Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Gossip feat. a Piggy Chops rant.

So... yeah. When I found out certain news yesterday, I was none too happy.

* Let's get to this story first so we can get it over with: Zanjeer remake.

Director Apoorva Lakhia talks about his relationship to the film.

The film is involved in a controversy now with Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar expressing disappointment over not informing them earlier about the film. Would they get their royalty?

I personally can't comment on it. Amit (Prakash Mehra's son) who is the producer of the film will take this matter forward. Who am I to comment on this? At the end of the day, I am just a paid employee.

Wow. That's a great statement of confidence. He already sounds as bitter as Aisha director and filming hasn't even started yet.

I'm going to pretend it's because his choice for heroine was overridden by the producer's desire to hire on Piggy "What Plastic Surgery? No Don't Look At Those Pictures from Miss World... Look I'm Wearing Booty Shorts" Chops as the heroine opposite Ram Charan Teja. Ugh. What a major downgrade from Jaya Bhadhuri.

"But Filmi Girl, she's given two big hits in the last year! She must be a good investment!"

Wrong. PC appeared in in two hit films in the last year. There is a big difference between being in a film and helping make it a hit. This isn't The Dirty Picture or Kahaani we're talking about. She was piggy chopped out of much Agneepath, including one of her big songs, and Don 2 was always about Shahrukh's popularity. Think about it. Those roles could have been played by anybody - even Deepika Padukone - and the result would have been the same.

Besides, the affair rumors that dogged Shahrukh and PC during the Don 2 build up did more harm than good.

Seriously, just look at her track record. She's has as many hits recently as Abhishek Bachchan - who is about as integral to the success of the Dhoom series as Piggy was to Agneepath.

7 Khoon Maaf (solo flop), Anjaana Anjaani (the rare Ranbir flop), Pyaar Impossible (an Uday Chopra level flop), What's Your Rashee? (solo flop), Kaminey (hit), Fashion (hit), Dostana (hit), Drona (flop), God Tussi Great Ho (flop), Love Story 2050 (flop), Salaam-e-Ishq (flop), and then we're all the way back to Don (hit).

So, post-Don, Piggy's best successes have been a trio of films in 2008 of which two were more "perception hits" than money making hits and then these two herogiri films from the last few months to which she was incidental. If that is what it takes to be a "top heroine" then why weren't they chasing Reema Sen around? *BURN*

"But Filmi Girl, she's one of the finest actresses in Bollywood! She won that award for Fashion"

Well, my personal opinion is that the only decent bit of acting Priyanka has done is to convince the Bollywood elite that she is a good actor. That over-the-top girly act she pulls out in NRI films is extremely grating and her ability to emote is subpar. Is there anything worse than when she does that fake-crying? (Besides Lara Dutta's comedy act, I mean.)

Worst of all is that she has so transformed her face and body that I find it completely impossible to buy her as a "normal girl/woman" in any film. The layers of pancake makeup she uses to lighten her skin tone would look more at home in a 1960s film co-starring Mehmood and her face... the eye job, the multiple nose jobs, and other nips tucks and fillers have left her looking so fake. What normal girl walks around looking like she's come from a visit to Dr. 90210? Not to mention that her styling is generally completely in appropriate for "normal girl" characters. Those revealing saris in Agneepath were too much.

In short, I don't understand why Piggy has stuck around this long and why people keep hiring her on and why she is deserving of the 24/7 news coverage she receives.

When you put her up against the actual top heroines of the day Bebo or Kat, Piggy comes off looking like a joke. Let alone putting her performances against those of the top actress, Vidya. They are nowhere in the same league!! Can you imagine Priyanka in Ishqiya or Kahaani? Of course, not. But Vidya might just have made a hit out of 7 Khoon Maaf.

And end rant.

Related: Priyanka thinks she herself is an amazing actor and just craves the challenge of playing multiple roles in one film. Yeah.

* This is kind of a funny piece. I've been seeing a few press release type pieces on Wales wanting Bollywood to come film there but this was the first one where they get to the reason why... actor Raj Verma, who now owns a restaurant in Wales has been hustling.

This was my favorite part:

But Penny Skuse, of the WSC, said while films shot in Wales last year generated at least £4m for the economy the return on Bollywood productions can be negligible. She said: “In the past their impact on the local economy has been minimal as they tend to bring in a lot of crew and facilities from outside of Wales."

Wait a minute... is that somebody speaking sensibly about the overall importance of show business?

