Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Gossssssip post!

You know what I'm doing this weekend... SHANGHAI! Also, if I can swing it... ROWDY RATHORE AGAIN! What? I love films!!! Is there something else I should be watching? PrometheDON'T ANGRY ME

Okay! News time! News time!

* I'll start with the unpleasant news first - Afzal Khan, producer of God Tussi Great Ho and others has been accused of assult against his sister-in-law.

* Fun little piece on what makes people watch films.

“I love Bollywood, so I go for all types of movies. The trailers and songs are enough to make up my mind for a movie. Moreover, it is the star cast that attracts me the most. If the movie has got Shah Rukh in it, I will be there first day first show,” laughs Harsha Nair, a Hindi movie lover.

* The Wall Street Journal does their usual review round up for Shanghai. I'm really looking forward to this one, so I'm avoiding the critical splooge until I see it.

* Tough luck, Shahrukh. Everybody except diplomats have to go through normal immigration procedures says the US.

* Oh, Salman... never change. NEVER. CHANGE. You have to love this dig at Vivek Oberoi.

There's a twist in the tale though. Mirror readers may recall Vivek Oberoi's taking a dig at Salman saying “Sher is bigger than Tiger” in an obvious reference to the titles of their upcoming films Sher and Ek Tha Tiger.

Apparently, that hasn't gone down too well with the Salman camp. Moreso as Sohail had registered the title Sher Khan long before the shooting of Sher even started.

Hee hee! I have to admit that I love me some cocky Vivek Oberoi, too, but I love even more when Sallu gives him a smack down.

* Nawazzuddin Siddiqui finds the sudden attention hard to handle.

"Fame is temporary. I may be the talking point now, but that might not be the case forever. I don't want all this to get into my head because that will affect my performance and if it ever does, I will feel very guilty. I just want to focus right now and do even better than my previous films."

* Pitobash talks about Shanghai.

When asked about his character in the film, he says, “In the film, the name of my character is Bhaggu; you’ll find characters like Bhaggu in every small city of this country. If you go to a small town, you’ll find that people there are very simple, sweet and have innocence in their thinking, but at the same time, they are hardworking and energetic. And at times, people with mean businesses try to exploit the simplicity of these people for their benefit and they do get exploited without realising that they are being used. So in the film, my character shows how the whole system exploits his innocence for their benefits."  

* Lingusamy is set to direct Surya in his next Tamil film... which will start after the Vettai remake.

* If this is true, I'm kind of insulted on behalf of Dhanush. He doesn't need acting tips, thank you very much.

* Veena Malik says gay people are a-ok with her!

"If American President Barak Obama and Hollywood beauties can stand up for the gay marriage so why not every country citizen should support this cause. I personally feel every person have a rights to live their life on their own rules and nobody should interfere in their personal life.”

This puts Veena in a glamorous but empty corner with Celina Jaitley and Mallika Sherawat publicly in support of gay rights.

* The new season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa starts soon and the stories have been trickling out. With Madhuri Dixit and Karan Johar involved, you can be sure the news organizations will have plenty to spin.

Here's Karan saying his mummy won't allow him to dance on television.

And Bollywood Life asks is it fair to have Isha Sharvani on when she's a professional dancer?

When asked what she would like to say to all those who call her participation unfair (including us), she turned away and let her choreographer jump in with a lot of nonsense. “Nobody learns how to dance from their mother’s womb. It’s all about hard work. You have to work hard blah blah blah…’ Honestly, we tuned out halfway through his speech.

Heh. Bollywood Life is zinging it these days!

We also have child actor Darsheel allegedly "excited" to meet Priyanka Chopra (aka PC's news team planted this).

And Ravi Kishan out to impress his daughter with his smooth dance moves.



Abhay Deol says THE KHANS AND AMITABH AREN'T THAT IMPORTANT *gasp* *hand on forehead* for enjoying IIFA. *breath of relief*

Ranbir and Priyanka are mobbed by fans.

Emraan Hashmi is skipping the IIFA world premiere of Shanghai because he's ill.

Annn~d Big Brother bimbo Pooja Misrra flicked off the media on the way to IIFA.

* And let's end with a giant pile of lulz from everybody's favorite airheaded playboy, Sidhartha Mallya who is flying to LA to get a photoshoot done.

“It would be way too easy for me to do anything here. And as soon as something becomes too simple, I lose interest,” says the reluctant scion of the Mallya empire, adding, he’d rather make it big in the West instead.

Also, the article includes a hilarious misuse of the term "enfant terrible" to describe Siddy.

Song trailer from Bol Bachchan!


Moimeme said...

Um .. what dig at Vivek Oberoi by Salman?? The entire article didn't have any quotes from him, either directly or indirectly. So I'm perplexed.

Bombay Talkies said...

Bollywood Life is a joke. I've taken to reading them just to get my daily dose of eye-rolling in. "We're only telling Aishwarya she's fat for her own good!" and "Here are some reviews of movies we haven't seen yet." Total trash.

And ditto Moimeme--there isn't a single quote from Sallu in that whole piece. Even if all the quotes in it *had* been his I still don't see any digs. Where's the drama we were promised?! ;)

Jess said...

That whole Sid Mallya interview is full of facepalm.

Aww I heart Asin, but these songs really aren't doing Bol Bachchan any favors. Not very catchy.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme Yaaa~ more like Salman's camp zinging him, I guess. ;P

@Bombay Talkies Right? They crack me up!

@Jess I know!!! I was LOLING so hard reading it! (And agree on the BB songs. The choreo is pretty terrible, too.)

OG said...

hey FG,

Did you see the trailer for Kamal's new film Vishwaroopam?

probably the most expected film in Kollywood at this moment!

Moimeme said...

@OG - I saw the Telugu trailer for Vishwaroopam. Very intesting about the title -- not only does it crawl across from right to left, the font is also quite "Arabic" looking. Given what we see and hear in the trailer, the implication seems quite unmistakeable, so I wonder if he'll run into any problems either releasing the film at all, or after its release.

Filmi Girl said...

@OG I haven't yet! Heard it was killing in IIFA, though. ;) Hopefully we'll get it with subtitles. I'm really looking forward to Billa 2 at the end of the month.

OG said...


Yeah, the telugu version is probably the dubbed version from Tamil. I heard that he had made it separately in Tamil and Hindi but yeah, I know I will be watching the tamil version! :)

yeah, a lot of people speculated about it being about terrorism and things like that and the trailer only confirms it......

what I could not understand was the Kathak dance in the trailer :)

yeah, hopefully it will have subs! and yeah, hopefully Kamal will not let us down

Moimeme said...

@OG - yes, it's dubbed into Telugu, but I watched it so I could understand it. :)

I don't think a film by Kamal with a title like "Vishwaroopam" can be anything as mundane as "just" about terrorism. :) No doubt both the terrorism and the Kathak dance will be integrated into a grand, sweeping vision.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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