Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday news post!

Monday, Monday... let's read that news!

* The truth behind the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne:

THE company behind the publicly funded Indian Film Festival, which opens in Melbourne tonight, is recycling films it has already released and appears to be using government money to rebadge a festival it had already been running as a commercial enterprise.

* Shanghai does strictly okay at the box office but guess who had his second film of the year hit the 100 crore club?

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali talks about the Rowdy:

Luckily all kinds of films are being made today. But the one genre that continues its successful run is the potboiler. It cuts across all sections of the audience. Rowdy Rathore is the kind of film I used to clap and cheer for as a child at Alankar Talkies and Imperial Talkies alike. Last week, when I visited Chandan Talkies, members of the audience came forward to shake my hand and hug me warmly. It's something I've never experienced after any of my own self-directed films. It's all new to me. And I'm enjoying myself thoroughly.

I appreciate the "hard-hitting" questions the interviewer asks but I appreciate even more SLB's glee at making something that people actually WANT to see.

* Prabhudeva talks Bollywood:

Q: Has language ever been a constraint for you here? 
A: No. I think Bollywood is such a mixture of people from different cultures and languages that it’s the last thing that matters. It’s strange, but no matter which language you speak, technicians, actors, everybody understands what you want. I think being connected through a film overrides all other ‘disconnections’.

* BBC World News on IIFA and Asian fans.

* What does the lack of Khans and Bachchans mean for IIFA?

* Uh-oh! Mean Boys Club! Ranbir is dunzo with Nargis. I guess the novelty of an Almost Top Model has worn off.

Both Ranbir and Nargis are in Singapore for IIFA 2012. A little birdie who is also in the Far East Asian city and keeping a close watch on the major awards ceremony, tells us that at a recent party he saw Ranbir ignoring Nargis completely! Apparently, Ranbir arrived at the party where Nargis was present already, but chose to stay far away from her. The two were in close proximity for a long time, but Ranbir did not acknowledge the beautiful actor’s starry presence.

I feel kind of bad for Nargis. She got "imported" and then dropped when the novelty wore off.

* Manoj Kumar is old and cranky.

Having recently been conferred with the Bharat Gaurav Award in the US on Saturday, which was collected by his son; the Padma Shri awardee is also upset with the government. “To get a national honour, you need a godfather, and these people are not godfathers, but fraud fathers,” he says.

* Manoj Bajpai talks about things:

First of all, is it a conscious decision on your part to play rustic roles?
When offers come my way, I just choose the best. I don’t look at it through the narrow prism of rural or urban. I’m glad that these stories are being told today. They weren’t welcome in the ’80s and ’90s. And anyway, if I don’t, who else will? (smiles)

* See, this is why it's worth scouring the Internet for stories every morning - I can unearth gems like this:

On June 26, a 125-member crew of Bollywood's under-production movie, It's My Life, will land in Salalah to film a song sequence and an action scene for 11 days.

I'm going along like, blah blah typical country promoting press rel~*spit take* Yes, that's right HARMAN BAWEJA STARRER IT'S MY LIFE is apparently STILL IN PRODUCTION!

* Ranveer Singh is back in action!

* I'm so looking forward to Arya in the Delhi Belly remake, especially with word of "steamy scenes."

* Two films on the Tamil Tigers are in the works. Prepare for some political protests, I guess... Santosh Sivan I trust but I'm not sure about Shoojit Sircar.

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Jess said...

Harman Baweja is a bad actor, but I kind of want to see Its My Life because Genelia has been in all three versions, and that fact fascinates me. And I liked the story of Bommarillu so maybe that will help

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