* Cover Abhijeet's ears because I have some news about Junoon's Salman Ahmad. He's debuting in a Bollywood film!

"The shooting of "Rhythm" starts in Poland in May. I've recorded new songs including a duet with Sunidhi Chauhan titled "Yaaro". In the film, I appear as a rockstar, who inspires a college girl to follow her junoon."

* The Whistling Woods shit show continues as Subhash Ghai takes to begging his friends to speak on his behalf.

Govind Nihalani and [Shabana] Azmi also talked about the school’s fees, perceived to have hugely profited Ghai. “It is important to understand that film education is expensive just as filmmaking because of the equipment involved. And if I am not mistaken, WWI has not making the big profits people think it is,” Nihalani said.

* Rani to do a tapori item song! Yay!

* Somebody at Bollywood Hungama watches The Vampire Diaries.

* The wording of this piece on Kick made me laugh.

“The idea is to have more realistic, raw and hardcore action, so that the viewer can comprehend what the baddies actually feel when Salman kicks or punches them. Interestingly, larger than life elements will be little more subtle than Salman’s shirt coming off in Dabangg and Bodyguard.”

Oooo... there is nothing more "interesting" than "subtle" larger than life elements. They're like jumbo shimp! (Get it?! GET IT!? Hee!)

* Apparently, T-Series has decided that Emraan Hasmi + Sufi inspired number is the key to box office success and are inserting one into Shanghai. Emraan is also hiking his fee.

* Sunny Leone is providing more bold scenes than the press can handle! Considering they lose their shit over every bikini in town, Sunny must really be spinning their tops with her propensity for near nude posing.

* Copyright violation charges filed against Madhur Bhandarkar for Fashion.

* Race 2 scheduled for January 2013.

New song promo for Dangerous Isshq!


Yunus Perveez said...

A rant from Filmigirl, love it!

I think i am a bit lenient towards Piggy although like you I am not a fan of her work, I do think that she needs to lay off the plasticine.

In a business so focused on appearance the use of surgical enhancements will be a necessary part (sometimes It can be an improvement as can loosing weight eg I think Zarine looks better now than she did in Veer).

I mean Piggy's is still no Koena Mitra and surgery is ok but it shouldn't stop an actor's ability to emote in a role but on the other hand Piggy hasn't done a role where she really has needed to emote in quite a while.

The list of hits is a funny insight as Kareena doesn't come out too well in the exact same comparison. All her big hits she wasn't integral to the part and her last clean hit that banked on her was Jab We Met.

I think Priyanka does make the heroes look good. and I think visually Ram Charan and Piggy have a physicality that would look good on screen, which wouldn't be the case with Reema Sen or Vidya even.

I do think that the Bollywood Wives club is ganging up on her, the married heroes she's supposedly banging are getting off scott free, be it SRK or Akshay before him "allegedly"(Maybe Dirty Picture is VERY current) Maybe having spent so long a time in the US she just has a different view on sexuality and relationships?
There is probably also an age gap and moral gap between the wives of Bollywood and her, she is quite young compared to them i Imagine.
The wives club annoys me quite a bit more as I dont want to see another article on how good they are in interior or jewelry design.

the other thing is apparently she is VERY smart with her money ( of which she has a lot) and I think she probably will go the Preity route and produce her own movie before she leaves, and she still has that music career that is probably going to go nowhere but I am excited to see she is doing something like that.

In any case we'll be seeing a lot of her still and but none of her movies will make me run out and watch them :-)

End of comment about Piggy!

I do find the Sunny Leone thing super interesting. It's like that 80's Bollywood trope where the hero slaps the modern heroine or give her a sermon about desi values and the next scene she's in a saree and makes tea for the hero's mom ( with sitar playing on the background). It irks me more than the whole Piggy thing. It's like a weird warped Desi male fantasy.

Jess said...

I think PC is a good actress, but her face has gotten so distracting. As long as she is playing modern/urban/wealthy I guess can handle it?

Vidya could have made 7 Khoon Maaf a hit, but they needed to axe the whole narrator plotline. A simple, linear structure to the story would have saved that movie for me, because I loved the plot.

Jess said...

@Yunus "The wives club annoys me quite a bit more as I dont want to see another article on how good they are in interior or jewelry design." LOL! They have to say something I guess, I spend all day at the spa or doing nothing, isn't as interesting for articles.

Filmi Girl said...

Yay! Time for discussion!

In a business so focused on appearance the use of surgical enhancements will be a necessary part (sometimes It can be an improvement as can loosing weight eg I think Zarine looks better now than she did in Veer).

