Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Gossip Post!

Mini-announcement: I'll be podcasting LIVE on ustream with Asim from Upodcast TOMORROW in the afternoon UK time. Not sure exactly when yet but stayed tuned!! I'll update you when I have more details. We'll be talking about Rowdy Rathore, recent films, and Akshay Kumar.

Now... news!

* Eros Entertainment isn't ready for the big leagues and holds off on moving to the New York Stock Exchange.

* Shahrukh and Katrina's big London concert has been postponed.

* Is it me or are quite a few reviewers misreading Rowdy Rathore 's influences? I've seen a handful of people squishing the film into boxes that it doesn't belong in. This op-ed puts its roots in 1980s vigilante masala instead of in recent Tamil and Telugu masala films - which is where it actually comes from.

The idea of justice is a joke in Rowdy Rathore, which updates the vigilante movie that infected the 1980s by adding comedy to the spectacle of violence.

This alone from the opening paragraph is enough to make me discount the argument. Um... what? Comedy-violence isn't some new thing. Has this guy never seen a Rajinikanth movie?

* Aamir Khan had expected push back for his show.

“In fact, I would have been surprised if we would not have earned brickbats. The people who are getting troubled are very likely the ones who are part of the problems,” says Khan, adding that he hasn’t received any physical threats so far.

(He also says he's uninterested in politics, which I believe, actually. Policy and politics are really two different things, which is why it's too bad policy is often left in the hand of politicians.)

* Call me biased (I know it's true) but Arya starring in the Delhi Belly remake is going to be fantastic! ARYA! One of the top actors in India today if you ask me (which you clearly did...n't.)

* Oh, brother. I used to like Sharman Joshi but recently I've just found him annoying. An interview with Mr. Conceited in which he explains that, no, having Vidya do an item in Ferrari is not a gimmick and, also, it's not an item. (Yeah, right. Tell me another one.)

"No way, it's not an item number. In fact it's an integral part of the script. And there is a reason to take Vidya in the song. During the making of "Lage Raho Munna Bhai", in a casual conversation with Rajesh, Vidya shared that she would like to perform a Lavani dance in one of the films. So when Vidhu wanted a professional Lavani dancer for the sequence, Rajesh suggested Vidya's name for it," clarifies Sharman.

* Kangana Ranaut and I don't believe in marriage for ourselves.

“I don’t believe in marriage. In fact, I am strictly against marriage. We are all born free and we should set each other free. Just because I am going out with someone doesn’t mean that I have to marry the person. So what if I am seeing someone? When you can just live with the person and be happy, why would you want to ruin a relationship? It doesn’t make sense to make things legal and tie someone down. I’d never do that.”

YOU GO GIRL! Let's form a Single Girl Power Group and invite Rekha to be our honorary leader! * Speaking of girl power... I'm so curious about Radhika Apte and her fallout (or whatever happened) with Ekta and Tusshar Kapoor. She popped back up in my news search today:

When asked about how she can manage to hide from limelight Radhika answered 'I can't do my own marketing. To earn money is not my main aim. If the situation arises in future I might do that also. I am not against commercial cinema but I don't want to be just a 'pretty face' in the movies. The role must satisfy the actor within me.'

Does anybody know Radhika and can hook me up? I'd love to interview her...


* GREEN CARPET PICTURES over here! Parineeti Chopra is looking adorable! Dia Mirza is looking like Miss Havisham.

* Technical awards announced and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara cleaned house. What this says for the main awards we can't know yet. This was cute:

The Dirty Picture also won the award for best dialogues. "I would like to thank Vidya for allowing me to take off her clothes in the film," joked an excited Niharika, before thanking the cast and crew.

* Kamal Hassan announces an international film of some sort. Seems like the producer wants a film set in India, with Indian actors, but on a Hollywood model.

"It's an idea, we are still on the page, we cannot let you look at it. We did not want to base it on the Ramayan or the Mahabharat as everybody does it. This is a more international film. We are looking at the whole gamut of people, what we are," Hassan said.

* Piggy Chops spills out some self-aggrandizing nonsense.

"People's mindset towards actresses is changing so that we can do roles which are beyond playing just being a coy girl. It is a great time for Indian actresses to be in cinema."

This said a press conference for Teri Meri Kahaani in which she plays, yes, A COY GIRL.

Trailer for Viswaroopam!!!!!! Looks pretty boss. And white people for me to try and track down and interview for my series! BONUS!

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