Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Thanks to everybody who commented yesterday, we had quite the interesting discussion on Irrfan's remarks on why Bollywood isn't popular in the West. Honestly, at least in America, no foreign films are really popular with mass audiences just because people don't really want to read subtitles and mass audiences generally want stories that reflect themselves, not people far away. And Bollywood is far too "massy" to ever really click with Western art house audiences.

The films that should be heading West are the ones like Irrfan's Paan Singh Tomar, which really would find a nice audience in the art house cinemas with foreign film fans.

Anyways, today in gossip... a little bit of everything! Drama, feuds, casting rumors, and remakes galore!

* I have a feeling this Zanjeer remake is swiftly going to become the bane of my existence. We're not even like a week into filming and already the battle of the PR teams has begun. Priyanka's people say she's getting 9 crores! HIGHEST PAID FEMALE ACTOR! MORE THAN CHERRY! Ram Charan Teja's people say THAT'S BULLSHIT! CHERRY IS GETTING 12 CRORES AND PC IS GETTING 5.5!

Do they really think anybody except them and some daily journos desperate for something to write about actually care about this?

( More interestingly, the legal battle with Salim-javed appears to be far from over.)

* A little insight in the process of adapting a film from South to North.

Similarly, while loosely adapting Telugu film MaryadaRamanna as Son of Sardar, writer-director Ashwini Dhir wanted to define Ajay Devgn’s lead character as stubborn yet funny. In Maryada Ramanna, the hero falls for the daughter of his late father’s enemy. What lends to twists in the story is a rule at the heroine’s home that they will treat a guest with utmost respect. “We moved the film to Patiala and we could see that the characters fit in perfectly with the Sikh community, short-tempered yet pleasant and strict followers of tradition and culture,” explains Dhir.

* Hollywood agent Jai Khanna talks about importing Bollywood actors to Hollywood.

Indian actors have already experienced success in a variety of roles including lead, supporting, and bit roles. Of course, Irrfan Khan is no longer limited to ethnic roles, but others have also found success, especially in television. In television, some of the Indian talent has been cast in Caucasian roles, and have even been given non-ethnic names, such as [Indian-American actor] Aziz Ansari who plays a character named Tom on “Parks and Recreation” and Maulik Pancholy in “30 Rock” whose character name is Jonathan. Also, Parvesh Cheena from “Outsourced” booked a CBS pilot recently called “Friend Me” and his character’s name is Mike.

As much as I'd love to see people like Hrithik Roshan getting celebrated across the globe, I just don't think it's worth it for the big stars to go to Hollywood. What are they going to get there? Nobody in Hollywood is going to make Aamir Khan a film like he could get made in Bombay because the fact of the matter is that right now, the only starring roles in films go to white men and maybe Will Smith. The only people who might find some measure of commercial success in Hollywood are any bikini babes who would like to go the "exotic beauty" route and romance Tom Cruise (or whoever) and anybody interested in playing character roles and offbeat - that would be the Irrfan Khan route.

* Speaking of "exotic beauties" - enjoy some ridiculously orientalist promo photos from an upcoming "Bollywood" episode of an American TV show called Smash that I've never seen. Of the many things wrong with this, they seem to be conflating faux-Arabic with faux-Indian. Let's just call the whole thing embarrassing. (ONE OF THE DANCERS IS HOLDING A FUCKING LAMP IN ONE OF THE PICTURES - and we all know that is a reference to Aladdin and not to that song from "Devdas.")

* Saif's daughter Sara is being chased by producers to sign her up for a debut. She's 16 years old and wants to be a doctor.

* The Hindi version of 3 is going to be undergoing some editing in the second half. I still think people should go see it, despite the negative reviews it got in some corners.

* Veena Malik is heading South for the Dirty Picture remake.

* UTV gets the remake rights for Hors de prix - the film Kat was interested in remaking. Will she be part of the Bollywood version? I can only hope so! She'd rock that part so hard!

* And another interesting bit of upcoming film news, Kangana has signed on to play the lead in Queen, the next from Chillar Party director Vikas Bahl.

* John Abraham for Siddique's next?

* If there is anybody for Sonakshi to trust with an item song, it's Prabhudeva. She'll be doing one in Rowdy Rathore.

* And a fun article on Pakistani spoofs of Bollywood blockbusters.

One of the chief pleasures on offer here is Sikandar himself, the actor who plays Salman—as the very antithesis of the Bollywood star. Salman is brawny; Sikandar is wiry. Salman swaggers; Sikandar is self-deprecatory. Salman slugs the bad guy; Sikandar is unheroic. And it’s all done with such great sincerity that the spoofs are all the funnier for it. Take this famous scene in the Tere Naam spoof (titled Tere Naam 2). In the original, Salman receives fatal blows at a railway yard, his head hit repeatedly by an iron rod. In the spoof, Sikandar is wounded on being hit by balloons. This scene is one of the reasons that Tere Naam 2 has become a comedy classic.

You can find these on youtube if you just search for Sikander Sanam.

For whatever reason, this REALLY cracked me up. Javed Jaaferi, I love you.


Melanie said...

Im my memory, Hors de prix wasn't a very good film... LOL
Maybe the remake will be better than the original, it would be a nice change^^ lol

maxqnz said...

I think Kat would be good in the Hors de Prix remake, but having enjoyed Tautaou in the role, I'm also thinknig about Aditi Rao Hydari and Parineeti Chopra.

Bombay Talkies said...

I only watch Smash because I loved Jack Davenport in Coupling and he's a total sleazeball hottie in Smash. I fast forward through all the singing crap though, because I can't stand it. I hate musicals in English--the reason I love Bollywood song numbers so much is because my Hindi isn't good enough to immediately register how stupid and cheesy all the lyrics are. I don't have that excuse in English. The music in Smash is god-awful and then some.

Really I fast forward through everything that isn't Jack looking sexy.

Bombay Talkies said...

Oh and the "Bollywood" number comes from the lead character having an Indian boyfriend and getting into an argument with him over lunch at an Indian restaurant. She starts daydreaming and whadaya know, song and dance time. Blech.

Jess said...

I absolutely LOVED Hors de Prix. I've seen it a bunch of times, and I agree Kat would be great...actually that would make a good Kat-Akki film now that I think about it.

rachael said...

@Bombay Talkies - Definitely feel you about lyrics in English, for some reason they really embarrass me and wig me out (strange, because its not like i can't listen to pop music in English). I can't even go see an opera with English lyrics, no matter how good it might look otherwise.

Never heard of Smash, going off those pics alone it looks like some horrific Glee offshoot.

thediva_1 said...

@BombayTalkies: As a fluent Hindi speaker, I also think that most of the time Hindi songs don't have as embarrassing lyrics as English musicals have either.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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