Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

Johnny Lever is touring the UK. I don't know why you WOULDN'T go to this.
And today in gossip... a whole pile of odds and ends from cheerleading to Miss Lovely.

* Norman the "Bollywood Cop" from Indonesia is getting ready to release his album! I'm certainly looking forward to that.

* Taking a look at two big issues facing the Kannada film industry...

Despite facing opposition from the majority, a section of people have shown their desperate interest to dub other language movies in Kannada. While the debate continues, a few non-Kannada movies were released through the legal support last year.

I'm not sure if that's opposition from the majority of the industry or the population. Whichever one, it's only going to get worse with markets being forced open to product from Bollywood.

* IPL fever is waning and more movies are being released during the season.

* On that note, the BBC has a massive article on cheerleading in the IPL - with some costumes misidentified as "saris" - that focuses more on how "conservative" the costumes are than anything else. It's kind of a nothing piece but the pictures are fun!

* The lovely Dolly Ahluwalia, costume designer and Vicky Donor actress, gives an interview!

Having worked with some of the big names among actors in Bollywood, Ahluwalia says some actors "are fussy" about clothes. "They want to stay in the limelight and want to look like stars always. Some act starry, but most understand the requirements of the film," she said.

* And a small interview with Kamlesh Gill, who played Vicky's grandmother!

"I'm getting calls from all over saying they love the rapport I share with Dolly. The whole idea of sharing a drink together is unconventional. But it has clicked. I guess it's a sign of the times."

How sweet! Those two were my favorite part of the film.

* Helen joins the cast of Heroine!

* Prabhudeva runs into trouble shooting at the world heritage site of Hampi.

On the first day itself, they ran in to trouble with the authorities. First, the team inconvenienced the tourists. Apparently they stopped travellers, who come in large numbers to the historic location, from entering the site. Then, they got nearly 20 heavy vehicles comprising generator vans, equipment carriers, vanity vans for the cast and crew in a prohibited zone at Hampi. As per the rules, even two-wheelers are stopped at a distance of 1.5 kms as it can weaken the monuments. This prohibition law was put in place as a first step to converse the heritage site by the Archeological Site of India. As soon as the authorities at Hampi got a whiff of the situation they asked the RR team to vacate the premises.

Unfortunately, this just sounds like business as usual for Bollywood... maybe somebody forgot to pay off the authorities.

* Stop the presses!!!! Kumar Sanu does a song for Rowdy Rathore?! This is much bigger news that disrupting tourists. Oh, lordy! Kumar Sanu, huh...

"With this song, I am back in action in the industry. Now, you just have to wait and watch for the number."

* Ugh. I loathe Chetan Bhagat but I enjoyed Rock On enough to be glad that the film adaptation of 3 Mistakes of My Life has started shooting.

* It seems like Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been invited to Chicago for Ebertfest and he'll be going to Cannes later this year for Miss Lovely! I love seeing good actors get recognized.

The unassuming actor from a small village in Uttar Pradesh is clueless about the clothes and the protocol in Chicago and Cannes. Nawazuddin intends to consult Aamir Khan, his co-star in Talaash, on the dos and don'ts in Cannes.

For some reason, this just struck me as very adorable. I would have no idea about clothes and protocol in Cannes, either...

* Miss Lovely director Ashim Ahluwalia talks movies.

Q. Your film "Miss Lovely" takes a satirical look at the culture of potboilers in the 1980s. Are you of the opinion that the 1980s were the bottom-most rung of intellectual aridity in mainstream Hindi cinema?

The film is not a parody. It's set in the world of sex and horror films of the 1980s. In fact, I don't laugh at these films at all but marvel at how they were made so cheaply, with so few resources. In that sense, they were the original independent films of their time.

I like this guy already. He's feisty. And he doesn't let the interviewer get away with framing the film as "satirical," as if this is Om Shanti Om II.

* And speaking of feisty, Poorna Jagannathan is a welcome addition to any news post.

"So while an Indian girl is still likely to get cast as the doctor, now she's the smart but sexy doctor vs a boring one with no character. That said, it's not an Indian-specific phenomena. My African American actor friends are always saying, 'You're so lucky that you get to go in as the doctor, try going in for the hooker all the time.'"

* Zoya Akhtar denies the rumors that were swirling yesterday about her making a documentary.

* And a piece linking Rockstar to Baiju Bawra.

In one of the most critical moments of Baiju Bawra, the eponymous hero wanders in search of ‘dard bhara sangeet’. Exhausted, he introspects, “Where can I find great music? In the high mountains, flowing streams or parched deserts?."

Trailer for Miss Lovely.

Bebo's new Limca ad...


maxqnz said...

You couldn't pay me to go see Johnny Lever, but Paresh Rawal is coming to NZ, and I hope to catch his show. When he and his wife came here a few years back doing their "shaadi@barbaadi.com" show, friends who went said they laughed nonstop for nearly two hours. I just hope that I can go, and that my Hindi will be up to it.

aham said...

The issue of dubbing is a very controversial one, i personally support dubbing because I know what a ban on it has done to Kannada language, youngsters today are drifting away from Kannada and with the ban on dubbing and crappy cinema for sometime in Kannada film industry led Kannadigas to watch other language movies and watching those movies they even learnt their language, and with ban on dubbing KFI(Kannada film industry) made a plethora of remakes of other south movies, this led to the further decline. If they allow dubbing it might eat KFI's revenue in the short term but this will make them buckle up and take it as a challenge and make better movies, some vested interests in KFI are for continuation of the ban as they will lose out with the remakes if the ban is revoked, even Director Pawan Kumar is opposing the ban on dubbing and remakes cause they have essentially killed new ideas in KFI as producers want to take the safe route of remakes instead of encouraging new ideas and talent, but things are changing for better with more directors making original stories than remakes, but if KFI has to improve they have make less remakes.

Currently there is an online petition asking a TV channel to air Aamir Khan TV prog Satyameva Jayate in Kannada only,check this out.


Filmi Girl said...

@aham You give an insightful comment as always!!

I definitely see your point. It's too bad there can't be some compromise - like a tax on dubbed films that goes to grant money for new Kannada talent or something like that. Then everybody can be satisfied...

aham said...

About taxing non local movies more,I think every state is doing that already, for instance tickets tickets for Kannada movies in Karnataka are priced less, but that alone is not going to help, KFI has to stop making remakes and concentrate on stories, there are some exceptionally brilliant directors in Kannada but they are not getting the much needed support like for instance Pawan Kumar, he is extremely talented and creative but his new movie Lucia could not get any producer even after having Lifeu Ishtene in his kitty, so he went crowd funding way and has this far collected 50 lacs from from the public, and then we have Uppi whom no film-maker in this country can even think of matching,there is no dearth of talent only an unwillingness to experiment as far as producers are conerned.

Another thing is people opposing dubbing dont even want to allow TV channels to dub TV progs in Kannada, I dont understand the logic, how does a TV prog being dubbed into Kannada create any problem for any movie is beyond me. channels like Nat Geo,Cartoon network,Discovery are being dubbed in Tamil,Telugu, Hindi and kids grow up watching TV in their mother tounge, but Kannada kids are watching either English or Hindi ones, Kannada is at loss because of this, so at the very least they should remove the ban on dubbing for TV channels.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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