Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

People of Toronto: I am very jealous that you will get the opportunity to see that Jennifer Lynch Hisss documentary before I will. If you go, please make sure to report back!!!

Okay, now. I think the most disappointing thing about that faux-Bollywood number from Smash is that EVERY RECAP has just taken it at face value as "Bollywood."

Wall Street Journal:

I honestly didn’t expect them to go this route (so cliched, if you ask me) but it’s still fun to watch, and Jaffrey is a good performer. After all, who doesn’t love Bollywood? The song is a conversation between Karen and Dev and where their relationship is going. The entire cast of “Bombshell” is there dressed in Bollywood getup.

Yeah... no. Is that what is considered "good" dancing in the US? Apparently, somebody hasn't heard of Hrithik Roshan.

Entertainment Weekly:

I'm not sure why "A Thousand and One Nights" is an Indian cinema-style song set in Agrabah, but I'm prepared to go with it anyway. Things worth noting: Raza Jaffrey is a great dancer.

What is wrong with people?

New York Magazine:

And what would a Bollywood musical version of The Crucible be like? (Awesome, is the answer. Abigail and John Proctor would have a dance off of forbidden lust. Goody Proctor could do a poppet number.)

No, really. What is wrong with people? Or does "Bollywood" just mean "Indian people dancing" to everybody in America?

Vanity Fair:

Karen is so thrilled by the dramatic fight between her two suitors that she daydreams herself into a complex Bollywood dance number. I know most of you probably hated this, but I appreciated it for what it was trying to do.

Apparently, yes. Yes, that is exactly what it means. (Also, if that was considered "complex," CLEARLY the writer has never seen an actual Bollywood dance number.)

* IIFA's in Singapore - though I think I've linked to this before.

* Eros Entertainment to buy out B4U.
Kishore Lulla, chairman and CEO of Eros said, “We expect that B4U’s global network, as well as its film and music content, will complement Eros’ existing product offering. Although we held approximately 24 per cent in B4U, Eros has not exercised significant influence over the company.”

* Amitabh cleared in the Bofurs scam?
* Cute on-set pictures from Thandavaam, which stars Amy Jackson and Vikram!

* More trouble for Mallika Sherawat, who is being dropped from another film. Is she acting pricey or is something else behind this...? Who knows.

Mallika's spokesperson said, "She was verbally committed to the film but was awaiting the final script. But that didn't come on time. So she opted out."

* Despite the wet landing of Hate Story, Paoli Dam has landed on her feet and will be playing a Tagore heroine in a Bengali film.

* Sanjay Dutt on actors in politics.

“I learnt one got to go there and speak and promise so many things. If you do that then you have to fulfil so many things. I don’t think it ever happens. It is a different world."
Actually, that is kind of like show business, isn't it?

* Anand-Milind return to our movie screens with Yeh Khula Aasmaan.

* Katrina Kaif is Ajurn Kapoor's Rakhi sister... this is news, apparently.

* Rana Daggubati seems like kind of a douche.

Department will be Rana’s fifth film, after three Telugu films and one Hindi movie. “I’ve beaten friends who came in before me in terms of numbers,” he says. “But I like to do one film at a time and right now it’s the Telugu film, Krishnam Vande Jagadhurum. In future. I would like to make stories that work in two-three languages. That will give my films a wider reach.”

* Speaking of douches, Chetan Bhagat appears to be excited about getting back into glamour industry circles. He's tweeted "first look" pictures from 3 Mistakes of My Life.

* Running with a theme, Anubhav Sinha emerges to talk about his next film... an OFFICIAL REMAKE of a German film called Offenes Wasser.

"The film stars all newcomers and we would be making an announcement about the cast shortly. Right now, we are in pre-production and the cast is also undergoing swimming and diving lessons as 90% of the film will be shot in water."

Yeah, I'll really be "holding my breath" waiting for this one.

* Saif Ali Khan does some post-gaming of Agent Vinod, which is a film I need to see for Box Office Poison.

"To be honest I didn't really look at 'Agent Vinod' as a dream or anything. I wanted to bring a new facet of the actor in me which has played quite a few comic and romantic characters in the past. The idea was to play a hero of a different kind and produce a quality product," said Saif to the press.

Sure, Saif, whatever you say! Now that it's bombed, I'm feeling a bit more sympathetic to old Saifu, actually. I guess, I really do just love an underdog...

* Cleanse your palate with pictures of Madhuri Dixit out at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Award Ceremony!

* And, yes, I know this is blatant PR but I can't help it... I love stories like this: Aamir to attend rickshaw driver's son's wedding.

* Lastly, Shankar - the almighty Shankar - is looking at Aamir or Salman for his next film. Yes, please.

Trailer for Fatso!

New Kareena ad... why is she so cute? Also, I would like some chocolate right now.

"Making of" the ad...


Thelondongirl said...

Why does Lata look like Yoda's mum in these pics??
ok that was wrong

veracious said...

Shankar casting Salman or Aamir = all my dreams coming true.

Wish I could see the Smash "Bollywood" number, even though I'd probably cringe at it. :D

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