Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday News Post!! (Ass-ton Kutcher Free!)

Jannat 2 seems to be reviewing well. The consensus is it's an entertaining one-time watch, and really what more can you ask from an Emraan Hashmi potboiler? (Although Esha Gupta gets an almost universal thumbs down for her lack of acting skills.)

And good news - the Kashish Film Festival is back for its 3rd year at the end of May! If you're in Mumbai, go out and support your gay brothers and sisters with films that respect them instead of the usual and highly offensive stereotyping that goes on...

Check out an interview with festival director Pallav Patankar!

We have a lot of queer content coming from inside the country, in regional languages not necessarily English, and that will be interesting because earlier in India we were not generating that much queer based content. And it's encouraging to see that people are coming up with local stories with local languages instead of Hindi or English. We have a film in Marathi, we have a film in Kannada and we have a film in Punjabi which is going to be quite new for us.

And with the public service announcements out of the way... onto news!

* Vidya Balan is one of the few Bollywood names to receive the National Award this year. She was happy to receive it; we're happy for her!

* Get ready for the Hindi film fanboy 'splosion over Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur! The filmi outsider has already started a charm offensive with quips like this one:

"My film has 25 item songs. In fact, it is an item film," Kashyap joked when he was asked if plans to include an item song in the film.

* The ban on dubbed content in Karnataka means Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate will not air.

Meanwhile, Aamir is making the rounds giving his usual hilariously pissy responses to an interviewer determined to generate some controversy:

Are you refusing to admit that you are No.1?

I am not No.1. Salman is. Look at his fan following and you will know what I mean.

* This is the second "too old" routine I've read in the last few weeks... first it was 26-year old Asin being "too old" for Abhay Deol, now it's Sonakshi Sinha who is "too old" for Shahid Kapoor. Sounds like some bullshit to me, considering Shahid is currently appearing opposite the human waxwork known as Priyanka Chopra... there must be something else going on. Maybe Shahid just doesn't like Sonakshi?

* Kunaal Roy Kapur to direct a horror film... and not for UTV!

* I've been seeing this around - Abhishek to do a cameo in Deepak Sawant's (Amitabh's make-up man) home production, a Bhojpuri film.

* Bollywood museum to celebrate 100 years of Bollywood!

* Here's a firang fans be crazy article about Shahrukh Khan's Korean fanclub's support of the Kolkata Knight Riders.

“Most (South) Koreans don’t know about cricket, their favourite sports are soccer and baseball. But some of us do because we have seen Lagaan and Dil Bole Hadippa! We have learnt the rules of cricket through these movies,” says club president Kwanghyun Jung, who calls himself Rahul after the quintessential lover boy played by Shah Rukh in several blockbusters.

* And another future resident for the Imtiaz Ali Retirement Home for Exotic Imports - Scarlett Mellish Wilson, who is dancing as a "parody" of the collective Bollywood hard-on for imported item girls in Shanghai.

* Lastly, Kiccha Sudeep's Eega (that's how I think of it) is releasing in four languages!

Lame-o teaser for Viswaroopam...

The big kahuna... Gangs of Wasseypur! The 25 item song, item film! No word on how many exotic imports are in it...

And I think I posted this before but this is the new movie my theater is getting this week - Mohanlal's Grandmaster. Looks interesting, no?

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