I'm not arguing with this. Most heroines have had something done, whether boob jobs or lip fillers or what have you. BUT I think when it gets to the point where the actresses start to take on that slightly waxy look, it's a detriment to an actress's ability to play a "normal" girl. If PC was only playing Don's sidekick or whatever, I would still find it visually unattractive but I wouldn't find it jarring - like it Agneepath. It also doesn't help that PC always uses WAY TOO MUCH foundation to make herself look lighter. In the old days, maybe we wouldn't have noticed but with all the digital-wigtial filming, it looks really fake compared to everybody else. (See: Agneepath.) This kind of stuff matters.

Re: Bebo I would disagree. 3 Idiots, I'll give you but her "Chammak Challo" was pretty integral to Ra.One and Bodyguard wouldn't have worked as well without her. Add to that Main Ek Aur Main Tu (as stupid as I think that film was) and the Golmaal sequels and a handful of hit songs from otherwise flop films and she's in a much better place than PC vis-a-vis generating hits.

I think Priyanka does make the heroes look good. and I think visually Ram Charan and Piggy have a physicality that would look good on screen, which wouldn't be the case with Reema Sen or Vidya even.

Yeah, it might be my dislike talking but I find PC very stiff and awkward on screen. I thought she paired very poorly with Salman and even with Hrithik. She was abominable in Krrish - watch her doing that falling from the tree thing with him catching her and she just looks so fake.

I'd be curious to see what kind of film PC would producer for herself and considering she's alienated most of the Bollywood Wives's husbands, we'll probably find out sooner or later.

Sunny Leone! Wow, I'm not getting that vibe at all from her - maybe from the coverage of her, though. Sunny just seems like she's doing her own thing and isn't going to take any shit from anybody.

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess Maybe it's like how so many people think Abhishek Bachchan is a good actor - I just don't see it. She always seems to be thinking too hard about her every move in her "serious" films.

But, at least we agree on her face. How are we supposed to buy that that face is from 1910?

(Laura) said...

'7 Khoon Maaf' is one of those movies that I didn't like when I saw it (it was more like a, "What the HELL was that?" kind of feeling), but for some reason it pops in my head out of the blue more than any other movie I've seen in the last couple years. I still don't understand why.

Yunus Perveez said...

@Jess, Do they really need to talk? Do they??? :-) just enjoy the money, go shopping at Lewis Voltron and sleep with your gardeners :-)

@FG, I did mean the press around Sunny and not her, I think she's great, the putting her in a saree thing is a male fantasy.(so these modern women can finally be presented to their mom's)

Regarding Bebo, I don't know... she is doing better than Piggy for sure and is probably the so called number 1 heroine but does she really deserve to be? Wasnt Golmaal a hit before she joined already? or was she there from the start?
EMAEK I can agree with but stillit wasnt a huge clean hit was it? ( might be my dislike of that movie )
Maybe I'm just on Team Katrina :-)

I think Piggy did ok with Hritik her role was just so choppy especially after how they edited the movie. With Salman she just didnt get a long i think ( although I did love them in Mujse Shaadi Karoge)
I think she does well with tallish, skinny heroes maybe like Abhishek?

She did look great with Akshay back in the day but again, the same rumors stopped that relationship as it is now jeopardizing her career now.
I bet the wives are just rubbing their hands together with all the scheming and conniving with Kjo being their Cardinal Richelieu

Nerdypanda said...

I think you are underestimating her popularity in India. My dad is curently in India and according to him Katrina and Kareena hoard all the ads. But PC is still popular with the younger crowd. Agree with the Plastic face though. She was naturally beautiful but she doesn't look like her old self. Not surprising since most of these actors are insecure.

Amaluu said...

Don't hold back FG! :-)

I know her surge is distracting but I think I'm less bothered by it than you, perhaps because I just have a soft spot for PC (sorry but I liked her in What's Your Raashee and Kaminey - she's one of the few actresses that seems to be willing to have fun and not just be pretty all the time), or because I'm desensitized to surged up faces from watching American television.

But I am curious as to why PC's surge inspires such hatred from you, but Kangana's inspired your sympathy - I vaguely remember you commenting about "poor Kangana" being so pressured to look a certain way that she turned to surgery. I can imagine PC being even more pressured since she is not your typical white-looking girl like Kareena and Katrina.

Not hating on you, just wondering about what inspires your ire vs. your sympathy in these two girls.

