Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Housefull 2 review posted up in a bit! Spoiler alert - I thought it was hilarious and so did the audience I watched it with. Critics just don't have a good sense of humor.

Other observations: Tezz looks a lot more interesting when there is no Zayed Khan in the trailer; the Vicky Donor trailer got a surprisingly big response from the crowd; I heard more than a few people repeating "Don't angry me" amongst themselves after the Rowdy Rathore trailer; and, wow, does Teri Meri Kahaani look even more boring on the big screen. (Seriously, who keeps giving Kunal Kohli money to produce films? DID NOBODY SEE THODA PYAAR THODA MAGIC AND BREAK KE BAAD?! Are there people just giving sacks of money away to anybody who can confidently sit in a director's chair?

* Really sad news to start off with - a stuntman was killed when a rope snapped while he was performing a stunt at a mall opening. Actress Sayali Bhagat was also injured at the same mall opening.

* The topic of Shahrukh Khan's Yale speech with be Shahrukh Khan.

* Are you ready for a Shahrukh-John Abraham jodi?

* In an interview to Women's Health, Anushka Sharma says girls shouldn't blindly attempt to get the same figure as an actress and then dismisses reports that she is anorexic.

I had almost decided to ignore this but one other story today changed my mind. First of all, I really take offense at her insinuating that women are just "blindly" crash-dieting in order to look like Anushka Sharma or other svelte actresses. The fact is that in the last five to ten years, the Bollywood media has been pushing the idea that "slim is in" with an intensity to rival the nuclear fission at the center of the sun. I'm sure 99% of women don't get up in the morning thinking, "Gosh, I really feel the need to have the same body-fat percentage as Priyanka Chopra." What happens is that comments about "thunder thighs" and actresses not losing baby weight immediately after giving birth and an emphasis on bikini bodies become a poisonous fog. You can't help but breathe it in and absorb the messages. And, yes, even people like me who are hyper aware of these things and know better than to attempt to diet down to Piggy Chops' size, are still vulnerable to these messages.

* And the story? Just that the perfectly normal sized Zarine Khan is still being hounded about her size in Veer three years later. THREE YEARS LATER. Apparently, her figure was so ridiculously obese that it must be brought up and mocked in every piece ever written about her.

She has this to say: "I was a newcomer and I was asked to put on weight for Veer since I was playing a princess from the era gone by. I received a lot of criticism from those who were supposed to understand such intricacies of cinema. Things have changed today. Heroines are piling on weight and delivering superhits. It is superb," Zareen said referring to Vidya Balan's performance in The Dirty Picture.

Zarine is a good sport! I give her a lot of kudos for hanging on through the criticism. She was lovely in Veer and lovely in Housefull 2.

* Zarine's Housefull 2 co-star, Jackie Fernandez, is studying capoeira for Race 2. Now there is something to get excited about.

* The producers of Zanjeer keep trying to insist that Priyanka has not been signed on but it's like spitting against the gale force wind of Priyanka's PR team. (For the love of all things holy, please don't hire her Zanjeer producers!! I want to like this movie.)

* Saif Ali Khan has not learned his lesson from Agent Vinod and is going to be adapting a French comic book.

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rachael said...

I audibly squealed at the Saif adaptation item until I realized that Diabolik is an Italian and not a French comic. But really, Danger! Diabolik would make the best Bollywood adaptation EVER -

I rest my case.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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