Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday News!

It's Saturday!! YAY! One more week until Billa 2 but until then...

* Our obsession with films on criminals.

Director Milan Luthria, who directed Once Upon A Time in Mumbai (2010), says that gangsters have always had a larger-than-life image. “People want to know the stories of men and women who wield so much power and how they gained that power in the first place,” he says.

* Looking back at Mithun-da's career.

His Bengali identity has been questioned time and again for his projects in Mumbai and a flourishing business down South. He has never hit back at critics. But has expressed his displeasure masked with his usual charm.

Mithun, a veteran of over 350 films and three well deserved National Film Awards, said during a ceremony to felicitate him with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Kolkata: "If someone asks me if I am a Bengali, what should be done? Should I present the birth certificate or school leaving papers to prove my credentials as one from Bengal? My identity makes me more attached to the well-being of this state, its people."

* Interview with the wonderful Seema Biswas who is appearing in Patang.

"Cinema is such an interesting medium where you can show your calibre without saying a word. Sitting quietly you can communicate to the audience," said Biswas. "But I am still waiting for an interesting role, something beyond my imagination."

* Manoj Bajpai talks Gangs of Wasseypur.

"The character Sardar Khan played by me has all the negative elements. He is full of lust, involved in all bad activities, has no morals or sense of right and wrong," Bajpai told PTI here today.

Just to set the record straight, I am looking forward to seeing the film - it's the relentless promotions I'm tired of. Is there anybody in the target audience for this film still unaware of it?

* Amy Jackson at a press conference for Thaandavam, which also stars Vikram.

Speaking about the movie, Jackson said: "Vijay is the reason I am here today. He introduced me not only to Indian cinema, but the entire culture of the country. The very first time we met two years ago was in London.

AL Vijay is a magnificent director. I'm really looking forward to this one.

* The Hindustan Times tackles the most important issue of our times: catfights.

Senior media expert Rauf Ahmed feels the cycle of jealousy, bickering and subsequent patch ups between heroines is because of the “PR overdrive”. He says, “They understand the need to do these things. Sometimes they misspeak, feign ignorance and then say sorry.”

* This year's IIFA was kind of a bust to Singapore fans.

There was more disappointment for the fans, especially those who went to the venue in the hope of catching a glimpse of their heroes and heroines as they entered the Singapore Indoor Stadium. As the Green Carpet area was a ticketed area, they couldn't sneak a peek and even those with access were trapped in the overcrowded fan enclosure that made celebrity sighting quite close to impossible.

* Images from Karthik's Saguni, which releases the same weekend as Billa 2.

* Yash Chopra's film has a title: Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum.

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