I agree pretty wholeheartedly with Asim except for not being Team Katrina. I like her ok, but don't find her to be any more talented than any of these other actresses.

And as for Kareena - NO ONE's acting grates on my nerves worse than hers. UGH.

Filmi Girl said...

@Asim Wasnt Golmaal a hit before she joined already? or was she there from the start?

The first Golmaal was an okay hit but Golmaal Returns and (especially) Golmaal 3 were off-the-charts in comparison. And Bebo was an integral part of that. You couldn't have easily replaced her, I think. But I know you don't like that type of comedy.

I think she does well with tallish, skinny heroes maybe like Abhishek?

I wonder if her appeal with Abhishek - I actually thought PC wasn't bad in both Dostana and Drona - is that they have similar acting styles? They are both the kind of actor who you can almost HEAR THEM EXERTING THE EFFORT that goes into "serious" performances and are really OTT in goofy roles.

PC has awful chemistry with Hrithik because he does have physicality to his acting while she doesn't. She's too thinky an actor.

I bet the wives are just rubbing their hands together with all the scheming and conniving with Kjo being their Cardinal Richelieu

I have to admit that this pleases me, too. If you sleep around with people's husbands and other co-stars, then that is what happens. Better to avoid the wives club all together and date rich industrialists.

@Nerdypanda I think you're right that PC must be popular with the "Youngistani" crowd but I bet Kat and Bebo are the darlings of the aam junta.

@Amaluu she's one of the few actresses that seems to be willing to have fun and not just be pretty all the time

WOW!!! I see her as the complete opposite - somebody who needs to be "sexy" all the time. Hence the continual inappropriate booty shorts and pancake foundation look. I cannot imagine her going bare-face like Vidya in a film like No One Killed Jessica or going country belle like Kangana in Tanu Weds Manu.

But I am curious as to why PC's surge inspires such hatred from you, but Kangana's inspired your sympathy

That's an interesting question (though not as interesting as "subtler larger than life"). I think it has to do with the fact that Kangana seems like a deeply insecure girl and she constantly ragged on in the press. Plus, she gets herself involved in these affairs with older, manipulative men (Sanjay Dutt is rumored to have paid for her boob job) and I don't know. She just seems pitiable, you know?

Also, she hasn't done as much to her face as PC has. Though Kat is getting there with the fillers, which makes me worried.

With PC, I find it deeply annoying because she just seems so hypocritical to me. Maybe I would have had more sympathy back in 2003 but her last nose job was in like 2010 and she denied ever having ANY WORK done. (WTF!?)

I'm not a fan of any plastic surgery, to be honest. And I tend not to watch surgeried up Hollywood starlets either. I find it really distracting. Nobody looks like that in real life!

Turkish Bacon said...

While I'm still on a PC ban after that crap "joke" she and SRK did at that awards show, I've gotta agree with Amaluu. I'm interested to know why the massive hate on Priyanka's plastic surgery but not Kareena's or Kangana's or Katrina's for that matter (although I think we're all well aware of your love of/huge soft spot for Katrina). It seems to me that there are few heroines or actresses in any industry whether its bollywood or hollywood, that haven't felt the pressure to screw with their faces. I think any plastic surgery done on specifically a young woman's face looks bonkers. All these gals that have had surgery done in their 20s look strange, so I'm suprised at the laser like focus on PC.

As far as her acting is concerned, I would agree that it's definitely sub par, but honestly heroines aren't hired to act. They're essentially there to look pretty and give the hero something to focus on. In that respect, I think PC is just as good as most of the others (I liked her in What's Your Raashee too). I appreciate that there are pluses and minuses to all of them,but they're essentially hired to do the exact same thing. I also like when a typical heroine tries to branch out (even when it doesn't work) like PC did with SKM and Fashion. She'll never be spoken of with the likes of Kajol, Rani or Vidya but in all honesty neither will Katrina or (dare I even say it) Kareena. While I don't think PC is especially talented (I can't wait to hear her songs though...hilarious), I'm not sure she detracts from any film she might be in and she seems to be always enjoying herself, which I think comes across in what I've seen her in.

Turkish Bacon said...

I think I got in there a bit late and you've responded.

Turkish Bacon said...

"And I tend not to watch surgeried up Hollywood starlets either"

Who on earth can you watch in Hollywood then? LOL

Filmi Girl said...

@Turkish Bacon I don't really watch Hollywood stuff. ;)

Filmi Girl said...

