Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Good films are universal, my friends which is why I'm so happy that RAJINIKANTH IS KICKING BUTT IN JAPAN! Enthiran! Enthiran! Enthiran!

I'll use some librarian-fu today to see if I can't find some articles to attempt to translate for you. I'm curious to see what audiences and critics are saying.

And on to your regularly scheduled programming!

* Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble is cracking down on Bombay's nightlife much to the chagrin of Bollywood's glitterati.

* Anurag Kashyap and Gangs of Wasseypur give good press. Here he is talking about it:

"I have not made the film to change things. I am not an NGO. I found the characters and the place interesting, hence I made the film. I don't know if anything will change or not. I doubt if anything changes through films," Anurag said.

* Huma Qureshi seems like a sharp cookie. I'm enjoying her interviews.

"People like [Anurag Kashyap] are more concerned about whether you can perform, your eye expression, body language and with all that can you convince and move the audience. I think that is far more important than having a 28 or 26 inch size," she said.

* Doga is back in the news...

Back in 2008, Kashyap had declared a film on Doga. Since then, however, there has been no headway with the project. Until now. Anurag confirms that the film is set to roll right after he wraps up Bombay Velvet.

Interesting. I wonder if Kunal Kapoor is still in the running.

* Kalpana Lajmi talks about troubles with shooting Kaanch.

To rewind the story…last week Kalpana Kajmi and her unit of ‘Kaanch’ arrived in Bhopal to shoot, only to realize that the producer was unwilling / unable to pay for the shooting. The 120-member unit found itself held hostage in four different hotels of Bhopal until the hotel bills were cleared. Says the filmmaker, “70 percent of our crew is back in Mumbai, but we don’t feel safe. We’re under tremendous threat. It’s sad for an independent working woman to say this. But I feel the absence of a man in my life. If Bhupenda (her companion of 30 years musician Bhupen Hazarika) were around I wouldn’t be feeling so vulnerable.”

* Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra gets my blood boiling.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who is the greatest proponent of playing with the Bollywood grammar, feels that it's high time we pushed the envelope further. Speaking about it, he says, "I am not speaking for the world but I can speak about myself. I think it is high time we looked at the grammar of our moviemaking. For example, I don't feel the need to retain lip-sync songs in my films. Somehow I don't like that idea. Yes, it was fine till date, but we need to rethink its relevance as far as movie making is concerned in the contemporary times."

Um... what about the fact that PEOPLE LIKE LIP SYNC SONGS? It's fine if he wants to make lip sync-less films but his embarrassment of Bollywood film grammar doesn't apply to Bollywood film audiences. Nobody is saying they have to be there but why trash a film grammar that has worked well for 100 years just because they don't do things like that in the West?

* Dibakar Banerjee talks Shanghai.

Q. Kalki Koechlin's performance has been uniformly panned. She's accused of being stereotyped as the traumatized woman. Comment

(In a raised voice) “Ok. This is a challenge for all critics. Two hours after making love to your lover/spouse/partner/secret paramour, you see him or her being hit and mowed down by a truck in front of your eyes. Now smile. No, seriously, smile. Shalini Sahay is traumatized to the extent of becoming unhinged and it’s because of her relentless quest for revenge that the plot of ‘Shanghai’ emerges. If Kalki had not had the courage to not play up to the sexual stereotype that we expect from a female lead today we would have been panned for having a slightly muddle- headed plot.

Excuse me, BOC, Kalki was NOT uniformly panned. I quite enjoyed her performance. Do we bloggers not exist?! [Tests microphone.] *check one, two* Is this thing on?

* Shirish Kunder is being super smart with Joker's budget and is trying to keep friends with distributers.

* Akshay Kumar + AR Murugadoss for the remake of Thuppakki.

* A young Akshay teaching karate with an epic mullet and everybody's favorite thing... AKSHAY KUMAR GOING OFF SCRIPT IN AN INTERVIEW!

“I saw a couple on a motorbike not wearing helmets, so being the prankster I am, I pulled them over, they had no clue who I was, I started asking for his driver’s license, the wife was crying and beating him from behind,” he says.

“I removed my moustache and as she screamed with excitement I had to beg her to stop hitting her husband, poor guy. I think the wife’s words were ‘I could arrest her any time’ on that note I introduced them to Sonakshi who was still hiding, laughing her head off.”

Oh, Akshay, never change. NEVER. It's not as good as the poop on the beach story but still pretty classic.

(Pssst... Rowdy Rathore 2.)

* Salman talks Being Human.

“When you realise you’re making so much and you know you haven’t earned all of it yourself and that you’ve not worked for it as much as others have and that destiny played an important role, I guess you feel the need to be appreciative. And the need to give your token of appreciation to God,” Gulf News quoted him as saying.

* Jackie Shroff is in DHOOM 3 because they are making this movie specifically for a target audience of me.

* Imran Khan may or may not be getting 11 crores for Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2.

* Shanghai's Prosenjit for Shoojit Sircar's Jaffna?

* Sunny Leone didn't know Pooja Bhatt would be auctioning her underwear from Jism 2. Somehow, that feels creepy. Come on, Pooja, treat Sunny with some respect.

* Mallika Sherawat runs off with Sachin Joshi's cash.

Shahrukh's new Hyundai ad, which shows him picking up his daughter from college a middle aged man's mid life crisis machine.


OG said...

Hey FG,

What I cannot understand is why Endhiran is releasing in Japan at such a later date..... almost 2 years now right?..... considering that Rajni has always had a following in Japan..... seems strange!

Btw, I also recently found this funny promo of a film called "the Rajni Effect".... a Japanese dude trying to be like the promo says "One man against the system".

check it out....

Filmi Girl said...

@OG I feel like I've said this on numerous occasions but: "Did you ever know that you're my he-ro~..."

I will DEFINITELY be checking that out. :D

Jman said...

no mention of the legend Mehdi Hassan passing away FG?

Filmi Girl said...

@Jman I saw that but figured it was outside my sphere of reference. Maybe I was wrong?

Thelondongirl said...

isuppose having AAmir and Uday aka Rat boy, you would need The Shroff just to balance things out. I might watch it now

Jess said...

I hope Sonakshi returns for RR2, and I hope she kicks of a real trend with that and Dabangg 2 of people not recasting heroines in movie "sequels".

Jman said...

FG probably was outside the frame of reference. Still, an honorary mention would have been nice. :)

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