Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning!! I want to apologize again for my lack of substantial posts recently. As you may or may not have heard my brother just got engaged and we have been celebrating like crazy!! I also have TWO MORE weddings to attend this month and on top of everything else work has been crazy, so, well... let's just say I haven't had even time to sleep, let alone watch movies or write.

I'm going to try to keep on top of daily news at the least and I do have a post for Box Office Poison simmering, so hopefully I can get that to you soon! Things should calm down in June, which I am really looking forward to believe you me!

* Unfortunately we have to start with sad news... the little child actress from Paa, Taruni Sachdev, has been killed in a plane crash.

* Rekha: All around badass; Member of Parliament, nominated by the Prime Minister for being awesome.

* All my favorites love each other, apparently. Mithun and Akshay: BFF.

According to sources, apart from John Abraham, Akshay Kumar got along with the veteran actor like a house on fire. "They're very particular about their respective workout sessions and have a great love for food. They bonded on these aspects during the film's schedule in London," said the source, adding that when they last met, Akshay Kumar had told Mithun Chakraborty that he would love to work with him again.

Mithun has been tapped for a role in the new Khiladi movie it seems.

* Speaking of my favorites... Javed Jaffrey!

Recently Javed has turned to producing less mainstream scripts to bring a certain edge to the cinematic landscape he sometimes feels is too overpopulated with ‘Bollywood’ fodder – a term he sees as a genre rather than an industrial label.

“’Bollywood’ can’t represent India. Each regional industry has more to offer than song and dance. That is not to say Bollywood is bad. It’s great to have escapist cinema and some of the most intelligent people in society still love to sit down and be entertained for three hours. But, there is a lot more to films too.”

Also, I like the mental image of Akshay and Mithun lifting weights together in the hotel gym. Hee!

* Ms Bikini India 2012 (don't call her MISS because that's patronizing) is looking to snag Sunny Leone for a ramp walk. Oh, lordy.

The article casually mentions that people have been trying to ban Sunny from television because they say that her existing promotes pornography. So, nobody who has done porn should ever appear in anything else again ever? I'm not exactly pro-porn but I am pro-treat people like people. Didn't that used to be a theme in Hindi films? At least in all my favorite OP Ralhan films: treat people like people, don't judge based only on things they may have done in the past.

* As a white person I have no place joining this discussion but since I know a lot of you share my interest in sociology, I thought I'd point out the contrast between this piece by Sarah Khan, an American, outraged over the Ass-ton Kutcher popchips ad and this response from Deepanjana Pal in India.

And the teaser for the teaser for Vidya Balan's item in that movie whose trailer makes me laugh really hard because it is essentially saying 3 Idiots! Now that we've got your attention... also another film.

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