@amaluu Going back to your statement that PC always looks like she's having fun... maybe that's why I don't like her. She takes those "nothing" films too lightly, like they don't mean anything where I take them... not "seriously" but I want to be taken out of myself for a while and PC just anchors me so that I can never forget I'm watching her "act."

Also, I cannot see PC ditching her sexy outfits for the tomboy clothes that Bebo wore in Golmaal 3. Board shorts and t-shirts? It would never happen.

rachael said...

I've always liked PC (though my soft spot couldn't compel me to sit all the way through Fashion), and while she's not an especially strong actress she's capable, and I think in things like 7 Khoon Maaf she shows a lot of promise.

That said, I ignore all of her publicity/interviews because she seems intensely annoying in real life, and I can see how it would sour anyone on her.

Jess said...

I would just like to add that I doubt anyone likes Katrina because they think she is a great actress. I love her, but that's because she didn't know Hindi/anything and is now a top star, she doesn't get involved in other people's BS, she works really hard, I usually have fun in her movies, and she doesn't pretend to be some great artiste.

In other words, she is in many ways the opposite of PC. Considering Kat's never won a major award for acting of course she won't be remembered like Rani or Kajol, but PC HAS won those awards.

PC-Kareena might be a better discussion because I think for a long time they were trying to do similar things in their careers.

Thelondongirl said...

Filmi girl as always you are you, you give good talks lol. however in saying that I have to just look at the totally subjective and at times contradictory stance on some of your posts. its normal we are human afterall. Piggy has a plastic look?? in comparison to whom? Katrina troutmouth, didnt we chop this up in January that she's had work done, and though katrina's acting has come along way in the last two years, Meryl streep she aint. There are pieces of wood out there passing for Katrina right now.
Vidya Vidya Vidya, though I like Vidya lets call a spade a spade, she's plain as all get out,the bollywood that we all know, even if it gives chances to and glams up even the plainest of girls it needs a piggy or a Sushmita Sen, or an Ashwaryra to lighten the load. Yes the girl can act, but not everyone finds her sexy, its just what it is. I personally dont like alot of US films because the women just look so damn ordinary, gimme that fantasy desi girl anyday.

Kareena kapoor, this girl has talent yes ( can't dance for shit, but Madhuri comparisons arent fair)i think one of the commenters was right in saying that her pull isnt as much as we might perceive it to be, thought she is popular, so is Piggy; and she's bitchy as all get out. i can bet she'll get work done as quick as you can say .... filler, just give her a few years. The ganging up of the drugged up ( allegedly) breeders sickens my stomach no end, and they know more than anyone that picking on any one woman wont stop their man from wandering, bullying bullshit at best.
nonetheless, its your rant, rant away. i reserve my right to add pinches of salt as needed

Thelondongirl said...

oh I feel the same way to a certain extent about Kangna however its hard to shake that bimbo vibe from her. hope my comments dont come over as patronising, this is your blog afterall.

anitarama said...

These past two years I have FIRMLY planted my feet in Camp Vidya because the so-called top three heroines (Bebo, Kat, PC) are just jokes. All of them.

I would probably say I like PC the best out of them but that's a fairly minimal comparative appreciation. Each of them had the potential around 2006-2007-2008 to go beyond the typical heroine films (after Jab We Met, Namastey London and Fashion) and I was so excited for what was to come because YAY top heroines doing meaty roles and female-centric films! But alas, all three decided to be flops instead, forgettable decorations in otherwise male-dominated films.

Let's go one by one shall we? You've already discussed Priyanka and you're right. She was barely even IN Don 2, what a let down! Haven't seen Agneepath yet but definitely seems like a boys' club. We all know she's going to be a non-presence in Krrish 3, maybe a damsel in distress. I actually really appreciated 7 Khoon Maaf and Kaminey but so many of PC's work seem like such pay-the-bills films (Pyaar Impossible, Anjaana Anjaani, I'm lookin at you). Priyanka needs to step up her game but more importantly I personally think she needs to get a better sense of script because even when she does something artsy or off-beat it often ends up being crap (Love Story 2050, Drona, What's Your Raashee)

