Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday News Post!

Good morning! It's a rainy day here in Washington, DC... and unlike in films, our rains don't bring songs with them. Hee!

* Want to watch Gangs of Wasseypur? Be sure not to illegally download it. The high court has issued a John Doe order against potential copyright infringers. Seriously.

Can I add that it just seems like bad business for the media companies to launch this all out war on their consumers. I've basically stopped consuming American media and what little I do consume, I stream legally. International media is trickier - what are people supposed to do if the media they want to watch isn't available legally in their area but it is available illegally? Media companies would say "not watch" but it's right there. And if it hasn't been licensed in my area, why should they care if I download?

Honestly, if media companies want to stop illegal downloading, they should start offering content online GLOBALLY for a reasonable price. Why punish your customers?

(And, most importantly for Americans, why should my INTERNET PROVIDER care about what the media companies have to say? It's not their job to police me.)

* Aamir Khan to speak before Parliament.

* How to make a film for under 6 lakhs rupees.

What consumed a lot of the time [was] making rigs for the cameras; we couldn’t afford to rent the equipment. For example, for a scene, we wanted to spin the camera in a circle for which we would have needed a tripod with wheels. I made it using wheels from a skateboard. We also decided to make our own green screens after we approached an SFX company, and they wanted to charge us the [entire] budget of our movie just for elementary work. We used green bed sheets and plywood to make a frame and shot with it.

* Saif Ali Khan to play a masked superhero?

* Meanwhile his sister Soha continues to plug along with her small budget, issue-driven films.

* Abhay Deol joins the cast of Raanjhnaa.

Says a source close to the project, "Abhay and Sonam play JNU colleagues. Their characters would be known to one another for eight years in the script. Their characters share similar views on politics and life and are often shown to indulge in brainstorming sessions. Getting Abhay into the intellectual character was easy enough. Sonam with her fashionista's image needed more practice to look convincing as a thinking politically conscious citizen."

The film will be delayed a few months while Dhanush works on his Hindi. * Deepika Padukone opposite Emraan Hashmi?

* English Vinglish pushed back to avoid a clash with Heroine.

* Cute little story on Anurag Kashyap casting the child artist for his next film.

* Maryam Zakaria loves dance.

Your favourite rain dance?

Tip tip barsa paani! Especially, the scene where Akshay Kumar holds Raveena Tandon's sari and she just rolls into his arms is so hot! I also love Aishwarya Rai's graceful dancing in Taal. The chiffon saris and rains are unbeatable combination.

* And speaking of my favorite Khiladi, here is an out of context quote from a lazy, cobbled together article about "unusual pairings."

"Age is just a number. Even today I can run better than a person who is half my age. Also, if these young girls look great with us, then what to do?" said Akshay, who will again be seen with Sonakshi in Joker.

I have to admit it was the promise of Radhika Apte that got me to click on this video:

She's not in it but... TEAM ENERGETIC STAR RAM!

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