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Wednesday News Post!

I'm always fascinated with how Western critics "read" masala films. Here's a review of Rowdy Rathore from Variety. The critic found the comedic first half dull but enjoyed the violent second half.

Subtlety and cohesive plotting are not the strong suits of this no-brainer by choreographer-turned helmer Prabhu Deva ("Wanted"), but auds seeking high-octane fight scenes, ripe melodrama and peppy song-and-dance numbers will get most of what they came for.

In this case, the critic thought the film was as dumb as the Indian critics did but he was more positive about the entertainment factor.

* Has the Dawn website been revamped recently? It's looking good. Check out Gautam Chintamani writing the smartest blog post I've seen so far on the Indian indie. Somebody should send this around to those Western journalists writing on the topic.

In the middle somewhere big production houses realised that they needed something more to keep the wheels turning and its here that indie cinema found its footing. Big studios simply bought films like Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006), A Wednesday (2008) off the original producer and then saw the cash registers ring like never before. Had UTV, the big studio in this case, invested in these films right from the word go, the production cost wouldn’t have been so low and the return on investment as high.

And later:

This is the change. Now studios are open to partner with smaller companies and don’t interfere with the production. They usually come in at a later stage to market and release the films.

Okay, dudes at Hollywood Reporter, Variety, the Guardian, and the BBC? Pay attention to this.

* Amit Trivedi explains why non-film music isn't popular.

“There are several reasons,” Trivedi ponders. “One is the boom of the Internet, due to which any music from any part of the world you can have on your fingertip. And you don’t have to pay. That’s the reason independent music has been pushed back to an extent that it has become completely extinct. Nobody buys music anymore. Music stores have shut down."

* Liz Phair found herself embarrassed working with A.R.Rahman on the score of Hollywood film People Like Us. Don't worry, Liz, I think it's embarrassing, too. You are nowhere near Rahman's stature as a composer and musician.

"He is the opposite of me," Phair continues. "He is a trained, masterful musician. I've had no training. I don't know what a seventh is. I can't tell you about chord progressions. So it was embarrassing for me to stand next to him. He just assumed I knew things. When I got there he just said, 'OK, so would you like to go in the vocal room and please try a couple things?' I just thought this guy is going to start wondering why I'm not a professional musician."

* South producers are taking action against remakes of songs in Bollywood.

* I just can't take Subhash Ghai seriously. I can't. The guy who made Yaadein shouldn't be giving advice about anything.

What works with our audience are emotions. Tell a story in an emotional manner and I don’t see why it won’t work. But bina emotions ke kuch bolne jaoge, toh kisi ko bhi nind ajaayegi!”

* Apparently, Barfee is too grim.

While Anurag and Ranbir have repeatedly said Barfi is not a grim and dark film, the producers still believe Ranbir's character needs lightening up. A source close to the film said, "Barfi, for all the claims by its makers and actors is finally about physical and emotional handicaps."

Apparently, a repair job is in the offing. "Some additional music is being recorded. And some light-hearted scenes featuring Ranbir and Priyanka will have to be shot," said our source.

* Ranbir Kapoor ignores his court summons for smoking in public.

* The promos of Jism 2 have gotten an A certificate and Pooja Bhatt isn't happy.

* Are Amitabh and Jaya working with Vicky Donor's Shoojit Sircar?

* There will be a kissing scene in Settai! I'm still curious about how this will play out. I mean, I'll watch Arya in just about anything but this Delhi Belly remake... I wonder how it holds up minus the "shock" value of the original. Because, as we all know, it's vulgarity and sex humor that are making Bollywood more "grown up" and "real" these days, according to all the press.

* Kat's role will be expanded in Raajneeti 2.

* Dharmendra's absence at Esha Deol's sangeet went mostly unremarked upon. Mostly.

The Hindustan Times dug up this quote: However, a source, requesting anonymity said, “Dharam ji did come, but for just a few minutes. He left as he was feeling unwell.”

And Mid-Day has Sunny and Bobby Deol missing from the scene...

That whole family situation is so odd. It's not like Salim Khan and Helen at all. Helen's relationship to her family seems much more, well, familial.

* And the Hindustan Times is also keeping on top of that Amy Jackson said dumb stuff to a UK tabloid story they cracked yesterday by reporting that Amy is claiming she was misquoted in the original interview.

And check out two of the WORST dancers in Bollywood on Dance India Dance! Abhishek and Ajay... start the video about 2:35 for the good stuff (aka Junior B doing "Kajara Re" with a bunch of little kids followed by a kids performance with cutaway shots to Ajay looking bored to tears.)

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"Dharmendra's absence at Esha Deol's sangeet went mostly unremarked upon. Mostly."

Mostly, indeed. I asked about it here and on Twitter, and got no response from anyone. I'm please to learn that I wasn't the only one who thought it odd.

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