Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Gossssip!

I can't read any reviews of the films I want to see but I'm sure I'll pick up on the buzz. Light news day today but let's see what the media barfed up for us!

* Bebo turns down a role opposite Emraan Hashmi because of his "bad boy" image.

* I think I've seen this around before - Bebo and Ranveer Singh for Ram Leela aka Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Romeo and Juliet remake.

* Shahid Kapoor gives an interview.

Prabhu Dheva and you have been discussing an action film…

Prabhu Sir and I are still talking. It will be a hard core action film but we haven't locked on anything concrete.

Yes, please!

* Randeep Hooda to play a gigolo.

Satish reveals, "Randeep Hooda is signed to play the Gigolo in Mayanagri and his love interest in the movie is played by Mahie Gill. Together they are explosive on screen and we have seen that in the past."

* The climax of Talaash will NOT be reshot like the media keeps insisting.

* Tehelka talks to Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi.

DIRECTOR SHOOJIT Sircar is sitting in his office with scriptwriter Juhi Chaturvedi turning over the many ideas they almost went with. They considered calling the movie, ‘Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, before finally settling upon the straight shot, Vicky Donor. The writer-director team had planned for Vicky to spawn 120 children, but decided instead on the comparably conservative 53. A week after the film has been declared a sleeper hit, they both can afford to sieve through rejected ideas with an air of self-satisfaction.

* And, lastly, two interviews from Open Magazine. With Dibarkar Banerjee.

Q What were the difficulties you faced while Indianising the ideas of a novel originally written in Greek?

A First of all, you have to understand that people are people everywhere. The central emotions that define us as human beings, such as anger, sadness, lust, emotion, ambition and belief, are common everywhere. The best way to adapt a story that’s set in a foreign culture is to forget the trappings of that culture and go into the core of human experience.

With Ranveer Shorey.

“You want to hear about my first day at shoot?” he asks, and then laughs, “I played Manisha Koirala’s boyfriend. And the first shot was that I had to ring the bell of her house, and she would pull me in and tear my clothes off. I was shivering, and Manisha was laughing.”

And here's a little making-of for Ishaqzaade! There are a few others on this channel.

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Nerdypanda said...

Thanks for posting the Dibakar Bannerjee's interview. I enjoyed it very much. That man is so smart.

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