Now we move on to Bebo. Oh lawd, what is wrong with her? Over the years I was kinda proud of her trying to make a move towards being "an actress and a heroine" remember when she kept using ~acting~ as her reason for being number 1 above Kat? Now she's given even that small notion up! She makes sure SRK only makes her do item songs and wear fab clothes in Ra.One. She literally DEMANDS she doesn't have to do anything else. WHAT? Wasn't this the girl who did Chameli and Dev and Omkara?!! Now she's all sajawat ke liye. What did she do in Bodyguard? No one remembers, they all watched for Salman. What did she do in Ra.One? Only thing anyone remembers is Chammak Challo and almost every other heroine can dance better. Kambakkht Ishq? Seriously? What was the point of her in that film too? I don't even know how we got Geet in Jab We Met HOW did Imtiaz Ali convince Bebo to actually ACT in a rom-com, it confounds me to no end. And ugh at people saying she did well in 3 Idiots I LITERALLY DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING SHE DID IN THAT FILM she was that forgettable. It was a men's movie for men that's IT. Can't the "number 1 heroine in Bollywood" do films where she's the highlight, where she's the draw, where she's the one commanding the screen presence, stealing the show and have an author-backed role? Bebo demands all sorts of things from all sorts of people, she should be demanding that instead!

And now we're on to Kat. Fair enough she doesn't do as many films at a time as PC and Bebo but WHAT WAS APKGK she was so useless in that film, I wonder why they didn't just hire a lookalike (Zarine maybe?) and have her do the exact same thing, because she had no personality let alone a role. Same with Tees Maar Khan and Singh is Kinng and Yuvvraaj. I was happy seeing her stand her own in ZNMD and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (though god I *HATED* that movie) so I will reserve judgement for the time being. Hope she has a substantial role in Yash Chopra's next because he likes fleshed out female leads. BUT the girl still can't act. I am so sick of all this hype about Katrina now being an able actress. Since when? Since she pretty much played herself aka a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in ZNMD? Since she ACTUALLY SPOKE HINDI in Raajneeti? Please. Kat needs to step up her game but because she hasn't been around as long as Bebo and PC I'll cut her some slack...

anitarama said...

(continued...apparently I have a lot to say?)

Now onto my goddess Vidya Balan. I can't even truly explain how perfect she is and how she just simply BLOWS the other three out of the water. To compare her acting skills with any of the other three would be an insult to Vidya's talent. That's not even the point. The point is her choice of films. The point is her not compromising her own aspirations just to milk the film industry moneybags for all they're worth. She tried to conform in Lage Raho Munnabhai, Salaam-E-Ishq, Heyy Babyy (ughhhh) and Kismat Konnections but you could see a bit of the true Vidya peeking out here and there. Parineeta was a different kind of debut. Bhool Bhulaiyaa was one of the most horrible movies I have ever had the misfortune of watching but VIDYA'S role was interesting and deep and she had a lot of great acting. Suddenly, out of nowhere came Paa and maybe no one wanted to play Amitabh Bachchan's unwed mother but Vidya did. She had the guts to take on a rather strange role playing the father of the legendary Bollywood icon and it paid off a hundredfold when the accolades and awards came in. I think that's when it clicked for Vidya that you can be successful and ALSO do what you love, rather than try to fit in the mould. So then we got Ishqiya and No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture and Kahaani and you know what? Each and every single one of those movies were gutsy choices. I can not for the life of me imagine PC, Bebo or Kat having okayed the roles in those scripts. Too controversial, too sexy, too de-glam, too whatever, Vidya said SCREW THAT to the Bollywood heroine conventions and the public (and critics!) embraced her for it.

Basically, I wish more actresses would be brave. If you have the power and privilege at this point in your career to counter some long-standing misogynistic notions in the film industry you should do it. But if you don't want to you shouldn't continue on pretending that you're something you aren't. You're not the number one heroine or the number one actress. You're the temporary model set in place for the heroes until the next new pretty thing comes along.

Archee ologist said...

Unfair to be harsh on PC for wearing racy sarees in Agneepath, while playing a girl next door. Every girl next door does not have to be Vidya in None Killed Jessica! The heroines of Beta and CHandni were girls next door too, but they did not shy of getting drenched in the rain or doing dhak-dhak!

7 Khoon Maaf (solo flop, but appreciated for acting), Anjaana Anjaani (the rare Ranbir flop, and story credited for it), Pyaar Impossible (an Uday Chopra level flop, said to be a flop because of chopra and the director), What's Your Rashee? (solo flop, PC being the only saving grace), Kaminey (hit), Fashion (hit), Dostana (hit), Drona (flop, did not flop because of her), God Tussi Great Ho (flop, was thsi even her film), Love Story 2050 (flop. do we blame her, really?), Salaam-e-Ishq (flop. thsi even had salman khan! I thought their track was really good, thouhg), and then we're all the way back to Don (hit).

