Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Gossip Post!

For whatever reason, my Internet connection is massively slow this morning. This took way longer than it should have and I couldn't stream any videos (like to check out why anybody is asking Akshay about IIFA or the Sarah Jane Dias item from Kya Super Fail Hai Hum) but... hopefully you enjoy!

* Cherry's wedding: what you need to know according to Bollywood Life (aka my fave tabloid rag).

* Photos from Ekta Kapoor's birthday party.

* Photos of Anushka Sharma and Shahrukh in London looking like they're on a daddy-daughter date.

* And photos of Freida Pinto in what they're calling 1950s glamour but I would call "Hipster Lite."

* I don't know why Kumar Sanu has been in the news again but here he is being cranky.

What’s your take on the present generation’s Bollywood music?

There is lack of melody in today’s music. Not that the songs composed today aren’t good enough, but they will not be able to leave an impact on the listeners’ mind for long. Moreover, anyone can become a singer now. There is a lack of depth in the songs that are being composed these days. They are catchy, no doubt, but the soul is missing. They don’t touch the heart.

* Anurag Kashyap to hold a workshop on the world of Wasseypur.

* Emraan and Neha Dhupia: Yes. Directed by Rensil D'Silva of craptacular Kurbaan fame? No. How do guys like Rensil continue to get funding to make films?

* Sujoy Ghosh's Badla confirmed with Amitabh, Naseer, and Vidya.

* Dhanush is going method for Ranjhanaa.

* I feel like I've posted this before: Salman to do an item for Ajay's Son of Sadar. Also, Sallu will be playing a superhero with magical locks in Sher Khan. No word on whether the locks are from a special hair transplant.

In an earlier version of the script, Sher Khan was meant to be a South Indian action star a la Dabangg or Rowdy Rathore. "Kona Venkatesh who wrote Salman's Ready was summoned to do the screenplay for the film. Now, Sohail and Salman have changed their mind. They roped in Rumi Jaffery to write an action film for the kids instead," a source told Mirror.

OMG! I have a feeling I'm going to love this and everybody else will hate it.

* It's Prachi Desai and Sanjay Dutt for the Hindi remake of Saamy. It's funny... Prachi for me is kind of like Kalki. Prachi got more of the buzz coming out of Rock On even though Shahana Goswami turned in the better performance and is the better actress. Kalki got more buzz than Mahie Gill for Dev.D even though Mahie turned in the better performance and is the better actress... weird.

* Actually, not so weird. Guess who has been enjoying press attention since Shanghai? My buddy Pito who turned in an amazing and nuanced performance? No - The "Imported" Have-Your-Cake-and-Eat-It-Too girl Scarlett Wilson.

* Shooting for Sanju and Vivek's Sher has started, meaning Vivek has not been dropped from the film like was rumored. Oh, Vivek! You're such a douche but I love you anyways.

* Amrita Rao is still working.

"I am happy the way Jolly L.L.B has turned up with two fabulous co-stars like Boman and Arshad (Warsi). Please watch out for their performances," said the 31-year-old actress.

* Madhuri says she's cool with intimate scenes.

"I don't think marriage or motherhood has anything to do with an actor's work. My kids (Arin and Rayan) and husband (Dr Sriram Nene) know that I'm an artiste. I can't shy away from anything that a script demands, even if it's physical intimacy," Madhuri tells the HT .

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