Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

CHINTA TA TA! Good morning, everybody!

Are you ready for an action packed gossip post?!

* Right-wing Hindu activists try to get Shanghai banned... for the publicity.

* Billa 2 on June 22nd!!!! I hope we get it here. I'm seeing it with subtitles or without because the other film that weekend... *cough*

* Oh, give it a rest, Kunal Kohli. We all know your act is tired.

"Everyone takes a very serious approach to that part of the history. It is unromantic and non-colourful. My attitude to the freedom movement was different. Shahid plays a complete casanova. I thought it would be interesting to show a character like this in the middle of freedom movement."

To be fair, it might be interesting if somebody besides Kunal "Hackmeister General" Kohli was writing the script. Even worse, the 1960s segment is going to be packed full of Om Shanti Om style references to older, better films. Ugh. The more I hear about Teri Meri Kahaani, the lamer it sounds. Billa 2 is definitely the better option.

* Priyanka Chopra to do a tribute to Rekha at IIFA and Bollywood gossip has her attempting to cozy up to Salman. Well, if Shahrukh is ditching IIFA has rumor has it then I guess Sallu is her best bet for media attention. (Wait - remember when Anurag Basu had to tell her to stop pulling a My Name Is Khan act during Barfee filming? Heh.)

* Bollywood Life has Dippy, Piggy, and, um, Asin fighting for the lead opposite Imran Khan in Two States. BL readers (and me) picked Asin in the poll.

* Asin, for her part, wants to work with Akshay.

"Akshay and I share a great working relationship. He's really chilled out and we also gel well because he's also an early rise, disciplined and professional. So it's a perfect fit!"

* Joker is getting even more resources pumped into it after the success of Rowdy Rathore. I'm so afraid this is going to be a bomb with audiences. I'm going to love it (obviously) but I hope other people will, too.

* Akshay: King of Unselfreflection and that's why I love him.

I signed Joker because I wanted to reach out to a younger audience. I purposely sold it at a low price to UTV so that it is promoted well. I like the idea of aliens and UFOs.

See? How can you not love the Khiladi when he signs on a film with Bollywood's enfant terrible because HE LIKES ALIENS. I like aliens, too, Akshay!!!

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali gets an unwelcome greeting from a Hyderabad based music company that claims to own the rights to "Chinta Ta Ta."

* Sonu Sood talks about things.

When I came to Bollywood all the way from Punjab, I was told that making it big in Bollywood is next to impossible. I waited for many years before the producers would invest in my work. Besides, the equation with producer and director also works a lot here. So now that I have a couple of good films coming up, I feel that it was worth all the struggle. For me my greatest inspiration is my late mother's letters and how to stick against all odds in life.

* Another favorite of mine who needs a break - Ritesh Deshmukh, wants to take on more serious fare. I know I would love to see this (TEAM RITESH!) but we'll see if anybody else does.

* Hmm... seems the well-timed rumors of the Shahrukh-Kajol reunion that bubbled up during the fuss over Aamir's television debut were just well-timed rumors.

* And then we have Shahrukh playing a mid-20 something opposite Katrina Kaif in his upcoming Yash Chopra film. No comment.

* Humaima Malik on playing a lady gangster who takes over her husband's empire:

Just like in 'Bol!' There too the entire film was told in a flashback through my character. There too I played a girl who watches patriarchal atrocities mutely and then rises in revolt.

If her acting is as spirited as her interviews, I think I'm going to like Humaima.

* Shraddha Kapoor is still clinging on and is signed on opposite Arjun Kapoor in an upcoming film.

* Another write-up on the Hisss documentary. I cannot WAIT to see this.

* Chashme Buddoor with Sid and Ali Zaffar set for an August release.

And Mr. Sonu Sood talking Maximum and charming the pants of a lady reporter with his big doe eyes.

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