Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Let me start with a link to a post that captures some of the discomfort I feel when I see Bollywood fans focus too much on the camp, the ridiculous, the "mouches"...

From Lakshmi Chaudhry at Firstpost:

Bollywood is now the official bimbo of the international film scene. No one cares what our movies say as long as they look good and offer mindless fun. In fact, that’s our designated job according the kitsch-is-cool pose adopted by American critics. Cartoonish characters, absurd plotlines and bad dialogue? Thank you, that’s exactly what we ordered, with a giant serving of exotic locales, dance numbers, and costumes, please!

Lakshmi also calls out Rachel Saltz for her bullshit reviews, much to my eternal pleasure.

Obviously, I'm not part of the "our" but it does annoy me to see cinema that I love with my whole heart and am deeply affected by (I still think on O.P. Ralhan's films when I need to remind myself to hate the crime, not the criminal) summed up as "over-the-top musical romances with silly and exotic outfits." Sure, there is a pleasure in silly outfits but the other pleasures of Indian films are much more rewarding. (If you ask me, which nobody did.)


* We'll start with sad news. RDB's Kuly has passed away.

* Interview with Miss Lovely director Ashim Ahluwalia.

"Also, this film is not a parody. (While researching for this subject initially as a documentary), hanging out with these guys I knew that I was not going to make fun of them. Miss Lovely is a very Indian film and yet it is not typical Bollywood or so-called parallel cinema."

He keeps emphasizing this. I wonder if he's afraid of what Lakshmi was talking about... the Rachel Saltz Effect.

* More on the copyright bill that was just passed by the Lok Sabha.

Lata Mangeshkar, who had taken up the issue of singers’ royalty back in the 1960s, expressed hope that the new law will regulate the rampant copyright infringement on TV, radio and internet. "I see my songs being sung on television by other singers while music companies are busy coming up with newer compilations of my songs," she said, adding that there was no easy way of stopping such practices. "Now that the bill has been passed, how will they control the music companies," Mangeshkar wondered.

Copyright is such a tricky issue. Where do you draw the line so that the original creators are compensated fairly but that other creators can use the works as part of the great cultural soup we all live in. As a librarian, I think my sympathies incline me to err on the side of the latter rather than the former.

* Shahrukh Khan was issued a summons to appear in court for smoking in public but he's busy flipping off the crowd after a IPL match in Pune.

* And this gave me a good chuckle.

Priyanka scolded the fan and said that he should respect the star he idolises and should be more courteous towards them. The fan realised his mistake and said sorry to Priyanka for his behaviour. After that he asked for an autograph.

* Hmm... usually people blame Abhi for appearing in their flop films. Not the other way around!


Nerdypanda said...

R.I.P Kuly. RDB would never be the same :(

the mafia kat said...

Did you catch The Great Gatsby trailer with Big B in it?

Amol said...

You ARE part of "our".

CoffeeQueen said...

Good articles FG, thanks.

I must be in the extreme minority because I totally enjoyed Department! I was amused to see for myself the camera work and overwhelming gunfire mentioned in so many negative reviews.

I am not sure what RGV is talking about because from what I've read, the criticisms aren't focusing on the script (not a beginning middle and end kind of script) or Dutts performance. And Abhi? wth? Did Sanjay man the camera, did I miss something?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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