Koimoi.

Cocktail is a nice and enjoyable movie for the dialogues, songs and performances. But the second half is a real drag.

My takeaway - probably not worth going out of your way to see but might be a fine DVD rental. But keep that fast forward button handy for the second half.

#3 BILLA 2! My choice for the weekend.

* Behindwoods calls it a typical gangster film for Ajith fans only.

* Supergoodmovies found it too slow paced.

* Prakash Upadhyaya over at OneIndia enjoyed it more but also finds the story lacking.

Noted. And I'll be going to the theater with expectations suitably lowered.

* A lovely tribute to Dara Singh.

It is important today to understand how in Dara’s rustic physicality the “legend” of the body and the “legend” of the nation intersected. In fact, the hard corporeal affinity between pumped up muscles and pumped up nationhood is too real to be ignored and could be any semiologist’s delight.

* Abhishek Bachchan seems like he will be a good father. I hope he can continue to protect his daughter from media attention until she is old enough to handle it.

* As much as I bust his balls, I think it would be fun to sit and have a conversation with Saif Ali Khan. He's clearly a sharp guy - even if he's just spewing bullshit.

It don't matter whether The Dark Knight Rises comes or The Avengers or The Amazing Spiderman, we as Indians have our own unique taste. We are rooted. We want things that are our own. It's like the food we eat. You know the Best Italian restaurant is down the road and the best Steak is available at The Taj but you still want to eat the Roti every day. Until you get the kind of masala from a film that's your kind, you will not feel you've seen a proper film. The reason Hollywood has destroyed so many industries because their sensibilities are the same. But they can't destroy our industry because we are a self supportive industry. I think there are only three in the world I can think of - Hong Kong, Hollywood and the Indian Film Industry that are self supportive.

* Bollywood discovers the online red band trailer.

* Farah Khan will get an item in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi.

* Everybody keeps excerpting choice quotes from Aamir Khan's interview with Anupama Chopra but the only write-up on it worth reading is Get Filmy's. (Though I must admit that as somebody really tired of SRK's off-screen act, I get a kick out of the other two Khans saying snarky things about him.)

* NPR covers decorative rickshaws.

And, in conclusion, have Sallu praising his Kat at the Ek Tha Tiger song launch.

THEY ARE SO CUTE! I know not everybody likes Katrina but I find something about her smile just infectious. And how hilarious is Salman. There is a guy you want on your team.


Jess said...

Oh Salman. I didn't think it would be possible for exes to be that cute, but they are. It's obvious they have a soft spot for each other and it's really sweet.

Lol how can Farah have an item when she is the star of the film?

Thanks for the warning about Trishna, I cringe big time at rape/sexual assault scenes in movies already, so no way I'm gonna sit through two hours of it.

getfilmy said...

Yay, plug! :D Gotta admit that the Khan snarkies are total cheap thrills, even for me. Sometimes I'm like - they should make up. But it's so much fun when their enemies. :p

I was also supposed to review Trishna, so glad I couldn't make it. Sounds horrendous, exactly like the kind of Holly-does-India that I loathe.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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