Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bol Bachchan Trailer!

BOL BACHCHAN! I never thought the day would come where I was looking forward to an Abhishek Bachchan movie but if he keeps hooking up with my man Rohit Shetty, then I think we might be on the road to forgetting his past misjudgments.


Secondly, ROHIT SHETTY COMEDY AUNTIES! Hello, Archana Puran Singh!

Thirdly, Abhishek seems relaxed and having fun instead of trying too hard. Give me a performance on a level with the Dostana one and I'll be satisfied.

Fourthly, I think Asin pairs quite well opposite these older heroes. She has a REALLY strong personality that can hold it's own opposite the biggest of heroes. Plus, if her past choice in scripts is anything to go by - Ghajini, Ready, Housefull 2 - we're looking at a mass entertainer that should bring in the bidness.

I cannot wait! How many films does this make coming up that look really, really good? Thank god our May dry spell is almost over. They actually brought Vicky Donor back to our theater because everything else blew so bad.

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