Even with all the surgery and stuff, PC has managed to play everything: a siren, jungli billi action girl, unwed pregnant girl, psycho, and even roles which any other girl could have done equally well. She gives us variety and still manages to get solo films, and women-led films!

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess I would just like to add that I doubt anyone likes Katrina because they think she is a great actress. I love her, but that's because she didn't know Hindi/anything and is now a top star, she doesn't get involved in other people's BS, she works really hard, I usually have fun in her movies, and she doesn't pretend to be some great artiste.

That is it exactly. :)

@TheLondonGirl LOL!!! Girl, you give good talks, too. :) Thanks for the comment.

I absolutely agree that Kat is looking plastic these days, too. I think I'm on record complaining about her plastic face in the Agneepath item. I think people keep getting hung up on the plastic surgery part of my comment but what bothers me more than just her face growing Koena Mitra-ish is that damn pancake foundation. I swear, I was afraid it was going to rub off on Hrithik's white shirt during the rain scene in Agneepath. She has it in every film and it's ridiculous looking.

And I'm definitely not saying every actress should be like Vidya. There is room for former beauty queens in Bollywood (I think Sush is just great) but this one just happens to really annoy me.

@Anitarana If you have the power and privilege at this point in your career to counter some long-standing misogynistic notions in the film industry you should do it. But if you don't want to you shouldn't continue on pretending that you're something you aren't. You're not the number one heroine or the number one actress. You're the temporary model set in place for the heroes until the next new pretty thing comes along.

Well put! Maybe that is one of the things that irks me about PC that doesn't with heroines like Bipasha or the ladies working in the Bhatt camp. PC wants to be the National Award Winning Actress but she is always letting the desire to win the "temporary model" game get in the way. The overdone make-up in every film, the surgeries, the catty references to other actresses... if she was actually interested in putting in good performances instead of just looking good we wouldn't see this from her.

I said it in another comment but I simply cannot see Priyanka doing what Vidya did in No One Killed Jessica and actually look plain.

Filmi Girl said...

@Archee You are welcome to your own opinions and it's great to see so many PC fans springing her defense! It's a good reminder that there are more to heroes in Bollywood!!

And your additions to my list actually just reinforce my point - that PC cannot turn a dud into a hit. ;)

For what it's worth, I actually kind of liked her in Drona - I think she pairs well with the Junior B.

Sal said...

FG, I think she actually did go without makeup in portions of Saat Khoon Maaf and Kaminey (and looked stunning in the latter.) But I agree with you regarding her vanity. She said something really dumb and passive-aggressive recently about how she couldn't do The Dirty Picture because she was physically unable to put weight. As if that were all there was to VB's performance.
I am not a PC fan, and I have ranted about her often to friends and family. I think she is a promising actress who unfortunately believes her own hype. Your most salient point is the one about her having convinced people she can act, based on Fashion. HA! Terrible movie, and terrible performance (which might have to do with how badly written that role was, but still . . .) Because it was a meaty role that required crying and "gray shades" (to use one of the Indian media's stock phrases) in a glossy film made a man whose films mysteriously have artistic cred and done by a skinny, glamorous actress, people fell over their feet to celebrate it. I think even your original review of it was much kinder than the one you wrote in retrospect (I might be imagining this, though). Since then, she is the go-to girl for people who want to say they like an actress for her acting but don't want to say it about a woman who isn't a size 2 and doesn't wear mini-skirts.
Priyanka had spunk and an edge in her early films, but she has been losing it in an attempt to fit into this warped sexy-girl-next-door fantasy. Compare her performance in the first Don (tough-as-nails) to her performance in the second (insipid in the extreme). This is a girl who, as you pointed out, wants to be thought of as a great actress while never giving up sex-icon status. She is someone who dressed like a teenage hooker for the longest time (before Ami Patel rescued her, thankfully) to perpetuate her sexy young thing rep. I have nothing against skin show. Walk around in your undies, if you want to. But don't let it reek of try-hard. Priyanka always lets it reek of try-hard (and this is subjective, of course.)
But I think she is just as insecure as the young women you pity. Priyanka is dark-skinned, and pretend as they might, Bollywood and India are still not ready to let go of their obsession with fair skin. Commenters on websites talk of how "dark" a particular actress is in real life, as if that's a sign of her true homeliness. Even a Bipasha Basu, the woman who branded herself a "dusky siren," isn't immune to the pancake foundation these days. Priyanka's make-up? I am sure she has something to do with that, but why isn't a Karan Johar (known for the visual control over his productions) sitting her down and helping her out? Priyanka's sexy costumes? Again, when a Vishal Bhardwaj, who actually cares about these things, is at the helm, the girl is appropriately dressed, but I bet that if Kareena or Katrina were in Agneepath, the bellies would still be bared. (contd.)

