Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, friends! Another week is with us... some good news for Box Office Poison fans: I watched a certain film yesterday for a new post! Yes, Lafangey Parindey!! And it actually was pretty entertaining! I totally understand why it flopped but it's worth another look if you passed it by. It reminded me of those films we see here on the ABC Family channel. Also, this might be my favorite roles yet for Neal Nitin Mukesh and Dippy, not that that's saying much... heh.

Okay! Let's see what else is happening today!

* Oh ho ho! I missed a story yesterday it seems - plagiarism charges against the theme to Satyamev Jayate. (And another piece on why the cynics are wrong.)

* I wonder if slut shaming is going to be one of Aamir's topics - here's a story for him Meera and Katrina's billboards attacked in Pakistan.

"Sell clothes, not your honor," the targeted hoardings in Karachi now say in Urdu.

* I don't care if this is joke; I want it to happen: Ranbir Kapoor in Twilight remake. I'll be interested but less wound up to see him play a math genius.

* A somewhat rambling piece on Bollywood stars and twitter... I think it oversimplifies things and overmagnifies the importance of celebrities but I'll let you read for yourself.

On Twitter, meanwhile, things are taking a different course. Both Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu, who socialised with common friends at a recent party, tweeted photographs from the night that either cropped out or blurred the other person—allowing us to infer how little the two contemporaries respect each other.

* The legend of Rekha! Rekha would NEVER tweet. Never.

For those in awe of her statuesque sleek and graceful persona, it would be prudent to be reminded of the young, gawky and restless girl who lived at Juhu's Beach House Society more or less as a country cousin of the neighborhood's more sophisticated inhabitants like Jaya Bhaduri, Kabir and Protima Bedi, Danny Denzongpa and the Chetan-Dev Anand progeny.

For a girl from Chennai, forced into films to support her family, the Kafka-quoting, free-love-expressing, rock music-loving crowd of reconstructed (and privileged) hippies must have been intimidating to say the least.

* Vicky Donor's Annu Kapoor zings Piggy Chops by saying she's not a serious actress. I guess he didn't get the story where she was doing Shahrukh's My Name is Khan act for her character in Barfee and then had to be told to knock it off AND THEN has suspiciously refused to find time to finish shooting for Barfee while starting the big paychack Zanjeer remake. What do you mean she's not serious?

* Shahid Kapoor to host the IIFA Awards this year.

* And is Ali Zafar co-starring with Shahid or replacing him in the Vettai remake?!

* Emraan Hashmi gets his sufi number in Shanghai. Considering he's playing a porno filmmaker, I'll be curious to see how this works out.

* And some Hollywood news - the Avengers apparently had some slum scenes set in Kolkata to didn't go down all that well in certain places.

While The Avengers has opened well to mostly positive reviews, leading newsmagazine Outlook pointed to a minor casting issue in its review of the film. “Never mind that the ragged Indian child shown in the Kolkata slums spoke to Bruce Banner in Hindi with a thick American accent,” it wrote.

That's usually the case, though. Hollywood rarely casts people who speak the languages they're supposed to be able to. But then how much Australian-accented "Americans" to we hear in Bollywood?

Rakhi Sawant gyrating her way through "Lattoo." I don't find her at all appealing but I generally end up enjoying her items... more so than items from actresses I like better.

And speaking of ABC Family Channel movies... this is going to be such a fun film!! The hoopla over Lolo is more than enough to get me into the theater...


Bombay Talkies said...

The nicest thing I can say about Lattoo is that Rakhi's face terrifies me.

Archee ologist said...

Unrelated, but I was looking for your review of Devdas for some reason. That is an important film you havent reviewed yet!

Jess said...

I think it's weird that her ex-publicist (or anyone) refers to her as Brand Priyanka.

I have to figure out how I'm going to see Ishaqzaade and Dangerous Ishq the same weekend.

OG said...

Hey FG,

This is off topic but I just watched a Malayalam film "Grandmaster" starring Mohanlal and it is awesome.....mohanlal is awesome in it as well....

I dont know if you will have it in your place, but do watch it if you get a chance, if you like a crime investigation..... It has decent subtitles as well (produced by UTV)......

Filmi Girl said...

@OG It was playing but I didn't go b/c I wasn't in the mood to muddle through something without subs but if you say it has them... I might try to catch it!

OG said...

You should watch it FG! a lot of the film is in "Manglish"; a throwback to a genre, which existed in the 90' Malayalam cinema..... and this film has got this awesome song in it:

Thelondongirl said...

lafangey puzzled me, first i could work out if Neil was white or not, then there was the faces of both of them while skating, i probably could have done better graphics on an android phone. it was so bad and obvious that i paused it.

Nikki said...

I must be stupid but in the article about Bollywood stars on twitter, the top pic clearly shows Bipasha and Priyanka together, and the bottom one doesn't look like Priyanka was cropped out..was the top pic posted by someone other and Bipasha and Priyanka??

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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