Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Gossip Post!

Happy Monday!!!!! I've (mostly) slept off the effects of my partying! It was a beautiful wedding... ♥

Now! GOSSIP! A nice mixture of high-low brow today...

* Congratulations to Shilpa Shetty, who has given birth to a baby boy!

* Meanwhile, Amitabh has officially confirmed the future queen of Bollywood's name - Aaradhya.

* Anurag Kashyap talks to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR: How do you see your entries at Cannes validating what you’ve been striving to do in India?

Kashyap: If you get validation from outside, then suddenly everything you do at home is justified. We are brought up in a way where we do what our fathers do. You are not expected to rock the boat, you don’t change the status quo, especially in films, which have been traditionally controlled by a handful of people, actually film families.

Anurag Kashyap has signed on to co-produce a Brazilian film to be directed by Beatriz Seigner. This is actually an interesting little story - Beatriz apparently made a Portuguese language film about three Brazilian girls who come to India to try their luck in Bollywood. An appropriate topic these days, don't you think? Wonder if Giselle inspired her?

The trailer for Beatriz's first film is here.

* The other Cannes news today is a piece on Kalpana which is one of the films restored by Martin Scorsese’s World Cine Foundation.

At the end of the film, the audience gave a standing ovation to the film, with shouts of “Bravo!” directed at Amala Shankar, the film’s heroine and Shankar’s wife, present in the audience. “At 93, I am the youngest film star you have at Cannes this year,” an emotional Amala told the audience. “We Indians believe in the concept of rebirth, and I feel I have taken a number of births to have got the chance to stand on this stage tonight, on an occasion like this. This is all the more special because this is the country where I met Uday when I was 11 years old.” I can only hope this means we'll get to see the film on DVD soon.

* Time magazine names Devdas one of the top ten films of the 21st century, begging the question: Did Time magazine only see ten films in the last 12 years?

* The big brands are jockeying for a place in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2. We've come a long way from the Pepsi and Coke wars...

* My boys RDB are opening a studio in India.

“Bollywood market has always opened its doors for different kinds of music and our band`s sound was adored. I must say Bollywood is one of the biggest markets for our kind of music. Our music goes out to places where we would not expect it to reach,” RDB member Surj told reporters.

Exactly! Like to a random white girl in Washington, DC who is waiting patiently for the next RDB party anthem.

* On revamping Coke Studio India.


It's possible that her enlarged breasts are the result of a particularly good push up bra, but in these photos they're nearly wider than her hips, which would suggest an implant of some sort, as push up bras don't increase their width or volume.

I like that the author took the time to measure Piggy's boobs.

The tired looking trailer to Cocktail - it's never a good sign when the publicity revolves around bikinis.

Sunny Leone's new condom ad! She has quite the screen presence... I'm looking forward to her debut!

New song promo for Rowdy Rathore!!!! MULTIPLE DANCING AKSHAYS! MOVIE Y U NOT OUT YET!


Moimeme said...

Calm down, FG! :) I, too, thought they were Akshay clones on first clones, but they turned out to be merely background dressed in the same clothes (note there are "multiple" Sonakshi's, too).

Moimeme said...

Aargh! My eyes got screwy, of course I meant "Akshay clones on first glance". Sorry!

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme I blame the second cup of coffee... also, when am I ever calm about anything? LOLLL! XD

Thelondongirl said...

@ Filmigirl Thank god i had my morning cup and hash browns and egg white omelette before seeing that condom ad. Er has India become this Racy.... wowser. Akshay and Sonakshi are cute together, there was some bs out that Shahid didnt want to work with her because he thought she looks too old for him??? bull doodoo. she's hotness on a chapatti

Thelondongirl said...

and er Shahrukh likes big boobs

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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