Sal said...

Priyanka is subject to the same pressures that Kangna ( who looks nothing like she did when she first came in, unfortunately) or Katrina are. But you genuinely like the latter two, which is why you "want to slap" the people around them when they mess with their face, but you put the blame squarely on Priyanka's shoulders when she messes with hers. What I am saying is, the reasons you give for disliking her notwithstanding, ultimately you (and I) just don't like her. For me, it's because of hard to pin down stuff like the aforementioned try-hard quality and her unbelievable smugness (which I find sexy in Kareena, because she effing OWNS it, but Priyanka wants to be the sweet, relatable young sex symbol). I hate that she has an undeserved rep as a great actress (I read a recent review, written surprisingly well for an Indian publication, with interest until the writer, in the last paragraph, said Priyanka was a better actress than Vidya, WHAT!) - a rep based on one performance (that wasn't very good) but one that I can't technically blame her for. As I've said countless times before, it irks me to no end that the irresponsible, forgetful media will call her a great actress for that one film to the end of her life, while ignoring Ash's multiple strong performances and persisting with the "plastic" tag.
If I liked Priyanka's acting or her personality (which I once did, a long time ago), her bad makeup, her styling, the media hype would all be beside the point. But ultimately, I don't, so all this stuff become ammo for my dislike. But on a rational level, I know that this stuff is incredibly subjective. Where I see an insipid, insubstantial, vapid actress, others see a hip, relatable, talented one.
I realize that you may have been done with this conversation, but I had to put my two cents in.
(p.s. I am surprised that the Wives'-club meangirling is not grossing you out. Other actresses have messed with married men on multiple occasions (Sridevi comes to mind), but I don't think you'd have called for running them out of the industry. I know you think she's a terrible actress, but I wouldn't let that motivate my tolerance of behavior that is sexist in the extreme (Why not run the cheating men out of the industry? They're the ones with wives and kids!)

Filmi Girl said...

@Sal Thanks for weighing in! You caught me just as I was off to bed. :D

You make some excellent points - especially about the "ammo." And it's true, i would have more sympathy for her if I liked her better.

I think the reason why the wives club thing doesn't bother me as much as others is because of that smug quality she has AND the fact that she has coasted on her "sexy" look for so long... it feels more like her catty behavior biting her in the butt than anything else. It's like... if she was the the "real actress" she thinks she is, her career wouldn't rest on Gauri Khan's like or dislike, you know? Directors making art films or serious films don't care who isn't invited to Susanne's latest function.

I don't know... maybe my thinking is too heavily shaded by my dislike and maybe I would have felt differently writing this in 2003 but as it is the PC we have now is the PC we have.

The industry is harsh - especially to young women. And it's a shame so many actresses go the route of bleaching and nipping and tucking and filling. Filmi functions are littered with cast-offs like Koena Mitra and Ameesha Patel who were used and thrown away. For whatever reason, they don't tap my sympathy the way Kangana does. There is something so determined about her drive to succeed and yet she also seems so fragile and easily manipulated.

In the end we like who we like, I guess. XD

Some really great discussion here, though. I'm glad people responded to my early morning ramblings without malice. ♥

Jess said...

@Sal I was going to quote a bunch of things here that you wrote, but it turned out to be most of your post, so I'll just say you completely read my mind!

maxqnz said...

The thing that really caught my eye was your mention of one of my favourite films, Salaam-e-Ishq, as a flop. Looking that up gave me an interesting lesson in the double standards of the Indian media toward the way BW films are received outside India. On the one hand, the industry seems desperate to emulate the West, and uses Hollywood as some sort of yardstick, but on the other, it's dismissive of films which do poorly in India but perform much better offshore. S-e-I is a good example:
Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $1,852,050 14.8%
+ Foreign: $10,700,555 85.2%
= Worldwide: $12,552,605

Branding a film a flop, without qualifying that label, when it grossed twice what it cost to make is disingenuous I think and taints the reputation of the film and those involved in it. How much harder does it become for the director, cast, etc. to secure the films or roles they are seeking when they have a "flop" hanging over their head, even thought that flop was actually a financial success? This made me wonder how many other "flops" made as much money as S-e_ did but were contemned through the parochial application of statistics.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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