Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Gossip... Satyamev Jayate edition

There is only ONE story today. And, no, while Shahrukh did try to make it his story by leaking news of a reunion with Kajol, every headline belongs to another Khan - AAMIR KHAN.

His television show Satyamev Jayate is the only thing anybody is talking about. (Apparently to the extent that the official site crashed.)

So, let's see what the fuss is about!

* You can read some classic purple prose in the style of a film review by Taran Adarsh.

Aamir Khan’s show is real, uncomfortably so. It jolts your inner Indian into emotional overdrive to do something, anything, to make a change. And there itself, Aamir wins, getting you to think and possibly even support his endeavour with action, with just a text that costs Rs 1, to fast-track arrest of criminals caught by a sting operation in Rajasthan who indulge in the gruesome practice of killing baby girls in the womb.

* Or there is the option of the reading one of those articles that just pulls quotes from Twitter.

"Aamir Khan trying to be the Indian Oprah! Disappointing. He is sooo fake," posted Apar Dham who has studied media.

* Or you can read a call for action.

His new show Satyamev Jayate too bases itself on this premise, and in doing it makes the leap from fiction to fact. The good Indian is not merely a feel-good Bollywood invention but a real flesh-and-blood person watching TV on a Sunday morning – or so Aamir Khan hopes. He’s taken his biggest gamble yet, and in doing so has put the onus on us.

* Or you can read reporters trying to spin drama from inner workings of the Three Khans.

Explaining how he does not intend to break anyone’s record, Aamir said, “Why only them, there’ve been so many other actors on TV. But, you know, I am really not looking at breaking anyone’s record. That’s not my or my show’s motive.”

* Aamir's show highlight the politics of regional dubbing.

“If they telecast the dubbed serial it would hurt the regional sentiments of the people here. We had requested the producers to produce the entire series in Kannada and not dub it, because it would have an adverse effect on the language and would also open the floodgates of dubbed teleserials,” said President, Karnataka Television Association, Ravi Kiran.

* Aamir has requested a hiatus from all the brands he endorses during the 13 week run of his show.

* Aamir doesn't want to grub for ratings because he's got something to say.

But can you actually stay indifferent to TRPs ?

Honestly speaking, I really have no idea about TRPs, how they are calculated. I have tried to connect to as many people I can. I chose television because it’s probably a medium via which I can convey what I have to say. Now it’s up to the people whether they will watch the show or switch off the TV.

And the theme song!

I haven't seen that the show is available to stream (legally) online but if I find something I will share it. I am just as curious as the rest of you!! ETA: Thanks to SunnyBlueSky! is the official youtube channel! Go check it out and let us know what you think!


SunnyBlueSky said...

Diwali said...

And if you want to watch the next show live, here you are: I watched it there this morning. :)

the mafia kat said...

Looks like Aamir has the Oprah crying down. Pretty song, though.

the mafia kat said...

Although it does seem like SRK is grabbing at the media, I really love SRK and Kajol onscreen. Or just Kajol onscreen in general... Hope that happens soon!

Thelondongirl said...

Hmm Aamir shortie, He's so very earnest. cant stand him but i hope his show does some good.

Lily said...

This one having all the parts and with English subtitles.

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