Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday News Post!

Another day, another pile of stories... how is everybody doing? I had to sift through some pretty stupid column filler today. Every time Salman tweets a brainfart, it provides acres of material to deadline-punished "entertainment journalists" at the Times of India and other rags.

Well, let's hit it, boss!

* Aamir Khan is getting pummeled by the press...

Satyamev Jayate has attracted its fair share of critics, and the initial barrage focused on the content of the show. Khan was variously chastised for keeping it a little too simple, doing too little, playing too safe etc. The guns have now been turned on the man himself.

More importantly, ratings haven't been so hot.

* Blazingly mediocre director Milan Luthria is self-important about his new film with Saif.

"No, it's not a superhero film. Saif is not playing a superhero in my film. People have misinterpreted me and come to the conclusion that I am making a same film like everyone else. All I can say is that it's an entertaining film with a twist," said Luthria.

* Salman Khan can no longer have juice and pizza at 5am due to the late night crackdowns.

* Fresh criminal complaints against Shahrukh for the Wankhede Stadium incident.

* The Dirty Picture goes to France!

* Mr. Shahid "100 crore club is stupid" Kapoor signs a film with 100 crore Prabhudeva. For artistic purposes, I'm sure.

* In Sonu Sood is awesome news...

So, will Salman be invited to the premiere of Maximum? "I am sure he will, but I must add that I don't believe that merely an attendance or absence from a party or premiere can make or mar a friendship! For God's sake a friendship is a serious relationship. It can't be gauged at parties!"

Oh, snap! Did Sonu Sood just trash the entire basis of filmi journalism?

And another interview with Sonu and Neha Dhupia on Maximum:

Neha Dhupia: It is not only Sonu, in my case too, with experience, with time, with the amount of movies you do, you get better and better. It's the little things -- lighting, script or getting into the character -- that you understand better.

From the very first day Sonu has been very hard working and he is the same now. He comes with a huge amount of humility.

What he lacked a little bit earlier was dancing skill, but that has become extremely good now. He has a sense of rhythm.

* Two youngsters to watch out for - Ira Dubey and Imaad Shah for M Cream.

* Arunoday Singh is signed to the Rensil D'Silva Emraan Hashmi starrer.

* Prateik Babbar still exists.

* Paresh Rawal replaces Prakash Raaj in Sher. A perfectly reasonable swap - two talented actors, two talented villains.

* Imran Khan not doing 2 States.

* Aamir Khan and Anushka for Rajkumar Hiarni's Peekay?

* Prabhudeva to do an item for Oh My God?

* Hrithik Roshan is upset at rumors that he asked Farhan Akhtar to direct bits of Krrish 3.

* Kajol's cousin Ankeeta Mukherjee might try her luck in Bollywood.

* And a non-story about Katrina and Emraan that throws up a tantalizing tag ending:

However Katrina’s dates don’t seem to be working out. Curiously after the overhwhelming response to 'Chikni chameli' for Dharma’s 'Agneepath' nothing seems to be working out between Karan and Katrina. A case of mismatched kundlis, perhaps?

OH HO HO! I see tomorrow's headline in the Times of India!

Preity Zinta, sporting an immobile forehead at the launch of Ishqk in Paris. It's so odd to watch her talk.


maxqnz said...

Sometimes I wonder why I read your gossip posts - they can lead me to read stuff that REALLY makes me mad! THat nasty "journalist writes an ad hominem diatribe headlined "False prophet: The unbelievable fakeness of Aamir Khan" then closes with "So why blame Aamir for being what he is: a Bollywood star." grrr!

I mean yes it's TV, yes he's "acting" somewhat, but how can bringing issues like this to the fore be a bad thing? THe low ratings also prove that it's NOT an ego trip for him, and that only someone of his stature could get the chance to try this at all. YOu do a commendable job of finding these pieces, I just wish I could rein in my curiosity and not read some of them.

Filmi Girl said...

The worst part about that piece was it just quotes OTHER diatribes against Aamir, agrees with them, and then is like - "but don't get mad at ME." :PPP

Yeah, there is a lot of junk out there. I try to avoid the worst of it but...

Nerdypanda said...

I am really (pleasantly) surprised by the comments on tha Aamir Khan article. The commentators do call out the editor on her BS. Some are also quite articulate. FP wanted a reaction and they got it.

Sarthak said...
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Sarthak said...

The link for Arunoday-Emraan Hashmi News and Ira Shah News seems to be the same. Please correct that. All in all great website Filmi Girl o-o-o-ooooo Filmi Girl !!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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